Best Beginner Electric Guitars | Ultimate Guide 2022

Best Beginner Electric Guitars

When getting started, choosing a guitar as a beginner can be tough. Looking through the lists of the best beginner electric guitars can be overwhelming.

We have gone through many of the newest electric guitars on the market, looking for the ones with the best sounds, control, comfort and performance. Not every electric guitar meets these stringent requirements to land on our list.

There are many models on the market targeted at beginners, but not all are worthy of your hard-earned dollars. Some companies release instruments that are just far too cheap and make learning a poor experience.

But as a beginner, you would not know what to look for and the potential to give up is far greater.

Best Beginner Electric Guitars

Truth is, there are some great guitars that are not expensive, made by experienced manufacturers. These are perfect for someone just getting started.

Best Guitars for a Beginner

Let’s take a look at what we feel are the best electric guitars for a beginner. These models have been selected based on a few variables that we feel are important.

  • Build Quality
  • Sound And Feel
  • Manufacturer
  • Availability
  • Price

Fender Player Series Stratocaster

Fender player Series Stratocaster

It’s a well-known fact that the Strat is one of today’s most popular electric guitars, and there are good reasons why. The Player Series makes it even more incredible by being able to offer versatility without sacrificing comfort or playability, which few other instruments can match!

In addition, it is priced so well for a beginner electric guitar. You’ll be getting an excellent instrument when compared with the competition! This means your money will go twice as far, making extras like amps and cables possible when getting started.

Because of the alder body, this guitar is lightweight. The maple neck and fingerboard will not only last you for years to come, but also have that classic look everyone loves!

The gloss finish on this guitar will have you looking and feeling like a true rock star. With several colors available, from vintage black, 3-color sunburst and tide pool orange, there’s sure to be one for every player’s desire!

Fender Player Series Telecaster

Fender player Series telecaster

Telecasters are an excellent choice for new guitarists because they’re easy to learn and play. They are light on the bells-and whistles of other models, which makes them perfect if you want your gear in one place with limited features but still tons of sound potential!

The simplicity also means that any amp or pedal will be able to take advantage of fully extending its possibilities without feeling overwhelmed by extra options. Just turn up the volume dial when things get too quiet around here and experience the potential of a telecaster!

The alder wood used in the construction of this guitar provides it with durability and lightness. The neck is fashioned from maple, while an option for Pau Ferro fretboards gives you more choice when determining how your instrument will feel.

With its wide variety of finishes, the Telecaster model from Fender’s Player Series offers players everything they need. There are classic colors like Butterscotch Blonde and Sunburst as well as modern colors like Sonic Red or Polar White that are simply breathtaking!

Schecter Omen Elite 6

Schecter Omen Elite 6

This is a great beginners metal guitar! Loaded with two humbucker pickups, volume and tone controls and a super slim neck, it is ready for high performance. If you like a throaty overdrive sound and great clean tone, this is the one.

Yamaha Pacifica 112V

Yamaha Pacifica

Yamaha has been a household name in the music industry for years now, and they’ve yet to disappoint with their guitars.

The Pacifica 112V is one such example, it’s not only affordable, but also features high-quality craftsmanship at a beginner-friendly price point. This guitar will have you up on stage playing your favorite tunes before you know it!

This is a great guitar for those who want something that will last. Made from solid wood and able to take some wear-and tear, this instrument has everything you’re looking for in your first guitar, with great sounding single coil pickups!

Ibanez Artcore AS53

Ibanez Artcore AS53

The Ibanez Artcore AS53 is a great choice for those looking to buy their first semi-hollow body electric guitar. It offers good craftsmanship and sound, although a bit on the heavy side, but not enough to take it out of the running.

The rich tone will ensure that you get plenty of sustain no matter what kind of music style it’s being used For.

The Ibanez Artcore AS53 features a body made from Sapele wood, with a Mahogany neck. This unique combination provides for an incredibly detailed yet well-balanced tone when played by itself or through a rig. It also features a wood center block to eliminate any feedback, this design is known for.

Ibanez RG450DX RG Series 

Ibanez RG450DX RG Series

Ibanez is a company famous for its electric guitar manufacturing. The quality of instrument you’re getting in the RG450DX makes it one-of-a kind, and suitable as a first guitar for beginners. The single coil pickup among the humbuckers gives you incredible versatility with the flick of a switch!

It has a mahogany wood body finished in a deep blue that looks stunning. It is comfortable and easy to hold, and all the controls are in a good position, so they can be used very quickly.

This guitar is perfect for players who like rock and heavy metal. The sound quality and aesthetics make it worth the money, so if you’re looking into this instrument, be sure not miss out on Ibanez’s reputation as a high-quality brand!

Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster 50s

best electric guitars under $500

The Telecaster is a great place to start and is a Swiss Army knife of a guitar. Squier gets you some good quality and is a great fit for country, blues and rock.

Squier Classic Vibe Stratocaster 50s

best electric guitars under $500

Another awesome Squier product is the Stratocaster. The Squier Classic Vibe 50s Stratocaster is the perfect guitar for beginners who don’t have $500 or more to spend on their first electric. It has a great neck and shape, which makes it comfortable while you’re learning how to play up-and down your fretboard.

The single coil pickups and controls will provide you with exceptional sounds from one of the best beginner electric guitars!

This is a guitar that’s available in many colors, including Vintage sunburst and Fiesta Red. It has an old-school tinted neck to make playing more comfortable due to it being finished with gloss. This will provide you great playability no matter where you go up or down your fingerboard!


best electric guitars under $500

ESP makes some great guitars, if you’re looking for a more rock to metal, you can’t go wrong here. It is shaped like a traditional rock machine and has a great mid-range for heavier music. It also does clean tone really nice as well.

The thin neck, punchy tone and master volume will help you get some serious versatility out of this guitar.

Schecter Omen Extreme 6

Schecter Omen Extreme 6

Inspired by heavier metal music? Then the Omen Extreme 6 by Schecter is your guitar! This is a battle ready axe and will be perfect to learn on.

Best Beginner Electric Guitar Packages

If you are looking for the best beginner electric guitar but prefer a package that includes an amp and accessories, there are many available. This can make your experience much easier. There are many companies that have created electric guitar packages to help people get the instrument they need.

While researching a new hobby is part of the experience, it doesn’t have to be difficult. And with a great package, it is very easy to get the best beginner electric guitar. Here are a few packages we suggest that offer the best instrument for your hard-earned dollars!

LyxPro 36 Inch Electric Guitar and Kit 

This is an excellent starter package that includes a 3/4 size electric guitar that is of decent quality. It plays good for a cheaper guitar and sound great in this little amp. The package comes with all the accessories a beginner will need to get started.

It is a slightly smaller guitar and is aimed more at kids and anyone under 5 feet tall. The two humbucker pickups sound good and offer a full range of tone. It is the perfect kit to try out the guitar for the first year.

Rogue Rocketeer Electric Guitar Pack

This pack comes with the Rogue rocketeer electric guitar, an amplifier, cable, gig bag and all the accessories you will need. This kit will allow you to jump in and start playing!

It is a budget guitar and so will sound a bit thin through the stock pickups, but it has good playability, a nice body shape with double cutaways and feels good in the hands.

The guitar’s sound can be improved with some higher quality pickups, but this is more of a first guitar in which a person will see if they like the instrument or not. It is priced just right for this, which is why we recommend it, as it does sound good.

Is The Electric Guitar Best For Beginners?

Perhaps you have considered this, maybe not. But what is better to start with, an electric guitar or another type?

There are things to consider. First, what style of music do you like? The guitar can cover a lot of different genres of music. But, other types have their strengths as well.

Fender Guitar

Electric Guitar If You Like The Music Styles

The electric guitar can be a great choice for a beginner. Many experienced players started with one and have never looked back!

The electric platform can be an exciting place to get started! And, depending on who your guitar heroes are, will also keep you motivated to learn what they play. But there are things to consider when looking at starting with this type.

These things are no big deal, but may add extra cost.

There are a few different types of guitars available. Some of them have a solid piece of wood for a body.

If you are looking at an electric like this, then it is important to know that it will not be very loud when you play. Every strum will result in a quiet, almost lifeless sound.

You see, a guitar like this is made to be plugged into an amplifier for the rich, full-bodied sound it can produce! This will add extra cost as an amplifier is now needed to get there.

There are other electrics made with a hollow or semi hollow body. This type of design will amplify the strings without the need for an amp.

And so these things are important to consider. But don’t worry, we are going to look into this a bit deeper to help you understand what this means.

Choosing an Electric Guitar For Beginners

There are many types of electric guitars on the market! Every type is designed to provide different sounds and have different options. This allows musicians to get the right model for their modern needs.

The type of music that you feel you want to start with will also play a big role in the type of guitar you will select. So I think it is probably important to go ahead and look at the anatomy and parts of an electric guitar.

This will give you an idea of what will best fit your musical genre, as well as give you the tools you will need to get started.

Anatomy of an Electric Guitar

best electric guitar for beginners

Electric Guitar Body Types

ESP LTD EC-256 Guitar

Solid Body Electric Type

The solid body electric is more widely used in metal, rock and pop music.

It is essentially a block of wood without any resonating chambers. The benefits of a solid body guitar is that they can be amplified louder without running into feedback issues. There is also a greater amount of sustain produced from the solid body.

These guitars can also be created into any shape as there are no resonating chambers. So custom looks are very easy to obtain.

Extra weight comes along with the solid body, and some are quite heavy.

Semi Hollow Body Guitar

Semi Hollow Electric Type

The semi hollow body guitar is the meet in the middle style. They are quite versatile in the sense that you get some benefits from each solid and hollow. However, you also share some issues.

The hollow body has a bright and punchy sound. However, because of the resonating chamber, you get a warmer tone and a very resonating sound.

Semi hollow bodies tend to be lighter, but can potentially suffer from feedback issues when amplified loudly.

The semi hollow body can also be produced in custom shapes to a degree.

Hollow Body Guitar

Hollow Electric Type

Hollow body guitars are used more with classic music, jazz and produce a more naturally open type sound.

The bodies produce a louder volume when not amplified. However, there can be feedback issues when amplified loudly.

The Hollow body sound is warm and produces plenty of bass. These are beneficial to beginners who may not want to amplify the guitar. The hollow body is a great starter platform as well.

Sustain from the hollow body will be less than that of the solid or semi hollow guitars, but depending on what you are playing, that can be overlooked.

Electric Guitar Body Wood Types

Electric guitars are made with a few different wood types depending on the desired finish, price point and sound. While it is not really something important to get right when you are beginning, we do want to mention some of them.

Manufacturers do a great job of creating guitars with wood types that they feel add to what they are trying to accomplish. And so leaving that to them is normally best.

Some wood types commonly found in budget solid body electrics are mahogany, alder and poplar. While more expensive guitars might be made with pine, swamp ash and basswood.

However, there is no hard rule to this.

Some tone characteristics you will find with wood types are a consideration manufacturers use when selecting. But for budget guitars this plays a smaller role and wood is selected to keep costs down.

This too is completely fine, because it allows you to get into a great guitar for less! Basswood and alder are a pretty balanced sounding wood type, while swamp ash imparts articulation and presence. Mahogany on the other hand is a warmer sounding wood type.

Electric Guitar Pick-Ups

There are 2 types of pick-ups that you will find on an electric guitar. One type, and the original, is called a single coil pick-up. This is where pick-up technology began and is common for many types of music and sound.

The second type is called a Humbucker pick-up. This type was created to eliminate noise that the single coil pick-ups produced, but also gives a hotter output. Let’s take a closer look at the two types.

Single Coil Guitar Pickup

Single Coil

The single coil was the very first type of pickup. The tone from a single coil is bright and cutting. Telecaster pick-ups for example provide it the vintage style twang players have come to love, while the Stratocaster is warmer and has a punchier tone depending on the selector settings. 

There are many version and tone options on the market. Single coil pick-ups are noisy, however, and allow buzz and hum to be amplified. Newer single coil technology has solved the noise problem but are not simply wound wire and magnets at that point, but sound great nonetheless!

Humbucker PickUps


The humbucker pick-ups were invented in 1955 and introduced to the world by Gibson. The aim was to “buck” the “hum” of single coils, and worked great!

This also provided the world with higher output pickups that were warmer and richer!

As time went by, the humbucker then provided rock music with its voice and is responsible for most of the great guitar sound we know and love today.

How Much Should a Beginner Really Know?

We have covered a lot of different parts of the electric guitar. And while there is much more to know, for a beginner,  knowing what we have covered here today is plenty good!

You see, the parts we have covered will give you a better idea of the guitar you should choose, which is the next step. It will all come down to the type of music you will want to start with.

We have and will release plenty more guides for you so that you can keep learning, but for now, let’s cover a few common questions.

Budget For Best Beginner Electric Guitars

One of the main things we see with beginners is that cost is one of the main deciding factors when selecting a guitar. And while setting a budget is crucial to anything you purchase, there are considerations to make.

Some new players set a very low budget or jump at the cheapest guitar they find.

This usually leads to a very poor initial experience with the instrument. It’s very hard to continue on with something like learning the guitar if the instrument is very poor in quality.

Learning takes time and commitment, but it’s very hard to apply yourself if the instrument does not excite you. Buying a cheap used guitar and putting fishing string on it to save money will not keep you excited. Trust me!

And yes, this does happen with some new players. But there is no happy ending for players because they give up due to a poor experience with the instrument.

So we would encourage you to set a realistic budget that will provide a guitar that will excite you! This will give you the best experience and keep you committed to learning and progressing as a player!


There are so many things that need to be realized and learned as you get started. Even before picking up the guitar to get started! We hope this guide has brought you some value if you are getting started. Learning the guitar is a journey and can be a blast.

It will challenge you and give you a new love for sound and music. You will go far when using one of these best electric guitars for beginners!

We will continue to assist you in your journey. Just let us know what kind of material you would like to see from this community. And we wish you luck and great licks as you start learning to play the guitar!

Music Notes For Electric Guitar

Best Beginner Electric Guitar FAQs

What Should My Budget Be?

This question has many answers. First, how much can you afford to spend? If budget is not a concern, then go for something that excites you! There are many expensive electric guitars on the market made by amazing manufacturers well up to 1000 dollars.

They will have incredible sound and feel, plus the hardware will be rock solid. And depending on the guitar, it will hold its value for years to come.

If budget is a concern, then we would recommend going as high as you possibly can. The more money you can invest into the electric guitar, the better the experience you will have.

This is very important because your inspiration will come partly from the electric guitar. If the instrument is poor in quality, it’s hard to commit to learning.

So if you are serious about learning how to play the guitar, do yourself a favor and invest the most you can into your instrument. You will thank yourself down the road.

Do You Need an Amplifier?

This question is very much dependent on the budget you have when starting out. While the electric guitar sound is obtained with an amplifier, you can still play without one.

The electric guitar can still be heard, especially if you have chosen a hollow body or semi-hollow body.

The solid body however will be much quieter, but you can get going with learning the neck and notes, maybe even some chords.

If you are able to buy yourself an amplifier to get started, then we would very much encourage it. This will give you more control over how you are playing and give you better tone to stay encouraged.

Staying motivated with good tone can help you learn better technique. Playing without an amplifier can foster some bad habits, and so try and prevent it. Even if it means you have to get a cheaper guitar to include an amp in your purchase.

Best Guitar Brand For Beginners

There is a lot of information to take in!  We tried to keep this best beginner electric guitars guide as comprehensive as we could while still easy to read. But it can still be a tough choice when starting out.

So depending on your genre of music, or the music you want to start with, here is a list to help, it not a rule, simply a suggestion.

  • Ibanez is good for Rock (Hard and Classic), Metal, Blues, jazz. The Ibanez is very versatile and can basically do all types of music, which is why it is in the #1 spot of our list.
  • Telecaster is good for Blues, jazz, Funk, R&B/Soul, rock. The Telecaster is a pretty versatile guitar and can probably pull off some hard rock depending on what is requires as well.
  • Stratocaster is good for Blues, Jazz, Folk, Pop, Punk, Rock. The Stratocaster has many strengths, very versatile!
  • ESP LTD is good for Rock (Hard and Classic), Metal, Blues. The ESP LTD is very similar to the Ibanez, but with higher output pick-ups.
  • Omen Extreme is good for Rock (Hard and Classic), Metal, Blues. The Omen Extreme is designed for harder music. The added coil tap can also do single coil tones and adds versatility,

How Do I Pick My First Electric Guitar?

With all the different types and models in can be difficult to pick your first electric guitar. But we always recommend that you first do some research and make a plan.

In this plan, you will want to figure out why you want to learn. Once you have this, then decide on the music you want to play and which electric guitar type is best.

You want to make sure the guitar you choose will best fit the music style you want to play. If it cannot, there is a chance you will become bored and quit. So give yourself the best chance at success and make sure it will keep you interested in matching your favorite artist or music.

Which Electric Guitar is Easiest to Play?

When it comes to an electric guitar, they are all pretty much the same in terms of play ability. A hollow body might be a bit harder to play because of the larger shape, but it is still quite easy. We do recommend a stratocaster size body as they are quite comfortable.

Epiphone, PRS and ESP are also great guitars to get started on as they are quite comfortable. Just make sure it matches your music style!