Pedal Chain Order: Optimal Effects Guide

Pedal Chain Order

The arrangement of guitar effect pedals in a signal chain is more than a mere sequence; it’s a strategic decision that significantly influences the final sound produced. The order in which these pedals are placed can either enhance or diminish the clarity and quality of the tone. Understanding the principles behind pedal chain order is … Read more

Overdrive Vs Distortion: How are they Different?

Overdrive Vs Distortion

In the realm of music, effects are instrumental in molding and amplifying the sound of the guitar. Overdrive and distortion stand out as two of the most discussed effects, each with its own set of characteristics that influence the guitar’s tone. This Killer Rig article will unpack the intricacies of both overdrive and distortion, exploring … Read more

How To Connect Effects Pedals To An Amp

How To Connect Effects Pedals To An Amp

Learning how to connect effects pedals to an amplifier is a crucial process for musicians seeking to enhance their sound. This Killer Rig article provides a comprehensive guide on how to seamlessly connect effects pedals to an amp, ensuring optimal performance and sound quality. Effects pedals have evolved significantly over the years. Especially with advancements … Read more

Wah Pedal Inductors: Is One Better Than The Rest?

Wah Pedal Inductors

Wah pedal inductors are a crucial aspect that contributes to the device’s unique sound characteristics. These components play a significant role in shaping the frequency response of the pedal, allowing guitarists to achieve the distinct wah effect. By altering the inductance value, players can manipulate the sweep range and intensity of the effect, resulting in … Read more

Vox Vs Crybaby Wah: Which One Is Best?

Vox vs Crybaby wah pedals

Vox and Crybaby Wah are both well-known pedals that have been used by countless guitarists throughout the years. Each pedal has its own unique characteristics and sound, making them suitable for different musical styles and preferences. But which one is better? Vox Wah pedals are known for their smooth and vintage tone. They offer a … Read more