Are Jackson Guitars Good? Your Questions Answered in 2022

There are many guitar brands that have been popular with players since the 80s and 90s. Jackson might be a name that you have come across when looking for your next instrument. But are Jackson guitars good?

Jackson Guitars are some of the most popular in the world today. With their incredibly high build quality, value for money, and excellent electronics, it’s not hard to see why. They also make some entry-level guitars for beginners that are fantastic!

But before you go out and buy one, it’s worth doing some research on the topic. This way, you can be sure they are what you’re looking for before you spend your hard-earned cash. If you’re curious about Jackson electric guitars, then read on to find out what makes them so good.

are jackson guitars good

History of Jackson Guitars 

When a new breed of promising young guitarists required more from their guitars in the late 1970s and early 1980s, Jackson’s small team of highly skilled craftsmen stepped up. They collaborated to create a new generation of high-performance, specially designed electric guitars.

Around this time, these skilled workers were just beginning to find success under the emblem of Charvel’s Guitar Repair, an instrument shop based in Glendora, California. This repair shop was purchased in November 1978 from their short-time employer, Wayne Charvel.

Jackson’s Charvel guitars made their debut in the summer of 1979. It rapidly became the musical instrument of choice for a new breed of vibrant Sunset Strip guitar legends. At the time, these same guitarists were members of loud, heavy musical acts that were being signed by major record companies left and right.

Jackson has thrived in recent years, with all the company’s most famous models, both custom and production series, enjoying great success.

Are Jackson Guitars Owned by Fender?

Jackson guitars are owned by Fender, which bought the company from IMC in 2002. They currently own Jackson and Charvel guitars and have assisted in their revival.

Jackson guitars are considered higher-performance alternative options to their more conventional Charvel counterparts. In the fall of 2002, Fender officially acquired Jackson from IMC.

Jackson guitars have managed to evolve through the years. The company claims to have the longest-running custom guitar shop in the US, with many of its original employees still creating high-quality instruments for the brand.

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Are Jackson Guitars Good?

There is no question that Jackson creates excellent guitars as a long-established brand, having produced instruments for decades that have served countless guitarists well. Many of the most well-known and highly regarded guitarists even use Jackson’s high-end models.

It’s likely because Jackson has become heavily associated with metal that the company doesn’t receive as much attention compared to some of the other leading guitar brands. Still, Jackson guitars are guaranteed to be just as good as many of its competition.

From the early 1980s to the present, Jackson has established itself as one of the best choices for guitar players who play any type of heavy music. Jackson guitars are distinguished by their subtle thin speed necks and ultra-flat fingerboards that promote the ease of shredding. 

Another defining feature of Jackson guitars is its combination of single-coil and humbucker pickups that produces a variety of tones.

Ever wonder if Charvel guitars are good?

Are Jackson Guitars Good for Metal?

Jackson guitars are best suited for metal, heavy or hard rock. Most Jackson guitars include humbuckers built specifically for extreme levels of distortion and gain, which is typical of a metal sound. 

Because they are designed to be used with high levels of distortion, Jackson guitars are best for heavier genres. With their pointy designs, Jackson guitars also have an ’80s metal aesthetic that appeals to guitarists in heavier genres of music.

But while Jackson guitars are popular among metal and rock guitarists (because that’s who they’re intended for), it doesn’t mean you can’t play other types of music on them. While they are known best for metal, Jackson guitars and their pickup combinations enable guitarists to play a variety of styles, including jazz, classic rock, blues, country, and even pop.

Are Jackson Guitars Good for Beginners?

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Jackson guitars are great for beginners because they manufacture some excellent entry-level instruments. For instance, their JS Series is geared towards amateurs and its models feature budget-friendly, quality-made guitars that will last for years to come. Jackson guitars are also easy to play, having slim necks and bodies that are ideal for beginners learning metal and rock.

Jackson guitars are all extremely comfortable to play. They are distinguished by their compound radius fretboards, which are flatter at higher frets. Many guitarists prefer these because they promote fast and technical playing.

Granted, it will take a while to master the art of flawlessly shredding as a beginner. However, having a comfortable instrument will assist you in learning the fundamentals. Not to mention that all Jackson guitars possess slim and light poplar bodies that are extremely comfortable for extended playing sessions.

Which Guitarists Use Jackson Guitars?

Jackson guitars were popular among 80s heavy metal guitarists such as Def Leppard’s Phil Collen, Machine Head’s Phil Demmel, and Megadeth’s David Ellefson and Chris Broderick. Jackson’s signature models also bear the names of Trivium’s Corey Beaulieu, Hatebreed’s Chris Beattie, and Iron Maiden’s Adrian Smith, among others. 

Here are some other famous guitarists who have used Jackson guitars.

  • Andreas Kisser of Sepultura
  • Christian Andreu of Gojira
  • Jake Kiley of Strung Out
  • Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy
  • Jordan Ziff of Ratt
  • Mark Morton of Lamb of God
  • Mick Thomson of Slipknot
  • Misha Mansoor of Periphery
  • Rob Caggiano of Volbeat
  • Scott Ian of Anthrax

How Much are Jackson Guitars?

If you’re on a tight budget or just starting, you should look into the JS Series Dinky, their entry-level electric guitars. The majority of these guitars, like the Jackson JS22 Dinky, cost less than $300. These lower-priced guitars are quite excellent value for money. It has good electronics, an excellent fit and finish, a maple speed neck, nice fret crowning, and a great setup. These models are light and well-balanced as well.

If you are an advanced or intermediate player, the Pro or X Series will meet your needs. The Pro Series, in particular, has some excellent options, like a Floyd rose double locking tremolo for under $1000. Models in this series are regarded as a step-up because they can be purchased with Seymour Duncan pickups and some pretty decent electronics.

If you’re considering the USA Select series, you likely don’t need any help.  These are among the best guitars in Jackson’s lineup. If you’re looking at any of these guitars, you’ve probably been playing a lot and know precisely what you’re searching for.


Jackson guitars are good for several reasons. They’re well-made, they sound great, and they’re affordable. Plus, they have a wide range of models to choose from, so you’re sure to find one that suits your style. So if you’re looking for a new guitar, be sure to check out Jackson!


Are Jackson Guitars Good Value for Money?

Yes, Jackson guitars are excellent value for money. They have always been high quality guitars, which is why they have been so popular through the last few decades. Now that Fender owns the brand, they have made some excellent guitars that now also provide something for beginners.

Why are Jackson guitars called Dinky?

The name, Dinky, was given to a select few Jackson guitars because of their smaller body size. This has become a line of guitars that are now perfect for beginners and players who prefer the smaller body size. If this interests you, look into the Jackson Dinky guitar models.

Are Jackson guitars good for blues?

While Jackson guitars are not primarily made for blues, it would be best to look into another brand. However, if you have a Jackson guitar with humbuckers and single-coil pickups, you would be able to play blues on them.

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