Martin OMC-X1E Ultimate Acoustic Review 2022

Martin OMC-X1E Acoustic Review

From the years of experience in engineering comes the OMC-X1E acoustic from Martin guitars. This guitar is created from High Pressure Laminate woods throughout which creates a warm balanced sound.

Jet black in color, this guitar not only sounds great, it looks great as well. Let’s explore some features on the Martin OMC-X1E.

Martin OMC-X1E

Martin OMC-X1E Features

Let’s take a look at some key features of the Martin OMC-X1E guitar.

  • High Pressure Laminate Body
  • Jet Black Finish
  • Performing Artist Profile Neck
  • Richlite Finger Board
  • 25.4 inch scale with 20 frets
  • Bold Balanced Sound
  • Fishman Electronics


  • Materials and Design
  • Well Balanced Sound
  • Feels Great And is Fun To Play
  • Built In Fishman Electronics
  • Great Looking Jet Black Acoustic
  • Martin Engineering


  • Some may not appreciate that it is made from laminate
Martin OMC-X1E

Martin OMC-X1E Body

The body on the OMC-X1E is made from HPL or high pressure laminate mahogany. This gives the guitar a warm sound yet very balanced overall. HPL is also a very tough material and is great in humid environments.

Martin’s own scalloped internal bracing across the top gives this acoustic great projection while adding strength. Not only is this body tough, it also resists scratching well and sounds great!

The cut away in the body is a nice feature as it lets you access the frets closer to the body. This really extends the range of play, allowing you to utilize the fret board throughout.

Another really great feature of this body design and HPL wood type is the acoustic guitar’s weight. It is very light! This makes it great in many situations.

Martin OMC-X1E

Martin OMC-X1E Neck

The neck on the OMC-X1E is also made of laminate. This is a black birch laminate shaped into what Martin calls their performing artist’s profile.

This neck profile feels really comfortable and is easy to play, which was the intention of Martin engineering. We are happy to report that they nailed it!

The finger board is made from richlite which really contributes to the easy play ability but it also very durable. The finger board features 20 frets, which are all easily accessible thanks to the cut away in the body.

Over all, the neck is very comfortable and feels very durable. This is another great design by Martin for such an affordable Acoustic guitar.

Martin OMC-X1E

Martin OMC-X1E Hardware

Martin is known for their quality acoustic guitars, this one is no exception. The hardware on the guitar is very good quality for the price point.

The tuners are a closed gear design and hold tune well. They feel great when using them and are quite smooth.

The nut and saddle are also made from higher quality materials. The nut itself is made from Tusq and the saddle black corian. Both of these materials are durable, and it’s nice to see on an acoustic at this price. Normally they are just plastic.

The guitar also features Fishman MX electronics on board. This will allow you to plug in and amplify the acoustic for maximum versatility.

Another really sweet bonus is that the guitar comes with a gig bag! Leave it to Martin to really give their customers all that is needed in a modern acoustic!

Martin OMC-X1E Review

Martin OMC-X1E Sound

Now to the important parts! How does this guitar sound compared to others at this price?

Very good! This is an auditorium sized model acoustic and being made from HPL, we were not sure what to expect. But once tuned up, it played wonderfully!

It projected well and created a ton of volume in the room. Thanks to the bracing, it did not seem too stiff or quiet. The resonance under arm felt very big and bold, yet the mid-range cut well.

One thing is for sure, it’s a Martin, and they did not disappoint. The price is right, and the sound is even better!

Martin OMC-X1E Feel

The feel of the guitar is great! The performing artist neck profile, it is very comfortable which is very fun to play.

And because the guitar resonates as well as it does, it is inspiring to play!

The body size is also perfect and because it’s so light, it is easy to get around and enjoy the music rather than try and balance a bulky guitar.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

The Martin guitar lines have always been high-priced and harder to get for some players. But because Martin makes such great guitars, they are always sought after.

Thanks to the engineering know how and new laminate wood technology, it is now much easier to get into a Martin. What is really cool about these lower priced Martin guitars is that they are engineered to have the great Martin sound!

The quality is still rock solid and the hardware all great stuff. While laminate stuff for some players is not going to fly, at this price point it is a must in order to own a Martin.

And now that we have had a chance to spend time with the Martin OMC-X1E, we are believers! The martin mojo is alive and well in this acoustic guitar. And what is even better, this guitar comes equipped with Fishman electronics.

A Martin acoustic with Fishman electronics for under $500? Amazing times we live in!

This is one great guitar! If you can, get into one.