Are Orange Amps Good? How to Use Them

Anyone who plays the guitar or is just starting will have come across the brand called Orange. They make many kinds of amplifiers for guitars. They offer players different sounds and functions.

But are Orange amps good, or are they simply overhyped? Whether you are a beginner looking to buy your first amp! Or a semi-pro shopping for your second one. This Killer Rig article will surely help you answer that question.

Are Orange Amps Worth It?

Orange amps are certainly a big part of the electric guitar scene, but are they worth their price? Let’s take a look at some pros and cons:


  • The tone of an Orange is bright and punchy, which makes them great for rock music. 
  • Orange amps are British, so something about their sound makes them stand out from others.
  • They’re not just good sounding. They’re also reasonably affordable compared to other brands that sound just as good.


  • If you’re doing anything outside of rock and metal music (like jazz), then Orange amps aren’t the best choice. 
  • Orange amps don’t have enough versatility in tone control options. Or effects processing capabilities compared to other brands.

In the end, Orange amps are worth it if you fit the music style they specialize in. They’re affordable and great-sounding. You just have to find the model that perfectly suits your needs.

Does Orange Make Good Amps?

Orange amps are very good! They’re quite popular among professional musicians. They have a reputation for being high quality and reliable.

Maybe you’re looking for an amp with authentic vintage tones. Or something more modern sounding like metal or hard rock. There’s sure to be an Orange model made just right for you.

History of Orange Amps

Orange Music Electronic Company was founded in 1968 by Cliff Cooper. He was a musician and electronics designer who first set it up and called it the Orange Shop.

At the time, the psychedelic era was emerging. Many famous British bands were going for bold and experimental sounds.

Cliff realized that no music shops catered to this new style. He wanted the Orange Shop to be unique, unlike any established shops.

Orange amps quickly expanded and became popular among guitar players worldwide! This was because of their high-quality sound, affordability, and portability.

Where Are Orange Amps Made?

Orange amps are made in the UK and China. The Orange TH series amps are made in China, while their other models are made in the UK.

Although, they moved some production to China. Orange never wanted their amplifiers to be OEM-produced. Instead, they built their factories in China to ensure quality.

When Did Orange Amps Come Out?

Orange amplifiers first came out in late 1968 in London, England. At the time, their striking orange color and picture-frame design were revolutionary.

When Orange was beginning as a music shop in the late 60s. No manufacturers wanted to supply Cliff Cooper with new equipment. Because of this, Cliff decided that he would build his own amplifiers.

The decision was fitting, seeing that Cliff studied electronics in college. Soon after, his amplifier manufacturing company got recognized worldwide.

What Are Orange Amps Known for?

Orange amps work for that big, slow, low-end-boost, beefy midrange sound. Their signature sound that we now know today kicked off in 1971.

This is when Orange designed their Graphic Pics Only amplifier. This amplifier had a warm and crunchy sound. It was designed with specific hieroglyphic symbols.

Orange amps, particularly the Tiny Terror, also achieved cult-classic status. This was in the early 2000s, when many players of stoner metal used them.

They became very popular with modern hard rock and metal players. Those who wanted to add fizzy high gain sounds to their rig.

Orange Rocker Amplifier

What Do Orange Amps Sound Like?

The sound of Orange amps has a very original character. Orange makes darker-sounding amps. This means they push lower frequencies more than other brands.

It’s one of the main reasons why people like Orange. The sound has a tight bass and pronounced midrange that listeners can hear over the rest of the band. The tone is also unmistakable when you compare it to other amps.

If I had to narrow it down, I would say an orange amp sits in the middle of Marshall and Vox. But with a bit more of a gritty character in tone.

What Genre Are Orange Amps Good for?

Orange amps are the best choice for modern metal and hard rock. They can also be a good fit if you’re playing in a classic rock or punk band. You can still use Orange amps in various music styles. They have a specific sound that makes them great in these genres.

If you’re looking to play other types of music. Something like jazz, then other amplifier brands like Vox will might your needs.

Best Orange Amplifiers

The best Orange amps are the ones that meet your needs. Whether you’re a beginner or professional playing metal, blues, or anything in between. An Orange amp could suit you.

For Practicing: Orange Crush 12

The Crush 12 is a small and portable amp that beginners can use for practicing anywhere. It has a new Cab Sim loaded headphone output. It means playing huge tones at a whisper volume, making this model an ideal practice partner.

Its overdrive control lets you sculpt a wide range of dirty tones, from sweet and crunchy to rich and thick. The newly voiced EQ section also gives you even more control.

Orange Crush 12 Specification Sheet


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For Recording/Gigging: Orange AD30HTC

This two-channel, 30-watt amp is perfect if you’re gigging with a band. The AD30 has a classic clean tone but breaks up great and handles pedals well. Both channels of the AD30 have a similar range of gain. Its EQ is very versatile as well.

The AD30 can produce great classic rock tones. Sounds sought after by guitar players like Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin.

Jimmy first fell in love with the AD30 when he was touring with the Black Crowes in 1999. After that, he got one for his studio and touring rigs, and has been playing them ever since.

AD30HTC Specification Sheet


Who Uses Orange Amps?

Orange amps are used by famous guitarists who love the classic British sound of rock. Artists like Jimmy Page, Geddy Lee, Steve Harris, Jim Root, and John McVie. They have all famously used Orange amps at one point or another.

Aside from these famous players using Orange amps for their music projects. Many others have also been known to use them. These include bands like:

  • Iron Maiden
  • Slipknot
  • Mastodon
  • Fleetwood Mac
  • Sepultura
  • Polyphia
  • Deftones

Does Orange Sound Like Marshall Amps?

Both Marshall and Orange amps are British, but they are different in their style and tone.

Marshall’s sound is described by sizzling distortion, crunchy gain, and a thick low end. On the other hand, Orange amps offer tons of gain. But they still maintain incredible clarity and definition.

If you’re looking for the classic British sound that defined rock in the ’60s, go with a Marshall. An Orange amp might be right up your alley if you’re into heavier sounds like heavy metal or hard rock.

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Is Orange Better Than Fender?

Orange amps are louder and more powerful than Fender, making it easier for you to play at high volume.

The tone of the Orange amp is also unmistakable. So if you like your sound to stand out from others, Orange is probably a good choice for you.

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In conclusion, Orange amps are good. You just need to know what to pay attention to when buying one. Most of their amps are also very portable, and the tone is pretty good. Orange amps are worth looking into if you’re in the market for a new model.


Are Orange amps reliable?

Yes, one of the things that make Orange amps good are their reliability. The construction is very rigid, and the components are quality.

The only really issues that arise are tube related, but that is to be expected. Otherwise, Orange amps are built like tanks!

Are Orange amps good for beginners?

Orange has made a series called “Crush” that is aimed at the beginner’s market. They are priced to be very competitive and are a good entry level amplifier. I would say a beginner would do very well with this line.

Are Orange amps good for metal?

Yes, Orange amps are probably best for rock and metal. They make series that are specific to these genres of music. Bands like Slipknot have used Orange amplifiers for their tight and punchy metal tones.

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