Are Guitar Lessons Worth it? | Learning Guide 2022

Perhaps you have just started to take an interest in learning the guitar. Or maybe you have been playing the guitar for a long time now, but have not really improved in skill? There are many reasons why people consider instruction and from many different walks of life. But are guitar lessons worth it?

Yes guitar lessons are well worth the time and money. They are designed to help you improve quickly with well planned instruction and exercises. Anyone who can afford lessons with both time and money should take them.

Are guitar lessons worth it?

Normally we consider teaching ourselves as it seems more profitable. I mean how hard can it really be right? Maybe you cannot afford the time?

At some point whether we become overwhelmed or just realize we are unable to improve, guitar lessons become an option. But will they really make that much of a difference? Is it worth spending the money?

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Should I Take Guitar lessons?

There are a lot of people who are able to teach themselves many things. Some people are able to teach themselves the guitar and do very well at it. Some of our favorite artists are self taught and are amazing players.

They have stories of how hard they worked and how much practice they put in to get where they are today. And it is all true. Hours and hours of practice, perhaps each day to improve.

But the question remains. Am I able to do that too? Or are guitar lessons worth it after all?

For most people it is possible, but the players skill level will only increase so much. This is where we have to test ourselves and see if perhaps we need outside help.

Can you teach yourself?

If you are the type of person who is good at teaching yourself, or learning, you may want to give it a try. There is plenty of information online that can get a person off to a good start.

So much in fact that you could potentially master the art on your own. And most of it is free.

If you are also the type of person who is good at organizing and developing strategies you may do pretty good. A big hurdle to learning guitar is creating goals and planning practice exercises. Again all of which are available online.

So if you can introduce a regime and stick to it, you can teach yourself. But if this isn’t one of your strong suits then guitar lessons can offer this to you with successful methodology.

And keep in mind, everything that you need to research and organize will mean more time away from practicing!

How Long Should You Take Guitar Lessons?

There are a great number of players who take lessons for many years, and some for a short period. This depends on how well you learn. The guitar can be a difficult instrument to learn and master.

At the very least, consider lessons until you are comfortable with the fret board and some scales. Once you have a grasp on the basics, and have created some good practice routines, you may find that you no longer need the instruction.

Some people also decide to take lessons in segments. Once you have learned some basics in certain areas, you can just rely on practice and time to do its work.

But only you will know if it’s time to stop and go it alone. This will also depend on how good your teacher or tutor is at helping you grow.

Are guitar lessons worth it long term?

How much Are guitar lessons?

Guitar lessons range in price from 20 dollars per hour to 60! This depends on where you live and who you are getting instruction from of course.

On average however, you should expect to pay around fifty dollars per hour for a good teacher. Most music schools charge this rate for an instructor once per week for a 60 minute session.

For someone just getting started as a guitar player, 30 minutes should be all you will need per week. There is a lot of practice needed to even get your fingers conditioned and so one lesson is all you need weekly.

If you are a more advanced player, you may want to get a bit more time with a teacher. But again, there are some good resources online that a more advanced player can benefit from. To try and get a better idea of what lessons will cost in your area, thumbtack has an estimator for teachers near you.

Should i take Guitar Lessons Online

Are Guitar Lessons Worth The Money?

Not everyone can afford lessons as they can be quite expensive. If money is tight, it can be even harder to justify the cost of them. Some people question whether they are even worth the fee with the information that is available online.

Yes, we believe that lessons are worth the fee that tutors charge in most cases. We suggest that in order to feel as though you are getting your money’s worth, the teacher needs to be good at what they do.

There are some people who teach that have trouble tuning the guitar. Others don’t know how to keep the guitar a fun learning experience! In these cases, you probably are not getting your money’s worth.

So while we do believe that lessons are worth the money, you have to do some due diligence.

At the very least you want to make sure your instructor:

  • Knows how to tune the guitar
  • Has been playing for a number of years
  • Knows how to make learning the guitar fun
  • Knows songs that you like
  • Knows how to read sheet music
  • Can play and teach scales
  • Can help find your first guitar

In order to gather this information, phone the music schools in your area. Or, look online for reviews that mention the instructor you have in mind.

Is It Better To Take Guitar Lessons or Teach Yourself?

This question can be difficult to answer as everyone is different. Only you can decide if lessons are right for you or if you can teach yourself.

In order to come to the right conclusion, you will need to ask yourself a few questions. Here are some basics that can help you decide.

  • Are you good at learning?
  • Are you good at teaching yourself?
  • Can you organize lessons for yourself?
  • Can you perform good research to get answers and form lessons?

You are here reading this article so perhaps you already have the research part down.

Maybe you only need lessons for certain learning but not all of it. Not everyone needs instruction to learn all parts of the guitar. There are some areas that you can probably learn on your own.

When starting as a complete beginner, lessons are probably the best way to get started. But once you have got some basics under your belt, you may be able to take it the rest of the way. Seeking help only when you are stuck.

Are 30 Minute Guitar Lessons Worth It?

30 minute guitar lessons are generally all you will need. If you have a good tutor that knows your skill level well, they can create great practice routines for you quickly.

If you are just getting started, 30 minutes is more than enough. Normally your instructor will begin teaching you how to work the fret board and some notes. This will keep you busy for the rest of the week! The lessons seem to come very quickly in the beginning when your fingers hurt!

And so in order to keep the instruction affordable, we would only recommend a half hour when getting started. If you go any longer, it will be more expensive. And because your skills will not progress quickly in the beginning, it may be hard to feel like you are getting your money’s worth.

If you are a more experienced player who generally learns pretty quickly, you may want to get an hour lesson in. But even then 30 minutes is generally enough time to grasp instruction from a good tutor.

Guitar Lessons At Home

What Are Guitar Lessons Like?

If you are just getting started and are considering lessons, you may be wondering what to expect. If you have already found a suitable teacher with considerable skill, you will be in good hands. Again this assumes you have done some due diligence on the tutor.

First Guitar Lesson

Normally your first lesson will begin with the teacher introducing you to some simple finger exercises, placement and learning how to tune your guitar.

The tutor will normally give you some advice on how to hold the guitar as this can be an issue in the beginning. It takes time to get comfortable with the instrument! Not only that but if you are not very mechanically inclined, you may need to learn how to hold the pick and strum properly. This is normal so don’t sweat it.

Prepare for some sore fingers for the first little while! But try not to resort to putting guitar finger tape on your fret hand.

Future lessons

As time goes by and you begin to develop a relationship with your instructor, they can then really get to know how you learn. From there, and assuming you are practicing at home, you will learn chords, notes and your first song!

The advice you will get will be well worth it and can help speed you along. You will realize this for the first 6 months of lessons!

Are Online Lessons Worth It?

Yes, online lessons can be a real benefit, even when getting started. You may have even bought your guitar online! There are a number of great resources, like Justin Guitar. His course is free and can get you started. The modules are basic however but are a good free start.

A premium course will normally be a better option, but will cost money. Thankfully there are many reviews available to help you find a good course.

If however you are able to afford to do in person lessons, this will always be better. Any issues you might be experiencing or questions can be answered better. And will suit your needs on another level.

Famous Artists Who Took Lessons

There are a great number of players who started on their journey as self taught. But the truth is, some of them eventually realized that they could go farther in skill with instruction. Are guitar lessons worth it? They seem to have thought so.

Now that isn’t to say they didn’t do well on their own. It just means that they found that there is a ceiling to how high you can go without a teacher or tutor.

Ed Sheeran began as a self taught player. But eventually came to the conclusion that in order to improve, he needed lessons. So he hired a tutor to take him to the next level.

Joe Satriani taught Kirk Hammett and Steve Vai, which for them had a huge impact in their skill. They are now some of the most well known names in the industry. So a good teacher with great lessons is very impactful.

If you are good at creating courses and doing research, you can design your own practice lessons. But most people don’t have time for that.

Are Guitar Lessons Worth It?

We believe that paid instruction is very valuable, especially for beginners. Lessons also help keep the excitement alive when getting started. You are learning the guitar as a hobby, something to enjoy. You don’t want to take on another job with research just trying to create lessons for yourself.

On the other hand, some players enjoy all of that! So whatever you enjoy, just make sure it doesn’t kill the excitement. If it does, you will only lose motivation to learn this wonderful instrument!