Vox Adio Air GT Ultimate Amplifier Review 2023

| Last Updated: March 5, 2023

The Vox Adio Air GT is a digital amplifier that has been created to provide you with up to 23 types of amp models. The amplifier comes with two 3″ speakers and provides a sound density that far exceeds its size.

The unique enclosure design provides real amplifier sounds. It’s rigid enough to handle its 50 watts of power.


Let’s take a look at some key features of the Vox Adio Air GT.

  • Up to 23 amp models.
  • Combo with two 3″ speakers.
  • Select from 19 built-In effects.
  • Battery power capable.
  • Headphone and aux jacks.
  • 50 watts.
  • Includes software.
  • Bluetooth compatible.
Vox Adio Air GT Amplifier.

Sound Performance

Vox uses what they call Virtual Elements Technology as part of their DSP modeling. The concept is to try and replicate what is happening in an amplifier. All by modeling the circuit and components.

Well, I must say, whatever they are doing is working because wow this amplifier is excellent! The models are very natural sounding and feel great. The Adio Air GT has a Vox AC30 model that nails the sound and feel. The rich tone that this little amp puts out is very pleasing!

The amp sound much bigger than you would assume it would when you see it for the first time. Incredible knowing how affordable it is.

It seems to fill the room when cranked up, but the speakers don’t distort like other modelers. It has a very comfortable amount of headroom thanks to the higher output power.

The controls are intuitive and easy to understand quite quickly. The software will also allow you to really customize your sounds. This is another great feature. This amp is pretty tube-like and has some great features for a little portable unit. Here is a great video that showcases the sounds from this amplifier.


  • Good build and design.
  • Great rich sounds.
  • Small and compact.
  • Built-In effects.
  • Bluetooth capable.
  • Good recorded sound from the amp.


  • Not a lot of low end in the sound.
  • Only capable of 5 watts with batteries.
Vox Adio Air GT rear.


The Vox Adio Air GT is a 6.4-pound amplifier measuring in at 14.1″ wide, 6.5″ high, and 6.4″ deep. It is loaded with two 3-inch speakers in a plastic ported chassis.

The chassis is a proprietary divided cabinet design. It was created for optimal sound and is unique in how it looks. All controls are accessible from the top of the amplifier. They are pretty sturdy mechanically, with vintage-style knobs throughout.

The amplifier can be powered in two ways, a 19V DC adapter or batteries if you need portability. AA batteries will power the amp for up to 8 hours.

The amplifier is unique in how it looks. Some people might think it is ugly, while others will like the appearance. Nevertheless, Vox has made it somewhat vintage looking. All with their vintage style grill cloth and Logo.

There is no handle on the amplifier. Instead, you will find a recessed slot in the rear of the chassis by which to pick it up.

Vox Adio Air GT controls.

Channels and Controls

The Adio Air GT has a pretty standard control scheme that is easy to use. Have ever owned or played a modeling amplifier? Then you will recognize this layout as it is pretty similar to other modeling amplifiers.

The amp models can be selected with the rotary knob on the left-hand side. Once you find the model you like, you can optimize it with the 3-band EQ. Like all other modelers, things seem to flow from left to right.

Effects on the Adio Air GT consist of four modulation-type effects such as chorus and tremolo. And four ambiance-type effects like delay and reverb.

There are a few different settings of delay and reverb, which is nice. Each effect type is allocated to one of the 2 FX control knobs. Setting them with the Tone Room software is then where the magic happens.

A TAP button is located near the FX controls to set the tempo, which is then displayed by a green LED. This button also works with the built-in tuner.

The amp is 50 watts and the sound level is adjusted with the instrument output knob. This controls the instrument and effect volume. If the Aux In, USB port, or Bluetooth connection is used, the Audio Knob will then control the level.

On the rear of the amp, you will find the USB jack. This will allow you to send the amplifier signal out to a computer or other device. This makes it easy to record new song ideas on your favorite recording device.

Output Power

The Vox Adio Air GT is rated at 50 watts of output power and does get pretty loud. If you are planning to perform with this amplifier with no PA or ability to mic this amp, you may be underwhelmed.

The amplifier struggled to keep up with a light-hitting drummer. Unless set to higher gain models. It is possible to perform with the amp, but only if you are using a mic/PA or use the line out to a board. If you are a coffee shop performer, this will work without a drummer!

Note:  The actual output of the amp is 25 watts RMS x2.

And only when plugged into the 19 Volt adapter will you get levels this loud. If you are running from the batteries, you will only have 5 watts of power in total.

Tone Room App

The Vox Adio Air GT has a USB jack on the back. It can be used to connect to your computer and modify and access more options!

The Tone Room app lets you access an even larger selection of models and effects! It also lets you take advantage of Adio’s full potential of customization features.


The Vox Adio Air GT when recorded sounds good! For a small modeling amp, this is one of the better sounding units we here at Killer Rig have reviewed.

Built-In Tuner

The Vox Adio Air GT has a built-in tuner that will come in very handy. If you are just getting started, this can make or break your enjoyment. If you are an experienced player, then you will be happy to hear that the tuner is accurate! Simply press and hold the tap/tuner button to activate the tuner.

Once activated, the tap/tuner LEDs will turn red. When you play a string, the user program LEDs will light up to verify the string note in which you are playing. The tap/tuner LEDs will then let you know if the string is sharp or flat. The tuner will also work with down tuning, which is a bonus!

Vox Adio Air GT Front.

Final Verdict

The Vox Adio Air GT is a cool little amplifier concept. Portability, great sound, and decent output. All in a small package, it really makes this a good find and an even better investment.

The included Tone Room software allows you to edit the effects and set up amp patches for many types of sounds. If you want to perform with it, that is possible too. But it might need help depending on your setting and environment.

The Adio Air GT is easily one of the better-sounding modelers available. It’s not the nicest-looking thing, some have even gone as far as calling it a woman’s purse!

But you can’t judge a book by its cover, this thing is a diamond in the rough and packs some punch! It is also Bluetooth compatible, and that alone opens up some serious versatility!

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