How To Read Guitar Serial Numbers

Guitar Serial Numbers

Guitar serial numbers hold paramount significance. These cryptic sequences, often ignored by the casual observer, represent a wealth of information about your instrument’s origin, age, and more. Take an American-made Fender guitar, for example. Its serial number might read something like “MX12123456”. Here, “MX” signifies the country of manufacture, Mexico. The following two digits, “12”, … Read more

7 Best Low Action Acoustic Guitars

Best Low Action Acoustic Guitars

If you have been playing for a while, you’re surely aware, guitars aren’t a one-size-fits-all deal. Each holds its distinctive shape, its specific size, and its unique type. Like fingerprints to humans, each guitar sings its own melody, and tells its own tale. And nestled within the melody, a guitar’s action – the breath of … Read more

Why Does My Guitar Sound Bad? Identifying Common Culprits

Why Does My Guitar Sound Bad?

When the question “Why does my guitar sound bad?” arises, it’s essential to understand that many factors can influence a guitar’s sound quality. Both novice and seasoned guitarists can face challenges with their instrument’s sound. Addressing these challenges requires identifying the common culprits behind the unsatisfactory sound. This Killer Rig article will outline these issues … Read more

Why Guitars Sound Better As They Age

Why Guitars Sound Better As They Age

Strumming the strings of an acoustic guitar, feeling its vibration under your fingertips, and experiencing the resonating, mellow hum it produces. It’s an experience, a connection that’s as magical for the novice as it is for the seasoned musician. However, nestled within this relationship between musician and instrument is a burning question, a heated debate, … Read more