Marshall vs Blackstar Amps: Which One Should You Choose?

Marshall amplifiers are among the most recognizable in the whole world. Beginning as a small builder chasing tone. To become a major manufacturer of equipment used by many famous musicians.

Blackstar is another British guitar amp maker creating a good reputation. They are a newcomer when compared to brands like Marshall. But Blackstar’s offerings provide a magnificent line of products. Most of which can handle any style of music.

This makes it tough when comparing Marshall vs Blackstar amps. But in this Killer Rig article, we are going to pull back the curtain on both brands to help you decide which is best.

Quick Comparison

Marshall and Blackstar amps are both popular brands of guitar amplifiers, but they have some differences in sound and style. Here are some key points:

Marshall Amps:

  • Tend to be more suited toward classic and hard rock.
  • Sound more crunchy and have a more vintage-style saturated tone compared to Blackstar amps.
  • Might not be good for really thick, scooped, metal sounds.

Blackstar Amps:

  • Produce a more modern and darker sound.
  • Better for modern metal and heavier styles.
  • Will get you more gain/distortion.
  • Sound fairly similar to Marshall’s, except maybe for the upper mids. They seem more compressed on the Blackstar.

In terms of price, there are both cheap and expensive options for both brands. Ultimately, the choice between Marshall and Blackstar amps will depend on personal preference and the style of music being played.

History of Marshall and Blackstar Amps

Marshall Amplification

Marshall amplification logo

Jim Marshall, the namesake of the company and a longtime road musician. Opened a shop in London that specialized in guitars and amplifiers.

After hearing guitarists complain that they couldn’t get the sound in their heads to come through their speakers. Jim decided to build his own amplifier. He tinkered with circuits and components to create something the world had never heard before.

Marshall’s first amplifier, JTM45, quickly became famous in the guitar community. Word spread so much that it didn’t take long for Marshall to open its first factory.

Eventually, Marshall became one of the most recognizable names in music equipment! Especially for guitarists who wanted an authentic rock sound.

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Blackstar Amplification

Blackstar Amplification Logo

In 2007, Blackstar Amplification was created by Paul Hayhoe, Bruce Keir, Ian Robinson, and Richard Frost. The four founders worked together at Marshall Amplification for years. All before they finally decided to join forces to create their own company.

Blackstar was conceptualized around 2004 and took 3.5 years of technical research and development to bring to market.

The company launched at the Musikmesse Frankfurt trade fair in March 2007. They quickly became a very popular manufacturer of guitar amplifiers.

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Differences Between Marshall vs Blackstar Amps

  • Marshall amplifiers are more popular than Blackstar offerings.
  • Although Blackstar amps are made by former Marshall designers, they are not knock offs and sound very different.
  • Marshall amps suit the classic rock genre, while Blackstar offerings are better for modern metal and other heavier music styles.
  • Marshall’s amps are made with a classic circuit design inspired by the tweed Bassman. Blackstar amplification are famous for patented innovation.
  • Both companies have similar price ranges, but Blackstar generally has more affordable options.


Marshall’s amps are more popular than Blackstar and for a good reason. They have been around for decades, and their sound is very recognizable. They are also well-built, with durable components that can withstand the test of time.

Blackstar amps are newer than Marshall. But they have begun to make a name for themselves as a reliable brand.

They also have more features and are known as suitable alternatives to Marshall amps.

Signature Sound

Marshall is known for its signature British tone. Its crunchy, beefy, and creamy tone is perfect for rock and metal music. The brand has been producing high-quality amplifiers since 1964. Countless rock stars have used their offerings over the years.

On the other hand, Blackstar amps were designed to be versatile and flexible, so you can get any tone you want.

Yes, Blackstar amps were made by former Marshall designers. But they don’t have the same signature British sound.

Instead, Blackstar amps are more geared toward musicians who want dark tones.

Music Style

Marshall amplifiers tend to be more suited toward classic and hard rock. While Blackstar models are better for modern metal and heavier styles. Still, there are many examples where both amplifiers can cover multiple genres well.

Marshall’s amps have become popular for their high-gain tone! When turned up loud, they become very crunchy.

It’s a sound desired in many music styles, but especially among rock ‘n’ roll players.

Blackstar amps are good for any genre. They’re popular among musicians with different styles. However, they’re best known for their take on metal and hard rock. This is because of their darker tones and more compressed sound.


Marshall’s are made with a classic circuit based on the tweed Bassman. The company has used versions of it for many years. Recently, however, Marshall has begun to offer smaller tube amps. Designs that are quite different from their high-powered models.

The circuitry inside a Marshall gives it a specific sound that’s unlike anything else out there.

Blackstar amps are renowned for patented innovation. The first is the ISF (Infinite Shape Feature). It lets guitar players choose between a British or American voice.

Next is Dynamic Power Reduction. This one allows a player to get a cranked amplifier tone by scaling the power down to 10%.

Speaker Cabinets

Each company also provides a range of speaker cabinets. Here is a table to help you decide which cabinet would be a better fit for your sound:

FeatureBlackstar CabinetsMarshall Cabinets
Construction MaterialOften uses MDFTraditionally uses Baltic birch plywood
Speaker TypesVariety, including custom-designedPrimarily Celestion speakers
Cabinet DesignStraight and slanted designsIconic slanted cabinets
Impedance OptionsMultiple, with modern featuresMultiple, more traditional
AestheticModern, sleek designClassic, vintage look
PriceGenerally more budget-friendlyUsually higher-priced
Sound CharacteristicsTighter, focused soundWarm, resonant tone

Price Range

Both companies have similar price ranges. Blackstar generally has more affordable options available than Marshall does. Blackstar amps are also a good choice if you’re looking for the Marshall tone at a lower price.

Solid State Model Comparison

Marshall MG10G10W$139.99
Blackstar Debut 15E 15W$109.99
Marshall MG15G 15W$169.99
Blackstar ID:Core 20 V320W (2 x 10W) $209.99
Marshall MG30GFX 30W$299.99
Blackstar ID:Core 40 V340W (2 x 20W) $229.99
Marshall Code 5050W$399.99
Marshall ORI50C 50W$899.99

Tube Model Comparison

Blackstar HT5R MKII 5W$549.99
Marshall DSL5CR5W$799.99
Blackstar HT20RH MKII20W$649.99
Marshall ORI20C20W$749.99
Marshall 2525C20W$1,949.99

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Marshall vs Blackstar Amps: Which One Is Better?

Both Marshall and Blackstar are great options for beginners! Even intermediate players looking for a quality amplifier.

There are many similarities between these two brands, for sure. But it ultimately comes down to preference when deciding which one you should buy.

Why Choose Marshall Amps?

Marshall Amplifier

What do you get when you buy a Marshall? A well-known brand in the music industry and one that’s been around for decades.

The company has a large variety of products available. All from budget-friendly practice amps to high-end models meant for professionals.

They also have excellent reputations for quality and reliability. Two important factors to consider if you’re buying an amp! Especially one that will be your companion on stage or in the studio for years to come. Heck, even one that will sit on your desk at home!

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Why Choose Blackstar Amps?

Blackstar amps are more versatile and have more modern features than Marshall. Blackstar amps also have more tone options.

This means you can fine-tune your sound from mild to wild with just one model.

They also have a reputation for being on the more affordable side of the market. Offering great value for money! Especially when considering that former Marshall experts designed them.

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Even if you were to consider the sound of Marshall and Blackstar amps as unique and exclusive to each other.

You must be careful to remember that this doesn’t mean one company is better than the other. Just because their tone is superior. 

After all, tone and quality are subjective terms! What sounds good to you might not to another guitar player. Besides tones, you should also look at features, build quality, reliability, and reputation.

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