Are Cort Guitars Good? You May Be Surprised!

Whether Cort guitars are any good is a question that has been asked by many guitarists. There are mixed opinions on the matter. But in general, most people seem to think that they are pretty decent instruments. 

Cort guitars are not as popular as some of the other brands on the market. But they are still well-known among guitarists.

They are mainly known for their affordable prices. They are also commonly sought after by metal players when they are looking for a new guitar.

If you are looking for an everyday guitar that you can use for casual playing, then Cort might be a good option for you. In this Killer Rig article, we will help you determine if a Cort guitar is the right choice for you.

Are Cort Guitars Good Quality?

Cort is a popular South Korean brand that produces affordable, decent-quality guitars. They have a longstanding history of doing business with other brands. They have brands, then produce guitars for them.

At a point in time, Fender, Ibanez, and G&L were among these brands. It has been said that the quality of Cort guitars is on par with these other, more expensive brands.

The early days of Cort Guitars were marked by a lack of quality control and a poor reputation. The company’s acoustic guitars in the ’70s and ’90s were notorious for being cheap and poorly made.

Cort was known for producing cheap, plywood, boxy-sounding instruments. Not known for living up to their price point or sound quality expectations. The handmade quality and cheap labor costs of these instruments do not last too long.

Are the Pickups and Electronics Good?

Cort guitars are known for their great performance. Which is in part due to the Fishman, and Seymour Duncan pickups they use.

These pickup brands are some of the best in the business, and they help Cort guitars sound their best.

Acoustic Guitars

The pickups used in the acoustic guitars work well with orchestra and concert musicians. So you can be sure that they will provide great sound quality no matter what context you use them in.

The Earth pack is capable of giving you a guitar with a more natural and vibrant tone. Some of their guitars are equipped with Fishman Presys 3-Band EQ and phase control. This gives them a vintage sound that is perfect for any style of music.

Another great example is the Gold Series. The Gold series guitars come with the Fishman flex blend system. These give you incredible tone and versatility.

The tuner and phase control also lets you fine-tune your sound to perfection. Making these some of the best-sounding Cort guitars available.

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Electric Guitars

With Cort electric guitars, you will find both Fishman and Seymour Duncan pickups installed. This depends on the model you choose.

For example, the KX500 etched comes with Fishman Fluence pickups because of their great tone. This guitar can span many music styles, from metal to rock.

It’s very versatile thanks to the electronics built into it. Other guitars in the KX series feature Seymour Duncan pickups and great switching options.

Models like the Cort G series also feature different Seymour Duncan pickups. They provide a great tone for a more boutique sound.

Cort Guitars for Beginners: The Best Options

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular Cort guitars and help you decide which one is right for you. We’ll also go through the actual features that make Cort guitars a great option for beginners.

Earth Pack

cort earth pack

First and foremost, we suggest you get the Earth Pack if you’re starting out and desire an acoustic guitar. With your purchase of the Earth pack, you will receive all the necessary items to get started playing.

This kit provides a great foundation for your music setup. Just so you don’t have to worry about getting everything perfect from the start.

You can add a stand to this pack to store and protect your guitar. The stand is essential for keeping you interested when you’re not playing.

If you don’t need accessories and just want the guitar, you can find an Earth70 for less than $350. It has a better tone and volume than the less expensive Earth60 guitar.

As compared to its predecessor, the Earth70 has a more detailed engraving. Which gives it a good visual appeal.

The manufacturer has used Sitka spruce to make this guitar, which gives it a better look. The rosette around the sound hole, and binding on the edges, contribute to the appealing look.

Trailblazer Pack

Similar to the Earth pack, this also comes with all the essential items. But the cheaper price of Trailblazer makes it a great deal.

The Trailblazer pack is the perfect way to start your acoustic guitar-playing journey. This kit includes the best-selling model from Cort, the AD810.

Beginners can find it very useful because of its easy handling features and great sound. Also, it is very affordable!

Let’s dig a little deeper and explore what AD810 has to offer,

The Cort AD810 guitar is a finely crafted instrument that features a spruce top. It also has mahogany on both the back and sides.

This combination allows for great sound projection and tonal richness. The open pore finish also enhances the sound quality. This is done by allowing the guitar to breathe better.

The guitar comes equipped with coated strings that resist dirt, sweat, and humidity. The dovetail neck joint provides superior stability and playability.

Not only does the Cort AD810 guitar look great, but it also comes with an E310C tuner. This makes it easy to keep your guitar in tune and sounding great. The guitar also comes with picks, straps, gig bags, and more.

KX100 Electric Guitar

cort kx100

If you’re looking for an electric guitar as a beginner, then look no further than the KX series.

These guitars are made to be very affordable but are of good quality. The KX100 is a good choice as it features a double cutaway body made of basswood and has a bolt-on maple neck.

The pickups are a budget set called power sound humbuckers. But are pretty good for an entry-level guitar. It looks great and is very comfortable, which can’t be beaten at this price point.

The guitar has a 3-way pickup selector switch and dual humbuckers. These are great for heavier music styles like hard rock and metal. You can also get them in 3 different colors.

CR Series

cort cr series

If you’re looking for an electric guitar but don’t play much metal, then you might consider the CR series. These guitars are made for classic rock and have the Les Paul body shape to match.

They are great-looking guitars that are loaded with classic rocker pickups. These are proprietary to Cort.

The mahogany body and maple neck do add to the weight of the guitar. But this is classic if you know much about this body style.

The guitars sound great, even if the pickups are more of a budget-friendly option. Do you have more money to spend? Then some of the other more expensive guitars in this series do come with better options.

X Series

Cort Mutility Electric Guitar

The X series offers players a range of great guitars. There are sleek styles and amazing versatility. These are high-quality guitars that don’t disappoint.

A number of the offerings in the X series come with amazing tops like flame maple. You also find unique pickup switching and wiring.

Models like the X700 Mutility come with multiscale frets. But also very comfortable body contouring. The high-output pickups are clear and rich. This makes the guitar a dream to play, either for leads or rhythm.

You will also find different bridge designs, from hard tail to tremolo. These are amazing-looking guitars and are worth considering.


Cort has a long and rich history in the guitar industry. They may not be as well-known as some of the other big brands. But that doesn’t mean they aren’t worth your time, quite the opposite, in fact.

Cort guitars are known for their fair tone, playability, and affordability. This makes them a great option for both beginner and experienced guitarists alike.

Also, if you’re a beginner, we recommend you get a Cort AD810 acoustic guitar. It is easy to play, and you won’t need any extra equipment in the beginning.

We hope this guide has helped you learn a little more about Cort guitars and decide which one is right for you.


Are Cort guitars worth it?

Cort guitars are definitely worth the money for beginner guitarists. There are other guitars on the market that may be a bit more expensive.

Cort offers quite good quality for a fraction of the price. Their low-end acoustic guitars sell for around $200, which is an unbeatable price.

What is the length of the warranty period on my Cort guitar?

The warranty of Cort guitars usually depends on where it is purchased. For specific warranty information, please check with a Cort dealer or distributor. There is likely one in your country of residence.

Where can I buy Cort Guitars and Basses?

If you’re looking to buy a Cort guitar or bass, you can check out the dealer and distributor list on their website.

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