Boss Katana MK2 Ultimate Review 2022

Boss Katana MK2 100 Review

The Boss Katana MK2 is a Digital Signal Processor based amp that is programmed to give you five amp voicing and five independent effect sections. The amplifier is a 1×12″ speaker combo with variable power control and a stereo expand option to run multiple Katana’s in stereo. The Boss Tone Studio lets you customize your sounds quick and easily!

Boss Katana MK2

Boss Katana 100 Features

Lets have a look at some key features!

  • Five Amp Voicings With New Variations Of Each
  • Combo With 1-12″ Speaker
  • 60 Selectable Boss effects
  • Variable Power Control And Stereo Expand Option
  • Headphone And Aux Connections
  • FX Loop
  • Tons of Ouput power At 100 Watts
  • Direct Out Jacks And Cab Emulation


  • Build Quality
  • Clean Sound Is Great
  • Great Crunch And Distortion Tone
  • Many Effects On Board
  • Sounds good at higher Volumes
  • Great Amp For The Price!


  • Occasional quality issue

Differences Between The Boss Katana MK1 And MK2

You may already own a Katana MK1 and are just exploring the MK2 to see if its worth the upgrade. Some of the changes are only found on the 100 watt version which is why we reviewed this model. But rest assured an upgrade to any of the MK2 models will add more to your rig! Here is a quick look at the differences.

Variation Button

The variation button is found throughout the MK2 models and expands on the amount of voicings the Katana has to offer.

Once you activate this feature, you are provided a different variation of the 5 already well known presets.

You could essentially consider this 10 voicings to play with up from only 5 on the MK1.


On the MK1, the number of effects that could be used simultaneously was 3.

But on the MK2 they have increased that to 5! Not only that, but they have also included more effects on top of that!

MK1 was 55 effects total, but the MK2 has 60 effects to offer.

Power Amp IN

Another new option on all MK2 models is the power amp IN jack.

This jack allows you to bypass the Katana preamp and run an input directly into the power map on the Katana.

This can be handy if you want top run another modeler, preamp or amp simulator into the power amp.

Stereo Expand

This is a new option exclusive to the 100 watt version.

This option allows you to connect two 100 Watt Katanas together and run them in true stereo.

Talk about a powerful rig!

New Editor

The Boss Tone Studio editor has also undergone some changes.

The interface has been changed for a fresh look and feel and some parameters have been moved around to make it more convenient when editing.

Boss Katana MK2

Boss Katana MK2 External Hardware

The Katana 100 MK2 weighs 33 Lbs and measures in at 21″ wide, 17.5″ high and 10″ deep. It is equipped with 1 – 12″ speaker in an open back wooden enclosure finished with black tolex and corners.

The controls are available from the top of the amplifier for easy access and feature a modern look.

If you are familair with the MK1 version of the Boss Katana, nothing has changed really.

The Amplifier looks exactly the same with the exception of the front logo and some added controls and jacks.

The handle is mounted more or less in the center making the amp easy to carry. Grill cloth on the amp is a standard knit that is found on a lot of amplifiers but looks great on the Katana. Over all the amplifier is well made and still looks great in the MK2 series

Maybe your looking for something else? Check out our best amps under $500 for more great reviews! If not, carry on!

Boss Katana MK2 Channels and Controls

The Boss Katana MK2 still has a familiar control scheme which is intuitive and easy to use. The preamp provides 5 different amp voices: great clean, crunch, brown and lead plus an acoustic setting. But whats really cool is the MK2 version now features a variation control!

This provides a different variation of each of the 5 voicings essentially making this 10 different voices!

The MK2 version comes with the ability to choose from over 60 built in Boss effects using the dedicated software. But not only is that amazing, Boss has gone ahead and provided the ability to use 5 of them at the same time up from 3 on the MK1.

The controls for the effects are also different in the sense that the knobs are far easier to use and selecting effects is so much easier then the MK1.

On the rear of the amplifier, you will find the headphone output, aux In, effects loop and foot switch jacks that you are probably familiar with. Boss has now added some new features on the 100 watt version.

Its called stereo expand and allows you to connect two boss Katana MK2 amps together and run them in stereo! And if that isn’t already super cool, they have also added a power amp in jack to allow you to run any preamp or modeler into the Katana Power amp.

Output Power

The Boss Katana MK2 is very powerful with 100 watts of output! Playing the amp in a live band setting, we were easily able to keep up with a hard hitting drummer.

So don’t worry about volume, the Katana 100 will do what you need and then some, just like the MK1!

The amplifier also has a variable power switch to allow you to cut the power down to 50 watts or .5W for quiet use.

If you prefer the 50 watt boss katana model, there is also one available.

Boss Tone Studio

The Boss Tone studio software has also had some changes. The interface has been updated, some parameters have been moved to the main screen for more convenience.

There is also a dedicated pedal FX category!

Selecting your effects, channel EQ, setting up effects, channel presets, its all possible with the new Tone Studio.

Customizing your sound is super easy! And if you have patches from an MK1, you can import and use them on the MK2!

Effects loop

The effects loop on the Katana 100 works very well. We ran some standard modulation type effects in the loop and were pleased overall.

The Loop is buffered and so there did not seem to be any loss of quality in the sound.

The effects loop is found after the preamp but before the onboard effects in the circuit.

But rest assured, you can use pedals into the effects loop with the built in effects at the same time.

Boss Katana MK2
Boss Katana MK2

Boss Katana MK2 100 Sound

The first version of the Katana was a home run for boss from a sound perspective. There were some sounds that could have been better but it was a great amp for the money!

Well wouldn’t you know it, Boss has improved it all and provided more! The MK2 is a really good amp! With the improved sounds, the added effects and the improved software you really cannot afford to NOT own one of these amps!

The sound of each of the voices has been improved, they really made the amp sound more like a tube amp then the first version. The feel of the amp is also changed and seems less digital and maybe more analog but i don’t have an MK1 here to test it up against to be sure.

What i am sure about however, is that this is a really good upgrade when compared to the MK1!

For an amplifier under $500, the effects sound great! Overall i am pretty impressed with the way this amp sounds and feels, it truly is a steal of a deal.

If you own an MK1, you will want to try this amp, just be prepared because you are probably going to want to upgrade for sure!

Final Verdict

If your looking for an amplifier in the under $500 category, there is a lot to choose from. But we were very impressed with the Katana MK2! It sounded pretty good as soon as we jumped in and started using it. Even before tweaking the EQ a whole bunch.

Now, if you have some high end amps, well you might not be knocked out of your seat. But it’s awesome for beginners and its sounds are somewhere between really good and great.

If your in the market for a Swiss army knife type amplifier, you probably found it.

Boss also makes a 50 watt version of the Katana which you might also like, however it does not come with an effects loop and the 100 watt version comes with a 50 watt setting for only a few extra dollars which is more bang for your hard earned buck.

It might make more sense to just go big or go home with the Katana and just grab the 100 watt version.

Both the Katana MK1 and MK2 are great amps. The addition of a few more sounds and features does make the upgrade worth it.

Its also got tons of power and some great versatility. Plus it will serve many needs of players today that it is a hard one to pass on for the price. We enjoyed the amp and rate this one quite high for this price point!

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