Line 6 Spider V30 MK2 Amplifier Review 2022

Line 6 Spider V30 MK2 Guitar Amp Review

The Line 6 Spider V30 is a DSP based modeling amplifier that is designed to provide over 200 amp models. The amplifier has an 8″ speaker built in to provide full range quality audio with the option of an auxiliary input.

With access to all these presets and 30 watts of power, this is one versatile guitar amp!

Line 6 Spider V30 Review

Line 6 Spider V30 MK2 Features

Lets take a look at some of the key features of the Line 6 Spider v30.

  • Over 200 Amplifier Presets
  • Combo With 1 – 8″ Speaker
  • Built-In Effects And Speaker Cab Models
  • Full Range Speaker System
  • Auxiliary Input And Headphone Out
  • Built In Tuner, Metronome and Looper
  • Intuitive Control Scheme
  • Mac/PC, iOS and Android Connectivity



  • Build and Design
  • Good Sounds Over all
  • Small And Compact
  • Built-In Effects and Tuner
  • Built In Metronome and Looper
  • Good Recorded Sound From The Amp
  • Lacking in Bass Content
  • Sounds Digital with Some presets
Line 6 Spider V30 Rear

Line 6 Spider V30 MK2 External Hardware

Firstly, the Line 6 Spider V30 is a 16 pound combo amplifier measuring in at 15″ wide, 15.4″ high and 8.2″ deep. It is equipped with 1 – 8″ speaker in a small wooden enclosure finished with black tolex and matching edge protecting corners.

All controls are accessible from the front of the amplifier and are pretty sturdy mechanically with modern style knobs throughout.

This amplifier has a colored coded control scheme which makes the amp easy to use and is very intuitive once you have spent some time with it. There is an LCD screen on the amp that is used to cycle through the different presets and is a nice display.

The buttons and controls are configured in a clean, well laid out fashion, providing most of what a player will use on the front of the amplifier.

On the rear of the amp you will find the connectivity jacks for any iPhone, Android type product as well as an auxiliary in and the power switch.

It is a closed back amplifier that is well-made, light and small enough to conveniently carry around or haul.

Line 6 Spider V30 Controls

Line 6 Spider V30 MK2 Channels and Controls

The Spider V30 has a pretty standard control scheme that is intuitive and easy to use. Line 6 has gone ahead and color coded some controls to differentiate the options to make it easy to find what you are looking for.

Because it is a digital amplifier, the controls are programmed to be dual purposed and have more than one option they control, which makes the layout less overwhelming.

An LCD screen loaded into the amplifier makes selecting one of the many presets and options easy to do. Corresponding buttons allow you to select between effects and amp models and scroll through them with the convenient rotary control.

There are a ton of options on this amplifier, yet it is easy to navigate and configure.

On the rear of the amp you will find the different connectivity jacks that allow you to run the sold separately foot switches for this amp (FBV Foot Controllers) as well as other methods of control.

The USB interface and free Cubase recording software will let you record your best new song ideas.

Output Power

The Line 6 Spider V30 MK2 is a 30 watt amplifier that can get loud enough to practice or play with friends.

If you are playing in a band with a heavy hitting drummer, some presets will struggle.

While you can throw a mic in front of the speaker, if you are looking to primarily perform, this might not be the best amp for the job.

Spider V Remote APP

The Spider app lets you control the amp in the same way you would with the LCD screen, but in a much nicer interface.

The app is well-designed and allows you to adjust the settings with sliders from your mobile device when connected to the amp.

You can access additional amps and effects, as well as edit presets and much more!

FBV Foot Controllers

The Spider V MK2 series amps are ready to go with any of the FBV Foot Controllers from Line 6.

Some of these controllers allow for amazing control when combined with a Spider amplifier.

Check out this FBV 3 Foot Controller that is compatible with the Spider V30 Mk2.

Recording Quality

The Spider V30 MK2 comes with Cubase recording software and sounds pretty good.

You will not want to record an album with this amp, but for songwriting it’s great!

The sound quality is good for such a small and affordable modeling amplifier!

Built In Tuner

The Line 6 Spider V30 MK2 has a built-in tuner, which is a nice feature.

If you are just a beginner, this can be a huge help as you get started with learning how to tune. 

If you are not a beginner and wondering about the accuracy of the tuner, rest assured, it is pretty accurate!

Line 6 Spider V30 amp

Line 6 Spider V30 MK2 Sound

So how does it sound? With over 200 different amp presets, effects and so much more, there are plenty of good sounds possible with this amp. I spent a few days with the amp in order to really give it a good chance to show me what it was capable of.

The clean sounds were good, I enjoyed the crunch and high gain sounds, and adding effects to them was a good experience over all. Utilizing the spider V remote app made it fun and easy to get good sounds over all.

I was a bit underwhelmed, however, as the bass content is a bit lacking. If you are coming from a higher end amplifier, you may be disappointed with the bass content.

The amp also sounds a lot more digital than other amp modelers I have reviewed. Some presets are not as digital sounding as others, but it is more noticeable than I am used to.

The effects on board are really nice sounding for an amplifier in this price range! There are a ton of effects and other options that add to the fun factor of this amp.

It is great for a beginner or a practice amp and will provide you with everything you need to hone your skills. Over all, the sound is good for the price.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

There are many great electric guitar amplifiers on the market for under $500 and the Line 6 Spider V30 MK2 deserves to be on this list. It is loaded with sounds, effects and options that are sure to get you where you want to be!

The included Spider V Remote software allows you to edit the effects and set up amp patches for many types of sounds. Great for those who like to tweak a great deal! So if you are looking for a practice or home amplifier, this is one to consider.

While a beginner would benefit a lot from this amplifier, if you are a more experienced player you might want to look into something else. The higher gain sounds are a bit digital sounding, and so it feels this way as well.

We have reviews for more amps under $500 so be sure to take a look at them as some of them are a better fit for an experienced player.

Not everyone will feel this way of course as there are many happy players using this amp!

So is it worth it?

Line 6 has provided amazing value for the money. It has some great features and sounds, and the output power is perfect for home practice and recording.

Many people use this amplifier and love it for its compact size and its great sounds and functions. So if you are interested, it’s worth taking the plunge as the price really can’t be beat for such a versatile amp!