Revv G4 Ultimate Review: Thick High Gain 2022

Revv G4 Review

Revv Amplification has created the Generator Series distortion pedals based on their tube heads. The G4 is the second pedal to be released and is another great addition!

If you have played any of their distortion stomp boxes you know they are simply amazing. The G4 is another behemoth of a pedal and is a must have for any tone from guitar rock to metal!

Revv G4 Review

Revv G4 Features

Let’s have a look at some key features of the G4!

  • Small Form Factor
  • Amazing Gain Control
  • Beautiful Chassis
  • Passive 3 Band EQ
  • Tough Foot Switch
  • True Bypass Design
  • 3 Way Aggression Switch
  • Powered on 9V
  • Analog Circuitry


  • Product is well-made
  • Vacuum tube like distortion
  • Thick Heavy Tone
  • 3 band EQ Range
  • Great Size
  • Laser etched text


  • Not as saturated as the G3
Revv G4  Top

Revv G4 External Hardware

Another great build from Revv! This pedal is again made from a custom aluminum chassis with engraved text and logos. Nice, durable and small at 1.25″ height, 2.75″ width and 4.7″ depth.

Revv has continued to include high quality parts and the G4 is no different. The great looking metal knobs, robust potentiometers and rock solid switches are no surprise here.

Their choice of foot switch is very soft and easy to depress, yet feels very strong and reliable. I really like how they use a blue LED instead of red, as it feels more boutique. And the shimmer from the paint just makes it so easy to look at!

Another well-made and long-lasting pedal done right!

Revv G4

Revv G4 Distortion Controls

The 3 band EQ on the G4 is just another huge benefit to the tone of this pedal. While a bit more scooped than their other pedals, this one has a cool MID frequency range. The Bass is very broad and can really pound, while the top end controls really provide a lot of versatility.

Our aggression settings are again possible on the G4 to allow for different gain structures. In combination with the gain control, you can really get some great rock guitar to metal tones with a great EQ range to compliment each setting.

And just like their other stomps, the G4 can drive the front of an amp to boost it a bit and add some of your favorite tube like flavor. This is one thing to consider when using this pedal and can really compliment the sound.

Tons Of Gain

Revv has given the G4 the aggression switch that we have come to love. This switch is very powerful when feeling out your saturation level.

Off, Blue and Red are the settings offered by the switch and really change your guitar sound in both gain and over all mid and bass frequencies.

Red being the more aggressive setting, you also get a fairly large low mid and bass boost that it can get some real chug real well.

Convenient Connections

Top mounted jacks should be used on every pedal produced today. As players who use pedals, our boards can get packed pretty fast. So thankfully the G4 comes loaded with top mounted jacks for signal and power! And the whole Series from Revv fit together nicely on any board and take up very little space as a result!

Power Requirement

Like the other pedals, the Revv G4 operates on 9 volts. The company has made it clear that it is not to be run on any voltage higher than 9 so keep that in mind when using it. With the wide range of input voltage available from power supplies today, we need to always be aware of what we can use and what we cannot.

Proper True Bypass

Another great design feature is the True Bypass benefit of the G4. I prefer that distortion pedals can be taken right out of a signal path when turned off. The G4 sports a True Bypass internal circuitry and will not change the sound of your rig in any way when switched off!

Revv G4 jacks

Revv G4 Distortion Pedal Sound

The G4 has been sculpted based off of the Generator 120 amplifier and if you have ever played it, you know it is the “RED” channel. This pedal is remarkably close to the sound of the amp channel itself! The sound of the G4 is more of a scooped sound compared to the Purple pedal. But this provides a thicker, saturated sound that takes you to places you otherwise could not go.

It is rather stunning how much this device sounds like a throaty tube amp in a box! The responsive EQ and combination of aggression settings can easily take you from rock or metal rhythm to searing leads in a hurry.

I am rather impressed at the low end capability from this unit. It is very tight and punchy if you want it to be, but loosens up all the same. With a 7 or 8-string guitar, it really holds itself together very well. It’s a glorious tone from this little machine, you really cannot go wrong with the sounds possible from this pedal!

Revv G4 Final Thoughts

Another home run product from Revv and an amazing addition to the Generator Series of pedals! The real nice thing about what they are doing here with these units is the ability to recreate their amps. Some people simply cannot afford the tube amp heads they offer.

But with the low cost pedal platform, you can piece together a Generator. Not only that, they look great, sound amazing and fit really well together on any board. It’s just a real smart option for players, especially if you travel or tour.

The purple pedal was no different and adds some crazy arsenal to your guitar rig tool set! You really must do yourself the favor and grab this pedal, it’s worth getting rid of others for the tube like sound they can produce!

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