Ibanez Standard ART120QA Ultimate Review

Ibanez Standard ART120QA Review

Ibanez Standard ART120QA Front

Ibanez Standard ART120QA Overview

Sad to say that this guitar is no longer available. We will leave the review up for reference.

The Ibanez Standard ART120QA is a rock guitar with some great features! This traditional shaped guitar is super comfortable and sounds great. Thanks to the poplar wood body, the sustain from the guitar is nothing short of massive. It has a rich, well rounded yet super warm sound and is super affordable.

Ibanez Standard ART120QA Features

Lets take a look at some of the key features of the Ibanze Standard ART120QA guitar.

  • Poplar Body
  • 3 Types of Gloss Sunburst Finishes Available
  • Maple ART Set-In Neck
  • New Zealand Pine Fretboard
  • 24.75 inch scale with 22 Frets
  • Classic Elite Humbuckers
  • Versatile Controls


  • Quality Hardware and Material
  • Warm Rock And Clean Tone
  • Good play experience
  • Quality Pick-ups
  • Other Color Options
  • Light Poplar Body


  • May need to be set up
Ibanez Standard ART120QA Review

Ibanez Standard ART120QA Body

The poplar body on this guitar makes it super light weight. First impression of the body shape was that it was probably going to be heavy. But not at all, it is actually a very light, comfortable guitar.

The cut away is a nice feature and one that is to be expected. Being a rock guitar, the cut away allows for some noodling up the fret board which is great.

The ART120QA comes in a couple of different sunburst styles. For our review, we were able to get our hands on the black sunburst and it is beautiful. If you prefer the traditional sunburst look, that is also available as well as blue.

The poplar body being a tone wood really adds some great sustain! Overall this wood choice and body shape is a perfect combination.

Ibanez Standard ART120QA

Ibanez Standard ART120QA Neck

The neck on the ART120QA is set in to the body. This also contributes to the amount of sustain possible with the guitar. It is a great design and is very durable.

The neck features a 24.75″ scale and 22 medium frets. This neck shape is Ibanez own ART and is very comfortable to play. To me it feels more like a “C” shape with some tweaks.

The neck is made from maple with a New Zealand pine fret board. This neck feels good and is very easy to play around on. Its a great rock guitar neck.

Over all the set in neck design transfers some amazing resonance through to the body, it was a very warm sound with great feel.

Guitar Pickup Configuration

Ibanez Standard ART120QA Hardware

The ART120QA comes with some well known yet versatile electronics. A pair of classic elite humbuckers give this guitar some serious jam.

Not only do they sound good but they give this guitar a very eye catching look.

The controls on the guitar are a pretty familiar set up. Neck and Bridge volume control, one tone control and a three way selector switch. This allows you to choose which pick up is active at a time, or the combination of pickups.

Another great hardware feature is the quick change tail piece. This is great for fast string changes as the tail will come off of the guitar.

The bridge is a Gibraltar unit and the machine heads are Ibanez. All great quality hardware.

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ART120QA Guitar

Ibanez Standard ART120QA Sound

So the moment of truth, how does this guitar sound?

Lets start with the clean tone.

Being a warm sounding guitar, i was most impressed with how the guitar sounded for clean. It was able to get a pretty spanky, chimy and crisp sound over all.

I was most pleased with how well rounded and lush it was.
Overdriven, its what you would expect! Thats right, it lives up to the look! The snarl and throaty rock tone that we all know and love lives here.

And thanks to the great control scheme, the guitar is truly a rock guitar that will give you the goods. And for the price, Ibanez delivered!

Ibanez Standard ART120QA Feel

Great neck that is comfortable to play.

The action was nice, and the body cutaway is a great feature. Its resonance is great and feel is awesome. The body is a traditional shape and because its lighter, the guitar is easier to use which adds to the over all feel.

Its an amazing guitar and playing it was a wonderful experience!

Ibanez Standard ART120QA At NAMM

Ibanez had all 3 of their ART120QA colors displayed at NAMM. They are all great looking guitars and were very popular with those who had a chance to play them.

Ibanez ART120QA in orange
Ibanez ART120QA in Black
Ibanez ART120QA in Blue

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Ibanez has released many great entry level guitars in their day, but the ART120QA really kicks it up a notch. Not only does it sound great, it also looks great!

In this day and age there are a lot of really good guitars being manufactured and this is truly one of them.

If your just getting started and love rock and roll, you will love this guitar. Its a great guitar to get you going and will last many years.

If your more experienced, this is still a great guitar worth considering as the quality and feels are present.

It also helps that Ibanez is a well known builder and they cover their guitars with a one year warranty should anything go wrong.

This guitar gets a thumbs up from us, and those at the NAMM show who had a chance to play it enjoyed it as well.