Yamaha A3M Review

Yamaha A3M Overview

The Yamaha A3M is a traditional western body acoustic guitar utilizing Yamaha’s acoustic analysis technology. These improvements in their scalloped bracing designs have created a powerfully bold new sound in the A series line of guitars. With the addition of their SRT2 pick up system, Yamaha has provided players with a work horse of a guitar!

Hows your sound these days? A bit bored with your current guitar? The Yamaha A3M will add some new life to your sessions!

Yamaha A3M Features

Lets take a look at some of the key features of the Yamaha A3M Acoustic guitar.



Yamaha A3M Body

This popular dreadnought style body has a very warm yet rich tone as a result of the solid spruce top and mahogany back and sides.

The new scalloped bracing adds rigidity to the spruce top providing a full and present performance.

The traditional western body cutaway gives the acoustic a classic look, but its the A.R.E. (Yamaha's high heat treatment) that gives this guitar its beautiful aged color.

On the back side the mahogany and binding look great and are finished to perfection. The back and sides on the A3M, made also from mahogany, also contribute to the thick overtones of this guitar.

Yamaha A3M Review

Yamaha A3M Neck and Headstock

The neck on the A3M is made of mahogany with a straight taper. The fret board is rose wood with hand rolled edges, 20 frets and a 25.5 inch scale length.

The neck has great string spacing and a nut width of 1.7 inches. This makes for a very comfortable and easy to play guitar especially with the standard diameter neck shape.

The headstock on the A3M is the signature Yamaha looking headstock that is found on most of their guitars.

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Yamaha A3M Review

Yamaha A3M Hardware

The Yamaha A3M uses an Urea nut and saddle as well as PVC bridge pins as stock parts on this guitar.

The chrome plated tuners were smooth and functioned without any tightness. They held tune well and did not let up when we truly dug in and played hard.

The A3M also comes with Yamaha's own S.R.T.2 (Studio Response Technology) system, which is a combination of a piezo pickup and a microphone.

The pre amp is controlled with a master volume control as well as a 3 band EQ (Treble, middle and bass).

Yamaha A3M Review

Yamaha A3M Sound

The A3M is an amazing sounding acoustic! The guitar being a solid wood guitar, and pretty well throughout, has that well balanced rich tone to it.
But its very bold and has amazing sound projection which is still very articulate thanks to the solid spruce top.

The SRT2 electronic system really captures the rich sound of the acoustic well and is very dynamic.

The EQ responds great providing a good range in control. It just might be one of the best pick up systems we have heard in this price point.

Yamaha A3M Feel

Its a great feeling acoustic for sure! The action was nice, the guitar almost feels like an electric and is easy to play all the way up the neck thanks as well to the cut away.

The string spacing and neck thickness were right on, its definitely easy to play. Its easy to give the Yamaha A3M a good review when it feels like this.

Yamaha At NAMM

Yamaha can be found at NAMM each year and always brings some great guitars among other things. I always enjoy visiting their booth to see what they have cooking.

I find that the A series guitars are always a big hit and its no wonder.

One of the reasons we choose the A3M to be part of our recommended guitars is because they are a hit with players! So if you are a beginner, rest assured this is one great guitar!

Conclusion And Final Thoughts


With so many acoustic guitars under $1000 it can be tough to find something that is exciting and new. The Yamaha A3M is on the higher side of the price range but for good reason!

This guitar is really impressive and will bring you an exceptional experience whether at home or on stage, heck even recording you will be golden utilizing the electronic system.

Yamaha is a well known builder and has many years of making great guitars. Their A series brings the goods and tells of their experience in manufacturing!

This is another one of those guitars that is hard to put down. It sings when you strum and barks when you really dig in!

The spruce top and mahogany body make a killer combo, Yamaha really created a wonderful acoustic here! If you are upgrading your current guitar, you will be very happy with the A3M for years to come.

If you own some very expensive acoustics, the A3M will fit in quite well and may even be quite the contender.

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