Vox VT40X Amplifier Review

Vox VT40X Overview

The Vox VT40X is a DSP and tube hybrid combo amplifier that offers 11 realistic amp models and 13 effects. Built inside the sealed cabinet is a 10″ speaker that delivers powerful and a realistic Vox Valvetronix tube tone!

Included Tone Room software lets you configure and customize your amps and effects quickly and easily!

Vox VT40X Features

Lets take a look at some of the key features of the Vox VT40X.



Vox VT40X External Hardware

Firstly, the Vox VT40X is a 21 LB combo at 18.2" wide, 15.9" high and 13.6" deep. It is loaded with 1 - 10" speaker in a wooden enclosure. It is then finished in black tolex and a beautiful Vox style front grill.
The controls for the VT40X are located on top and are pretty rigid and of good quality. The chicken head knobs add to the vintage Vox feel.

The VT40X is equipped with a 12AX7 (ECC83) vacuum tube which can be seen from the control panel. All jacks are accessible from the top control panel with the exception of the power jack which is found on the rear of the amp.

This amp is powered with a 19V DC power supply which is included with the amplifier.

The amplifier is light, small and quite simple to carry with a nice dog bone style handle and looks stunning! This is one great vintage style looking amplifier that recreates that vintage Vox vibe in a modern design.

Vox VT40X

Vox VT40X Channels and Controls

The VT40X has a great control scheme. This is a common control layout in most modelers and so if you have ever owned one, you will be familiar with it.

Selecting the amplifier model is done with the model control knob. You can then dial in your sound with the 3 band EQ controls.

User programs can also be selected using the series of button found below the amp model control knob.

Effects on the VT40X are easy to configure using the buttons and knobs to set them up. The layout is pretty straight forward, configure a button by selecting an effect and then using value 1 and value 2 controls, you can configure the effect to your desired sound.

Effects can then be turned on and off as you desire by simply pressing the buttons.

The amplifier has a vacuum tube that can be set according to your desired sound as well. The tube bias and amplifier class A or A/B can be set using the supplied buttons to really get that tube tone to really make this amp sing!

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Output Power

The Vox VT40X is designed to offer 40 watts and does it in spades!

We tested this amp in a band setting with a decently hard hitting drummer and the amp was able to keep up with no issues!

There is plenty of power in this amp, but the setting of your model is key here. The amp can be dark with certain settings which will be key to how well it cuts through the noise when playing with a band.

Recording Quality

The Vox VT40X does not have a USB option for recording like other modelers, but if you want to record it direct, you can use the headphone jack.

Once you plug a cable into the headphone jack, the internal VT40X speaker mutes.

You can then run your headphone signal into your interface to record. The sound is good as the amp applies cabinet emulation to the signal. I wouldn’t record an album with it, but its really good.

Built In Tuner

The Vox VT40X comes with a tuner and is a very handy feature to have onboard. It is pretty easy to use and most importantly, it is accurate There is no display for the tuner however, the bank buttons will light up when you play a string to signify which string was played.

The effects button LEDs will then light up to show you if the string is sharp, flat or in tune. So once you understand how the tuner is configured on this amp, which is easy to understand, it works great.

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Vox VT40X Sound

Vox has really done a great job with this modeler! The amp is capable of some great clean sounds which feel dynamic and warm which is hard to capture in the digital world. I used a few different guitars, a tele, a strat and a PRS SE Custom 24 and the amp made each guitar sound amazingly different!

The jazz sounds are awesome, with this British flavored beast! Its even capable of some great high gain rock and metal sounds that get really crunchy and tube like!

I have reviewed quite a few different amp modelers and i have to say, this is a great sounding modeler available today. The added tube to the circuit really opens it up. its warmer and more dynamic and capable of some great sound and feel in most of the amp models.

Once you have spent some time with the amplifier, you will realize that it is very intuitive and well thought out.

The Tube Bias and power class functions also sculpt the tone in some magical ways. Playing with these settings provides even more tube goodness from this amp.

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Conclusion And Final Thoughts


If you are in the market for an amp under $500 then add the VT40X to your list! Vox has made it easy to get a great sound right when you plug in and turn on.

The Tone Room software gives you access to the deeper control of the amp where effects and sounds can be set to taste.

The added tube in the circuit also really makes this thing sound dynamic and warm!

Most of the amp models in this amplifier are very tube like which makes it very pleasing to the ear. It responds differently with each guitar you plug in so its easy to find a wide range of sounds.

The effects combines with the great amp models really make this an excellent experience over all!

So is it worth it? Oh yea! Vox has a home run product here. The sounds available are really good and will cover many genres of music, great for recording and performing.

Most current VT40X owners love how easy it is to carry around as its pretty portable. But even if its going to sit in your room forever, the sounds will leave you very satisfied!

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