Taylor 214ce Acoustic Expert Review 2022

Taylor 214ce Acoustic Review

The Taylor 200 series is just packed full of value, which is why guitar players have fallen in love with it, especially with the modest pricing. The design, build techniques and tone of the 214ce are approaching that of a premium acoustic guitar.

Taylor 214ce Acoustic review

Taylor 214ce Features

Let’s take a look at some key features of the Taylor 214ce Acoustic guitar.

  • Sitka Spruce Wood Top
  • Back and Sides Are Layered Koa
  • Sapele Wood Neck
  • African Ebony Wood Finger Board
  • Grand Auditorium Body With Cutaway
  • 25.5 inch scale with 20 frets
  • Electronics Included


  • Quality Materials and Great Design
  • Incredibly balanced sound
  • Enjoyment in each strum
  • Electronics Included
  • Cutaway


  • A set up may be required out of the box
  • Generic Tuners
Taylor 214ce Rear

214ce Acoustic Guitar Body

The body is Taylor’s own grand auditorium design and is brilliant. From immense sound to incredible comfort, this acoustic can fill many roles.

Consequently, this shape provides a powerful lower register, and a very large mid-range.

The Sitka spruce top, provides a very sparkling top end that is not piercing but just right!

The Venetian cutaway present on the guitar is standard on all CE models and makes it easier to get farther up the neck with ease!

Though the tonal properties of layered wood are not as complex as solid wood, the method allows for a durable, attractive acoustic at a more inviting price. Which is why we find layered Koa back and sides.

Layered woods also handle humidity fluctuations. Depending on your climate and whether the acoustic travels with you, this can be an added benefit.

The body is finished in a beautiful gloss and with the white binding, this is one good-looking acoustic guitar!

Taylor 214ce neck

Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar Neck and Headstock

For the neck, we find a patented Taylor design made from Sapele wood. This is a common design found on many Taylor guitars to help with intonation and stability.

This robust design assists in keeping the acoustic tuned and for long periods of time. But it also provides an incredibly comfortable neck and great experience for the player.

The neck is a 25.5″ scale and features an African ebony finger board with a 1.7 inch wide nut.

Taylor 214ce body

Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar Hardware

Taylor did not hold back when adding hardware to this guitar! While the tuners are more or less generic, they feel great and are smooth when operating.

Taylor has also loaded their ES2 pick up system into the guitar, which captures the natural sound wonderfully.

This behind the saddle pick up design is sensors that make contact with the bridge.

In addition to this, we also find some tone controls, a phase control and a volume control to really fine tune your sound for optimal performance.

Some other honorable mentions are the Tusq nut and Micarta saddle.

These are materials found on lower priced acoustics, but offer great performance. It isn’t quite bone, but not far off either!

Taylor 214ce guitar

Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar Sound

Now that we know a bit about the guitar and its build, let’s touch on the Taylor 214ce acoustic guitar sound! I mean, that’s why you are here, right?

The acoustic is a brighter guitar with its spruce top, great for finger picking and does have a nice balanced sound with plenty of low end and punch.

The sound was everything we like in an acoustic and the volume was present off of the well-built acoustic as was the sustain!

Taylor’s electronic pick up system on board is very natural sounding and probably one of the better systems available today. Their philosophy was to catch the natural sound of the acoustic, and that they did!

Players who are just getting started will be well-equipped for many years! This is a great guitar to learn on thanks to the great sound and ease to play.

Taylor 214ce Acoustic Guitar Feel

Well, what can we say, it’s a Taylor! The action on this guitar is great, which makes it almost fluid like to play. The Venetian cutaway is also a super nice addition, and the ebony fingerboard just feels great!

The body shape is very comfortable which is nice and thanks to the way the sound jumps off of the guitar, the entire experience is almost magical.

Taylor 214ce At NAMM

This was one busy guitar at the NAMM show! Being played almost all the time. We were able to grab this picture quick between our chance to play it and the next attendee! If you have ever been to NAMM, you know that the Taylor booth is always packed!

Taylor 214ce at namm

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

While the Taylor 214ce acoustic is on the higher end of the price point, it is amazing value! The build and design of this guitar is hard to top!

The experience of a well known brand really shines on this guitar and once you play it you will see what I mean. It is very hard to put down this guitar as the sound and feel are simply amazing.

Beginners and experienced players who own this guitar both agree that it is something special. I, too, agree that it is one of those guitars that every player should have in their arsenal.

You just cannot go wrong here!

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  1. Just bought my first Taylor. A 214ce Koa. It’s exactly what I thought it would be. I don’t have buyers remorse. I have never spent more than $300 on a guitar. I have been lucky and patient. Picking through guitars over months and different stores in different cities you’ll find that $250 Yamaha $300 Washburn that is a Gem. This is not the 214 that was graced with magic and plays like a $5000 guitar. This is a 214ce that is exactly what you want it to be. It’s the best feeling guitar I’ve ever owned. The sound opened up a little in their days I’ve had it. It will only continue to open up. I’m not a fan of elixir strings. I can’t get a tone out of them I want. I’m leaving the factory Elixers on for now though. I have my preferred brand and will change them before I play with others. Couldn’t ask for more. If you’re a Taylor fan and a versatile Acoustic is the need. This is it. Stage ready, not afraid to go camping with it or Bar Gig with it.

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