Line 6 POD Go Ultimate Review 2022

Line 6 POD Go Review

The Line 6 POD Go is a multi-FX floor processor designed to provide amp modeling, effects, cabs and more in a small, portable enclosure. This new POD features Line 6 modern technology in a platform that is not just a recreation of the Helix, but a new philosophy that takes the guess work out of set up.

With the ease of use thanks to the pre-assigned functionality, getting right to great sound is so much faster and straight forward.

Line 6 POD Go

Line 6 POD Go Features

Lets have a look at some key features!

  • Helix Amp or Preamp Models
  • Helix cabs or your own IRs
  • 4X4 USB Audio Interface
  • Onboard stompbox FX
  • Semi fixed signal path
  • Stereo FX Loop built in
  • Intuitive Controls
  • Small and portable


  • Solid Build Quality
  • Tons of models
  • Great Helix based sounds
  • Customizable effects and signal blocks
  • Real Effects Loop and amp connections
  • Direct Recording Capable


  • Some of the more powerful features from the Helix are not found in the Pod Go

Line 6 POD Go

Line 6 POD Go External Hardware

The POD Go at 5.2 Lbs is super light! It is a portable unit measuring 14″ wide, 9″ deep and 3.5″ high making it easy to carry around. It is smaller than the POD HD500X.

The controls are very sturdy, the switches feel great and come equipped with color change rings like the Helix. This is a great feature that allows you to remember what is stored to each switch.

The rotary knobs and encoders are also quite sturdy and do not feel cheap when used.

The expression pedal built in is smooth when used and the enclosure is a steel making this a durable unit. There have been concerns with plastic units in the past, but the POD Go is built sturdy. And rest assured, the color LCD is bright and clear!

Line 6 POD Go

Line 6 POD Go Channels and Controls

The POD Go is quite easy to use and the controls intuitive. Like we mentioned, each button has a color ring that coincides with the effect colors that Line 6 has designated. This makes it easy to know what is assigned to the button.

The Rotary controls allow you to cycle through the different pages and blocks with the signal path. This makes it easy to set up your rig within the POD Go signal path.

The rotary encoders then allow you to adjust all of the different settings within the blocks. For example, once you select an amp or preamp model, you can use the rotary encoders to adjust your EQ like any other amp.

There are a ton of amp and stomp type effect models build into the POD Go! While the controls are easy to use and understand, it will take some time to get use to the options.

Digital Cabinets And IRS

The Line 6 POD Go comes with built in speaker cabinet models that you can choose from. They have come from the Helix and are proven to sound great by players all over the world.

We enjoyed the sounds from the built in cabinets, but the really cool feature is that you can also load your own!

By switching your cabinet over to the IR options, you have access to load your own cabs or use cabs IRs made by others. So if you have favorites that you have collected over the years, the POD Go will allow you to use them!

Expression Pedal

The POD Go comes equipped with an expression pedal that is quite sturdy. This gives you the ability to alter the volume of your signal or inject some great wah or rotary effects!

We found the expression pedal to be a great built in feature with this unit! In fact, with the amount of effects built into this machine, it would be odd not to have it.

There is also the option to add a second expression pedal by plugging it into the connector on the rear of the POD Go. For our review we did not use it however.

Effects loop

The POD Go has a real stereo effects loop built into the unit and it sounds great! This allows you to use your own stomps or effects with the unit.

We all have our favorite effects and so luckily the POD Go has a built in effects loop. A really cool feature with the POD Go is that you can assign the effects loop anywhere you want in the signal chain.

This offers some real flexibility when it comes to setting up your effects within your presets.

And the fact that its a stereo effects loop adds some great versatility.


Another great feature with the POD Go is the ability to create snapshots! Snap shots lets you create different variations of presets.

So if you wanted to have different sounds for different parts of a song for example, you can create snap shots and change between them on the fly.

This is a pretty powerful feature and is easy to set up and use with the press of a button.

Built In Looper

The POD Go also features a looper that can be configured as mono or stereo. Simply select the looper to be part of one of the four effects blocks and set it up according to your needs. Duration, playback, low and high cut among other things can be tailored to best fit your sound. Its a very versatile feature!

POD Go 4 Cable Method

Another cool benefit of the POD Go is the ability to use it in the 4 cable method configuration in a rig! By connecting it this way and setting the blocks up correctly, you can have effects before and after your amplifiers preamp for incredible functionality! Just imagine the power of the POD Go with your favorite tube amp.

Line 6 POD Go Sounds

So now that you know a bit about the features, the biggest question would be, how does the POD Go sound?

There are over 270+ amp, stomp and cab models built into this unit. It is a huge playground and we couldn’t get through all of them! But one thing is for sure, the models we did use sound great!

The Line 6 Helix is a favorite to many players because of the great sounds built in. The POD Go is loaded with the same great models found in the Helix and it is true, they are great sounds from amps to cabs to effects, this little unit is fun to play with and sounds good.

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Final Verdict on the POD GO

The POD Go is a great new addition to the Line 6 catalogue. It is very easy to learn to use and has some great sounds and features. For the price you really cannot go wrong here. It can really simplify your rig when you need something small, light and easy to carry around.

If you own a Helix, you might be disappointed as some of the more powerful features are not found in the POD Go. Although that was the plan according to Line 6 as they went for a simple to use multi effects processor with a smaller price tag.

We give this unit a thumbs up! There is a ton of things it can do and so many features that any player would benefit greatly! The new POD Go will surely take the POD line in a great new direction!

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