What Guitar Should I Buy? 10 Tips To Quiz Yourself

When I ask, what guitar should I buy, my answer might be much different from yours. You see, I have been playing for a number of years now. Someone who is just getting started will need a different answer from what mine would be.

My answer would reflect my years of experience as a guitarist. It would also need to match my needs and desires from what I want out of a new instrument. Perhaps you are in the same place as I am.

You simply want a new guitar for the sake of having it. Or maybe you are upgrading to a more expensive instrument to match your new skill level. Maybe you are a collector?

This makes the answer to this question broad and quite complex. So let’s explore the topic with some questions and perhaps a quiz. This might help you realize what you need or even want from a new guitar.

What Guitar Should I Buy?

The fact that you are even considering a guitar means you’re ready to buy. So I assume then that you have some money to spend. While this is part of the process, it’s not a very important one, as there are great guitars at most price points. New and used as well!

So when considering a new guitar, look at these items of consideration. And then answer them to the best of your ability.

1. What Style of Music Do You Like?

You will want to decide on the type of music you are going to play. This can be a wide range of different types. There are a lot of guitars that can cover a lot of musical styles.

But if you are focusing on a few primary styles, you may want a specific type for them. While a lot of instruments can do different styles, some are specific to them. Sometimes a guitar made for a specific style is a better fit.

2. What Age is The Guitar Player?

While most guitars will fit even the youngest of players, it’s still best to explore this question. There are many instruments made for kids that are simply a better fit. Guitars made for adults can be harder to balance and hold for a child.

There are acoustics smaller than a standard dreadnought that can be a better fit. So make sure to explore them if you’re buying a guitar for a younger person.

3. What is Your Budget?

While budget should never be the primary deciding factor, it is still something you need to set. Many people will tell you to buy cheap, just in case you don’t stick with it. Most guitars hold their value really well and move quickly.

To get the best possible start, you should find a great guitar, even if it’s around a grand. This doesn’t always mean you have to buy a new one. There are many used instruments that will be perfect for you.

So set a budget for yourself and then see what kind of instrument you can afford. We have a ton of recommended guitars for all types of players and budgets.

Learn how much electric guitars cost here!

Neon Acoustic Guitar Sign

4. Are You Trading a Guitar?

If you’re in the market and are an experienced player, perhaps you are looking to trade up. There are many retailers that have great programs that can help you get into a new instrument.

And the incentives to do so might make it really easy! Selling a guitar yourself to trade it for another could be very time-consuming. It’s always worth going to see what they have, you may find your next instrument easily this way.

5. Are You Inspired By a Famous Player?

This is a question that might make it very easy when it comes to your guitar purchase. There are many famous players who swear by certain brands. If you’re a big fan of someone, perhaps you might be interested in what they play.

Chances are good that you will learn some of their songs or technique. So it would only make sense to play the same guitar. There are many players who are brand loyal. Manufacturers that make killer gear.

Mark Tremonti for example plays PRS guitars because they are awesome. And as a result, they make specific models for him.

6. Electric or Acoustic Guitar?

While you will find most people recommend an acoustic to get started, this isn’t advice for everyone. There are a lot of people who will need to be inspired constantly. This might mean an electric guitar is the weapon of choice.

Other people don’t need to be inspired by playing music they love to stay motivated. These people might choose an acoustic. This will offer a different experience in play style. This is only something you can answer about yourself.

Do you need the thrill of a rocking song to stay motivated? Or can you set a plan and stick with it? Everyone is different. But when getting started, choosing an electric or an acoustic guitar is a big deal. So take your time to figure it out.

Child Playing Guitar

7. What Electric Guitar Should I Buy?

Learning to play an electric guitar is a great place to start. The thrill of holding an instrument that has shaped music as you know it. It’s quite the feeling for the first time.

Trouble is, with an electric, you may need an amplifier. The electric guitar isn’t very loud on its own, so to get the full experience you need additional equipment.

Along with an amplifier, you will need cables, maybe even a speaker cabinet. So if you do decide to start with an electric, make sure to keep this in mind. You don’t want to find out later on that you’re not motivated because you don’t also have an amp to go along with the guitar.

8. Which Acoustic Guitar Should I Buy?

An acoustic guitar is also perfect to start with and might be more common. Some people are intimidated by the electric guitar. There is a lot more to it, and this is realized just by looking at it.

If you go into a music store as a beginner, do you feel like the electric guitar is intimidating? It can be for this very reason that most people start with an acoustic.

The acoustic is also louder on its own and can be lighter and easier to move around. As a beginner, it’s quite convenient to just grab the acoustic and play. It’s also easiest to move to a different room when your parents or spouse can’t take any more of your playing!

Maybe you enjoy the neck size of a steel string, but like the sound of nylon. You can always put nylon strings on it if that is more of your style.

9. Try Before You Buy

Depending on where you live, it is also possible to try a few out. Every city will have a music store with both electric and acoustic guitars on hand.

They primarily keep them there to draw you in to buy strings! But it’s also the perfect excuse to go in and play on some very expensive as well as cheap instruments.

Feel them out, and try many types and sizes until you begin to realize what you like more. Feel the necks, and see how well your hand wraps around the different shapes.

If this instrument is going to take you to the next level as a player, it’s best that it fits you well. We should also mention, buying a guitar online is also an option that has its benefits too.

10. What Guitar Should I Buy Next?

Are you a guitarist who has been at it for a few years but need inspiration? Let’s say you have had your instrument for many years, and it just doesn’t do it anymore. In this case, it’s important to consider where you are at as a player and where you want to be.

Maybe it’s time to move from a 6 string to a 7. But perhaps tuning a 7-string guitar is putting you off?

If you’re in a slump and have been for a while, you need to refresh your desire to play and grow. There is no better way than a new guitar. But if you do go this route, you need to make sure you’re getting the right one.

Don’t just jump into any guitar, explore the type of music you’re into now. Maybe that has changed, and your instrument type will need to also.

what guitar should i buy

What Guitar Should I Buy Quiz

Quiz yourself to find out what type of guitar you should buy. It’s easy to figure it out when you ponder on what you like.

What Kind of Music Do You like?

  • A. Metal
  • B. Classical
  • C. Rock
  • D. Country

If you selected A or C, you should consider an electric guitar.

Selecting B would mean you should consider a nylon string acoustic.

A selection of D may require a steel string acoustic.

What Hand Do You Write With?

  • A. Right Hand
  • B. Left Hand

Guitars are made for both right and left-handed players. Make sure to find out what suits you best. You do not want to get this wrong and find out later after you started with the opposite hand.

Where Do You Live?

  • A. House Alone
  • B. Apartment
  • C. Barn In A Field
  • D. House With Parents

Learning on an amplified electric guitar may not work for everyone.

If you chose A or C, you should get an electric guitar.

Maybe you chose B or D, in which case you may want to consider an acoustic.

Coke Or Pepsi?

  • A. Coke
  • B. Pepsi

If you chose A or B, you should just be careful of how much of this stuff you drink. I know a guitar player gets thirsty, but it’s no good for you.

What Sounds Do You Like?

  • A. Loud
  • B. Soft
  • C. Warm
  • D. All

If you chose A or D, you should consider an electric guitar. Maybe you chose B, and a steel string acoustic is best. Or a Nylon or classic acoustic if you chose C.


Add some more questions to the list that are more personal to you. What do you like and dislike about sound or music? If you buy an electric guitar and loud noise bothers you, then you will not get far.

If you buy a steel string acoustic but like classical music then you might be disappointed. It’s very important to first consider what you like before selecting a guitar.

Unless of course you have been at it for 20 years and know exactly what you want. In this case, the only thing holding you back might be your spouse!

Whatever it is, a new guitar is a thrill when it fits you like a glove. Good luck with your choice, we know it will be a good one!

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