5 Most Expensive Guitar Picks: Past and Present

In the world of guitars, there is no more important accessory than the pick. Picking the right one for your needs can make all the difference. Both in how well you play and how satisfied you are with your music.

There are many affordable options on the market. There are also a few high-end picks that come with a hefty price tag. Here we will take a look at some of the most expensive guitar picks in the world and what makes them so special.

Most Expensive Guitar Picks

How expensive can a guitar pick really be? Well, it depends on what they are made from and the design of the pick. Some are made of metals like gold, while others are designed to feel a certain way and wear less.

Here are some of the most expensive guitar picks in the world:

Starpics: $4,674.00

Meteor guitar pick.

The first pick on our list isn’t available anymore, but was probably the most expensive of all time. It was made by a company called Starpics in Australia.

They were made from a meteorite called Gibeon. This is a rather common meteorite material found in the world today, which is quite tough.

Starpics was making picks from the Gibeon and was promising that they would last forever. But now that they are no longer in business, that promise is rather useless. We cannot comment on the sound or performance, but this is one expensive pick!

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Pearl Guitar Pick: $2,800.00

Pearl guitar pick.

A company called J’aime has made a gold guitar pick with a pearl in the middle. It’s 18-karat with your choice of yellow, white, or rose gold.

It has a nice design that emphasizes the pearl in the center and could help hold it if you choose to use it to play guitar. We suggest that you don’t do that unless money is no object.

Diamond Guitar Pick: $1,925.00

Diamond guitar pick.

The next pick that is also quite expensive made by J’aime is 18-karat gold with a diamond in the center. This pick is made to be worn on a necklace, but can also be used to play the guitar.

It can be purchased in yellow, white, or rose gold with the chain being sold separately. We don’t recommend that you actually use it to play the guitar, as it would wear very quickly. But it would make a rather nice gift.

Gold Guitar Pick: $1,280.00

Gold guitar pick.

If you like gold, then you can purchase a 24-karat pick with some weight to it. This pick is made by Mene and is quite heavy at 15.84 grams.

There is nothing added to it, it’s just a 24-karat pick with a heavy price tag that changes with the cost of gold. But as of the time of this writing, it was $1,280.00 USD.

They say that it makes the perfect gift for the guitar player. This is true, but if you use it as a pick, it would wear away very quickly.

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Platinum Pick: $784.56

Platinum guitar pick.

The final pick that we feel is very expensive is also made by Mene and is platinum. They claim that it is 24-karat platinum metal and weighs 16.44 grams.

I would suspect that platinum would hold up longer than gold. But would still be rather nervous to use it with a price of nearly 8 hundred dollars.

Are There Benefits to Buying Expensive Guitar Picks?

While there are some picks that are more expensive that are worth buying, they are normally around $50. These picks are made of materials that are designed to feel a certain way and not wear out.

The picks on our list above are not worth buying to play the guitar. These are picks made as gifts, something to be admired and that adds beauty to a necklace.

You can buy more expensive guitar picks. They don’t offer enough benefits over standard options to make it worth your while. Unless, of course, you just like having a really expensive pick on display!


Guitar picks are an important part of playing. And while there are some expensive options that you can buy. It’s important to determine if they are a gift or actually useable.

If you do choose to buy an expensive pick. Choose one that will add some sort of benefits to performance if you don’t plan to wear it around your neck.

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