Does Guitar Center Ship Safely? | 2022

Guitar Center Shipping Guitar Center is one of the biggest retailers in the US both online and brick and mortar. Many musicians buy from them online every year. This means that anything bought online will normally need to be shipped. But does Guitar Center ship safely? Guitar Center normally ships new equipment in the original … Read more

Guitar Center Trade In Program 2022

Whether you are selling a car, lawn mower or guitar, you will always make more by selling it yourself privately. The idea of doing this scares some people as interaction with “tire kickers” can be draining. Normally when you decide to sell something like a guitar, you want to move it quickly. Cash in hand … Read more

4 Cable Method | Ultimate Guide With Diagrams 2022

With the incredible technology that is offered by musical instrument manufacturers comes the need for optimal connectivity of all these devices. Our ability to find great tone as guitar players is at an all time high with all the processors, pedals and amplifiers. But having them all connected correctly has also become more complicated. This … Read more