Peavey Vypyr X2 Ultimate Review 2022

Peavey Vypyr X2 Review

The Peavey Vypyr VIP X2 is a DSP based modeling amplifier that provides electric guitar, bass and acoustic amp models. The amplifier is a 1 speaker combo with built-in effects and a large range of functions.

Got some tone issues? This amp will help take care of that in a hurry!

peavey vypry x2 front

Peavey Vypyr X2 Features

Let’s take a look at some key features of the Peavey Vypyr X2.

  • Single Channel
  • 1-12″ Speaker
  • 36 Different Amp Models
  • 26 Different Onboard Effects
  • Auxiliary And Headphone Jacks
  • Use With Electric, Acoustic and Bass Guitars
  • 40 Watts
  • Rugged Construction
peavey vypyr x2 amp rear

Peavey Vypyr X2 External Hardware

Firstly, the Vypyr X2 is a 26 pound semi combo amplifier, measuring in at 19.5″ wide, 17.7″ high and 10″ deep.

It is equipped with 1 – 12″ Peavey custom voiced speaker in a sturdy wooden enclosure with black hardware and tolex. The controls are on the top for easier access when adjustments are to be made to your sound.

The controls are very modern, with a series of LEDs around each control to mark their position for each saved amp model.

The input jacks, which includes instrument, USB for programming and auxiliary are all on the front face of the amp for ease of access.

The headphone out jack is also on the front panel to make it easy to use when silent playing is required. On the rear is a control jack to allow for control of the Sanpera foot switch (sold separately) as well as the power switch and power cord receptacle.

The amplifier is well-made and pretty rugged with a nice black grill cloth and sleek look!

peavey vypyr x2 controls

Peavey Vypyr X2 Channels and Controls

The Vypyr X2 is a single channel amplifier that is designed to share the controls via the many amp models and effects.

Each LED around the controls will change based on the setting recalled from each of the amp models. The amplifier is capable of being used with electric guitars, bass guitars and acoustic guitars.

So depending on what you plug in, you have the option of selecting the instrument from the series of buttons near the input jack.

The amplifier has a few rotary encoders that control your settings for stomp boxes, EQ or effects. Each LED changes color to show you what setting you are using, so a bit of a learning curve exists here to get use to the many options.

But it is very easy to get use to with the manual at your side. One of the encoders is the amp model selector, which lets you choose from 36 different models!

A lot of the models are great amps Peavey has made throughout the years like the 6505 and some classic lower gain versions plus bass amps.

So anyone will find what they need in this amp! There are a ton of effects that can be selected with the effect’s encoder, anything from chorus to flange, reverb and delay. It’s all here!

On the rear of the amplifier is a control jack for Peavey’s Sanpera foot switch. When using the Sanpera Foot switch, you have the ability to use 5 different effects at the same time!

Output Power

The Peavey Vypyr X2 is rated at 40 watts output power and is all kinds of loud! If you need to keep up with a heavy hitting drummer, you will do well. So don’t worry, it cranks up nicely!

USB 3.0 Recording Performance

The Vypyr is equipped with a USB 3.0 interface, which is recognized as an audio device when plugged into a computer.

We used Pro Tools and recorded with the Vypyr through the USB port into our interface.

Sound quality was good if you are practicing or writing songs you want to capture. But we wouldn’t recommend recording an album.

peavey vypry x2 layout

Peavey Vypyr X2 Sound

With the first use of the Vypyr X2, you will need to select your instrument and amp model. Once there, you are sure to quickly realize that this amp sounds pretty good for the money! Peavey calls it TransTube which is an analog and digital hybrid design.

We found that most of the models were quite good, it is a very versatile amp! There are a ton of options on this amp and so you will need to spend some time with it. But as you tweak, you are sure to unlock many great sounds for weeks!

The stomp box and effects are a great benefit to an already incredibly affordable amplifier. We were happy with the different combinations of sounds we were able to create. Some of them did sound digital at times, but with some tweaking they shape up nicely.

Overall, this amplifier sounds good for a modeling amplifier valued under $500 bucks! With the ability to take electric, acoustic and bass guitars, you have a very powerful amplifier that sounds good for the money!

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

There are many great electric guitar amplifiers on the market, and the Peavey Vypyr is a good choice.

It is loaded with options that will essentially get you any sound you might desire. The options to use an acoustic or bass guitar really puts this amplifier on another level when it comes to versatility.

Some sounds can be digital like, and so if you are coming from a more expensive amplifier, you might be disappointed. But for an amplifier at this price and the many options it has onboard, there is really something for everyone here.