Vox Cambridge 50 Ultimate Review 2022

Vox Cambridge 50 Review

The Vox Cambridge 50 is a digital modeling amplifier with Nutube technology in the preamp. Nutube, being a new type of vacuum tube, provides all the tube like characteristics in terms of tone, sag and feel that you would expect.

Vox’s own Virtual Element Technology (VET) provides players with an amazing experience that is as close to vintage classics as you can get.

Vox Cambridge 50 Review

Vox Cambridge 50 Features

Let’s have a look at some key features of the Vox Cambridge 50!

  • 11 amp voicing from American to British
  • Combo With 1-12″ Celestion Speaker
  • 8 Effect models
  • Variable Power Control
  • Headphone And Aux Connections
  • Light Weight
  • Plenty of output power At 50 Watts
  • Direct recording capable


  • Good Build Quality
  • Good Sounds
  • Good Crunch And Distortion Tones
  • Good Effects On Board
  • Sounds good at higher Volumes
  • Tube like sound


  • No FX Loop
  • Looper and Effects Cannot Be used At the Same Time

Who Is This For?

The Vox Cambridge 50 is a great amplifier for beginners, students and even intermediate players. It offers good low gain crunch sounds and a wide range of presets that are great for newer players. The entry level price is perfect for anyone who wants to get into Vox tones.

Vox Cambridge Build Quality

The Cambridge is a very light little amp, weighing in at 20 pounds. It’s a nice size for a combo with a 12″ Celestion speaker and is a pretty standard design. Height: 16.15″ Depth: 9.5″ Width:17.8″

The enclosure is a wood assembly with black tolex and a vintage grill cloth. There is nothing that would create concerns, as the amp itself is pretty basic. All connectors and controls feel good and are decent quality.

The primary focus on this amp is the Nutube technology, which is designed by Korg. These new tubes are a modern representation which are only a few years old.

Vox Cambridge 50 rear

Vox Cambridge 50 Channels and Controls

The Vox Cambridge 50 has the same type of control scheme that their other digital amps come with. If you have any experience, you will find it easy to jump into this one.

The EQ is pretty basic with a treble and bass control, standard gain and volume. The amp simulations are selected with a rotary switch like other modelers. A couple of effect controls for modulation and delays or reverb.

This amp has a power level control, which is pretty handy as it reacts like a master volume control over all. You can turn it right off if you like or find a setting you like right up to the full 50 watt output.

The amp also allows for preset functions as well as a tuner, tap tempo and is pretty easy to use.

Vox Cambridge 50 controls

Output Power

The Cambridge is a 50 watt amplifier at max power level setting. The amplifier is loud and will keep up with a drummer.

We found that it’s a decent output level and didn’t really struggle keeping up. Adjusting the Power Level control will also give you some great volume control settings.

This is a great guitar amp for both gigging and home practice.

Tone Room Software

The tone room studio software comes free with the amplifier. This lets you connect to your computer and link up to the software.

Once inside the software, there are many options that can be changed or selected that are not found on the front panel of the amp itself.

There is plenty that this software offers, so make sure to take advantage of it should you buy this amp.

vox cambridge 50 amp

Vox Cambridge 50 Sound

Vox has been making some pretty good modelers and the sound is quite good. This Cambridge 50 is no different. Their VET technology with the use of the Nutube preamp comes pretty close to the tube sound we have come to know and love.

There are some great clean sounds available from the amp that really have a vintage feel. I also found that some overdrive sounds clean up quite nice when the volume is rolled down. While using a Fender Telecaster, I was able to get that old school Vox tone quite easily.

Distortion and crunch sounds do have that Vintage Vox feel, the AC30 sound is what I would come to expect the real tube amp to sound and feel like. Vox has claimed that there are American and British sounds in the amp, but over all I found the British flavors to be the best sounds.

Over all, the sounds are good in this amplifier. I do appreciate the Vox digital amplifiers, they have a good sound and feel to them and are appealing. The effects built in are good and for the price of the amp are quite impressive.

Final Verdict

If you’re looking to get into a vintage amplifier, like an old school Vox, then the Cambridge 50 will get you most of the way there. The sounds and amp models sound and feel good and don’t break the bank.

The EQ is pretty basic and so there is no mid-control, but overall it responds nicely and for the sounds it’s going after, fits quite well. For a modeling amplifier with the hybrid design incorporating Nutube, this amp does it quite well.

Yes, there are other modelers on the market that offer more, but if you’re looking for a great Vox tone, this will be your best bet for a simple vintage sounding amplifier at a great price! I give it a 7 out of 10 for this price point!


Is the Vox Cambridge 50 loud enough to gig with?

While the amplifier is rated for 50 watts, it seems a lot louder! Yes, this amp is loud enough to gig with and has a lot of power. Even if you have a heavy hitting drummer, it will keep up.

Is Vox Cambridge 50 a solid state?

The Vox Cambridge is a bit of a hybrid amplifier. It uses a tube technology that is called Nu-tube, but has a solid state power section and digital circuitry.

Is Vox Cambridge a tube amp?

The Vox Cambridge is not a conventional tube amplifier. It used Nu-tubes, which is a different technology and does not have high voltage powering tubes.

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