7 Best Amps For Fender Telecaster Guitars

Best Amps For Fender Telecaster Guitars

Searching for the ideal amp to make the perfect sound from your Telecaster guitar? Your search is over! This Killer Rig article has all the top amps for this classic instrument, from vintage to modern. But there are many options on the market, which can make it tough to find the perfect match. So what … Read more

Are Guitar Jacks Mono Or Stereo?

Are Guitar jacks mono or stereo?

In the realm of guitars, the choice between mono and stereo jacks might seem trivial. Yet, this decision can influence the very essence of your sound. Mono jacks have long been the standard. But the allure of stereo jacks and their capabilities is undeniable. But let’s just get to the point, are guitar jacks mono … Read more

Are Guitar Strings Magnetic?

Are guitar strings magnetic?

Electric guitars have defined the soundtrack of the modern age. But more than that, they have also sparked a revolution in the world of music. Consider the thick rock riffs you love and the deep, soulful blues music. The electric guitar has been the driving factor. But have you ever stopped to consider how it … Read more

Are Guitar Strings Universal?

Are guitar strings universal?

Ah, guitar strings! Those magical threads that breathe life into our beloved six-stringed companions. But here’s the million-dollar question: Are guitar strings universal? Can we assume they are created equal? Can you just waltz into any music store, grab a pack off the shelf, and expect it to be a match made in musical heaven … Read more

Sound Like Bullet For My Valentine: Amp Settings Guide

Bullet for my Valentine amp settings

Bullet For My Valentine is a heavy metal band hailing from Wales. They have stolen the hearts of metal enthusiasts worldwide with their unique sound. Their guitar tone uses heavy distortion and has excellent melodic undertones. But one thing is guaranteed, it’s a sought-after sound by many aspiring guitarists. Achieving this tone, however, is not … Read more