Where Are PRS Guitars Made?

When you’re looking for a guitar that is known for its great tone and professional feel, you might consider a PRS.

There are many artists who have come to love them because of their playability. Which might make you wonder, where are PRS guitars made? 

Some PRS guitar lines are made in Maryland, USA, and have been since the company’s inception in 1985. But surprisingly, not all PRS guitars are made in the United States. In fact, some of them are made in Korea, China, and Indonesia.

PRS’s lower-priced models are built in Korea and Indonesia. But if you want one of their more expensive guitars, they’re made in the United States.

There are also SE acoustic guitars made specifically in China. These are less expensive due to lower production costs.

Where are PRS Guitars Made?

Every guitar manufacturer uses multiple factories. This is to keep a wide range of price points for all types of players.

Sometimes this means the factories are in different countries. In the table below, you will see where PRS guitars are made, all around the globe.

CountryFactoryGuitar Models
USAMaryland Core, CE, S2, Private Stock
KoreaWorld MusicSE Custom
IndonesiaCor-TekSE Standard
ChinaCor-TekSE Acoustics

PRS Guitar Models

PRS offers different models to players of all different budgets. You can find a great quality PRS guitar this way. But they are not all made the same and do have some differences. Let’s explore each series and what sets them apart.

  • Core Series: These are the main attraction when it comes to PRS guitars. They are high-quality guitars made with some of the best components. You can consider them to be a premium offering.
  • S2: The S2 series are made in the same factory as the core guitars. They are also great quality but have cheaper parts. You get a USA made guitar that is slightly under what you would pay for a core series instrument.
  • SE: These are the student edition guitars. They are designed to be the lower priced version made for budget conscious players. They are made overseas.
  • CE: This line features bolt on neck guitars. They also consist of some signature series models.
  • Private Stock: These guitars are very expensive. They are the highest quality PRS makes and are custom orders.

Does It Matter Where PRS Guitars are Made?

The guitar quality can indeed vary according to where it was made, I think we all understand this.

American-made guitars are often of a higher standard compared to those made overseas.

But that’s not to say that you can’t find great guitars made outside the USA. PRS is a great example of a company that consistently produces amazing guitars! No matter where they’re manufactured.

It’s true that USA guitars are considered to be of higher quality. But that doesn’t mean that factories in Asia aren’t producing excellent instruments. All PRS guitars have the highest quality possible for their price.

About The PRS Factory In The USA

The PRS factory is not just a place where instruments and amplifiers are made. It’s a place where skilled craftsmen work hard every day to create these amazing products.

When you tour the factory, you will get to see these artisans in action. You can learn what drives them to do such incredible work.

You will see the entire process of creating a guitar or amplifier. Right from start to finish, and get an inside look at how PRS workers take pride in their work.

You will be able to see each and every detail of PRS instruments and how they are made when you come on the tour.

In the PRS factory, you will have a great time exploring the West Street East store and a museum room. It’s full of apparel, components, and equipment.

Take full benefit from the factory by having the chance to play some of their guitars from the archives.

This is a tour worth taking if you are able to do so, especially if you already love PRS guitars.

Where are PRS Core Guitars Made?

PRS Core guitars are manufactured in the Stevensville, Maryland, factory. These top-of-the-line instruments cost more than other guitars which are made overseas. This is because of the quality materials and workmanship that go into making each one.

Core series models have more variety of finishes than lower-level designs. It gives each guitar a unique appearance.

For example, the Core Custom 24 has a wide range of finishes to choose from. Including Black Gold Burst and Eriza Verde.

There is no country of origin displayed on the headstock of PRS Core guitars. Instead, there is only a serial number. The serial number is an excellent way for you to keep track of your instrument if you are the buyer or player.

PRS Custom 24

Where are PRS SE Guitars Made?

If you want to get a guitar that is both affordable and high-quality, then you need to check out a PRS SE model. All of these models are designed with affordability in mind. You don’t have to worry about draining your bank account just to get a good sound.

The SE range of PRS guitars is designed for students, with the SE standing for Student Edition. They are made in South Korea and Indonesia to keep manufacturing expenses low.

South Korean guitars are constructed by World Instrument Music Corporation. But are checked in the United States before they are sent to dealers and stores.

In 2019, PRS built a factory in Indonesia to produce their exclusive SE series. The factory is based out of Surabaya.

PRS produces guitars with precision with the help of Cor-Tek Musical Instrument Company.

The benefits of the partnership between PRS and Cor-Tek have allowed them to increase efficiency and focus on just the SE series of guitars. One of the newer and more popular guitars is the PRS SE Custom 24-08.

Where are PRS Private Stock Guitars Made?

PRS Private Stock guitars are custom-made in America. Done by professional builders with the highest quality standards. You can find these guitars for around $10,000, but prices may be higher for more special models.

From 100 different finishes to hardware configurations! These guitars are designed to your liking.

There are far more options with private stock guitars than anything you might find in a showroom. If you have ever dreamt about it, chances are they can make it, but it will cost you.

You can explore all the options on their website. Or, request customization through their customer service team.

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Where are PRS Acoustic Guitars Made?

PRS acoustic guitar

Most players are not aware, but PRS also makes acoustic guitars. Their electrics are so popular, it’s all that players talk about. But the PRS acoustic guitars are also very good quality and play nice. They are the only guitar that PRS has made in China.

The SE line of acoustics are made by Cor-Tek in their Chinese factory. This company is also known as Cort and makes great guitars.

They have factories in many places in the world and know what they are doing. It also helps companies keep their prices down, which benefits the consumer.

The Private Stock line of acoustic guitars is made by PRS in their Maryland factory. So you have two options when it comes to these guitars. Each with a different level of quality.

Where are PRS S2 Guitars Made?

PRS S2 guitars provide high-end sound at an affordable price. While still maintaining the professional feel you would expect. It is after all a costly brand-name product! The S2 guitar is a second-line model of the main PRS factory.

In the initial stage, PRS introduced the S2 series with the aim of building USA-made guitars. They would cost less compared to their Core models, but would still offer great quality.

For example, the PRS S2 Custom 24 guitar costs about half of what you’ll pay for the Core version. However, both guitar lines are made in PRS’ Maryland factory. Using similar woods and construction techniques.

What’s the Reason for the Price Difference?

The answer lies in the pickups and hardware. The Core series of guitars use American-made pickups. While the S2 models use pickups that are imported. This helps to keep the cost of the S2 models guitars significantly lower than the Core series.

They also import the hardware for the S2 guitars from overseas, which helps to keep prices much lower.

We would suggest that if you have the opportunity to play the guitars from both lines in person, you should do so. This will give you a much better idea of the improvements. It will help you to differentiate between the two model lines.

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Differences Between PRS Core and SE Models

PRS core and SE models

Now you know where the multiple PRS models are made. But you might be wondering how different they really are.

The price for a guitar made in the USA is much greater than one crafted overseas, but what is different? In the picture above, the Core is on the left. And the SE is on the right.

One of the first things you will notice is the body contours. The PRS Core models have more contours around the body edges. It makes them more sleek and comfortable.

The SE models, on the other hand, don’t have the same contours. This would require more time and effort, which would mean a higher cost.

The same is to be said about the volume and tone knobs. If you look closely, you will see that the Core models have them set into the body, whereas the SE does not.

Then you have hardware differences like the bridge and pickups. These are clearly different between the two models.

You would also notice the tone is much better on the Core model. The pickups and electronics are of higher quality. But this is why the Core models are more expensive.

Most players will tell you that the Core models also feel different from the SE versions when played. This is indeed true and is what I have experienced as well.


PRS guitars are made in the USA, Korea, China, and Indonesia. If you’re looking for a premium guitar, PRS American-made models will be the perfect choice for you.

But if you’re on a budget, the SE series of guitars offer great quality at a fraction of the cost. It’s because these guitars are manufactured in Asian countries like Korea and Indonesia.

They are popular among musicians for their quality construction and playability. Whether you’re researching for your initial guitar or an upgrade, PRS should be at the top of your list.


Where is PRS SE 245 made?

The PRS SE 245 is manufactured in Korea by World Instrument Music Corporation.

Where is the PRS silver sky SE made?

The PRS SE Silver Sky guitar is manufactured in Indonesia. This is done by highly experienced workers at Cor-Tek Musical Instruments Company.

Which PRS guitars are made in the USA?

PRS makes the Core, CE, S2, and Private Stock guitar lines in their Maryland USA factory.

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