About Us At Killer Rig

Killer Rig was created to be a community for musicians. Sharing experiences with musical instruments, gear, and learning technique and theory. There are so many options when it comes to equipment and so much to know that it can be hard to find what you are looking for.

Building a community where all this can be brought together in one place. This can do nothing but good things for the people who are a part of it. We want to explore music with others so that we can learn too! It’s a win-win for everyone.

Currently, Killer Rig is a two-person crew. Striving to provide the best reviews on new gear. Information for growth as a player, and tips and tricks to get the best quality out of what you are trying to do. Be it maintenance or learning new licks.

We are musicians and gear nerds that love to use the newest stuff on the market. Technology continues to bring better musical products, and lots of them! We are fortunate enough to be a part of the music industry where we can get close to new gear and manufacturers.

Attending shows like NAMM is something we do annually! We understand that many cannot. So we have decided to create this site to help others who are searching for information.


At Killer Rig, our mission is to inspire and equip guitar and music enthusiasts with the knowledge and tools to elevate their craft. Through unbiased reviews and in-depth technical information. We strive to empower musicians of all skill levels to unlock their full potential and create the best possible sound.

Meet The Team

Don East – Chief Editor

Don East.

I have been a musician for somewhere around 20 years now. My passion for music and creating it eventually took me into the guitar and instrument industry. This is also where I created many products as a designer for a few companies. Electronics was a passion as well as music. And so as an electronics engineer, I was able to bring them together and get involved with designing new products.

I love what I do! But I also love sharing what I know with others who are as passionate as I am. And because I am involved in the musical product manufacturing world. I can bring information to those who are not. But I’m also able to learn from others as well, to improve my own abilities.

Killer Rig is where I can do this. To be able to collaborate with other musicians and create an online community. Sharing our opinions on gear, and teaching others who are getting started. This just makes sense to me. So I hope you come along for the ride and can take away some great knowledge and a Killer Rig!

Favorite music genre: Metal, hard rock and alternative.

You can find me on social media platforms like:

Tim Greenwood – Contributor

Tim Greenwood.

My love for music started at an early age. Listening to bands that changed my generation inspired me to play an instrument. Guitar was where it all began for me and lead me to play in many bands as I worked on growing as a musician.

Eventually, I began building a studio and got into recording. Whether it was my project or another! My love for music was evident in every project I took on. Since then, I have learned to play other instruments and continue to hone my skills.

Being a part of a community has helped me to improve as a musician. So getting involved with Killer Rig was a great opportunity. It will allow me to give back and be a part of something great that will benefit us all as it continues to grow. I’m very excited to be a part of this and can’t wait to see where it takes us!

Favorite music genre: Jazz, blues and classic rock.

Articles Written From Expertise

We take great pride in creating high-quality, informative content for our readers.

We draw on our knowledge and experience as musicians. This helps us to provide insights and perspectives that are uniquely our own. Whether we’re discussing the latest gear trends or sharing tips for improving technique. Maybe even exploring the history of guitar music! We strive to offer valuable information that is both engaging and informative.

If there is something we are not sure about, we start by thoroughly researching our topic. Gathering information from a variety of reliable sources. Including industry experts and reputable publications. We then carefully analyze and synthesize this information. Then distill it into clear, concise language that our readers can easily understand.

Our goal is to help our readers deepen their understanding of musical instruments. While also fostering a sense of community among other enthusiasts worldwide. We hope that our content inspires and informs you. And we welcome your feedback and suggestions as we continue to grow and evolve over time.

Reviews Created By Personal Experience

Electric Guitar.

A good review covers all bases. Great tone or sound, durability, functionality, feedback and so much more! Putting together a review that is as objectionable as possible. This takes focus and an understanding of what others like as well.

For us, we know what we like when it comes to gear and tone. With all the different kinds of products out there, we try to be as picky as possible in order to find the gems in the bunch.

To be different from other sites that just throw up reviews, we try and test the gear personally. We also reach out to other players for more information. If the product is junk, we don’t give it the time of day, and neither should you.

We are independent, there are no shareholders to drive us to sell products to anyone. We do this for the love of all thing’s music, as we are musicians at heart. It is all about passion, not profits!

We spend hours testing gear in many situations, from live to recording. Each piece of gear gets inspected for build quality, sound, durability, and comfort. Among many other things.

And we love every moment of it!

How We Finance the Website

Doing reviews on new gear can be expensive. We are lucky enough to have relationships with some musicians. Even manufacturers will lend us gear from time to time. But a majority of reviews are done by purchasing the gear to use for ourselves.

This usually nets us a loss when the reviews are done. We then need to sell the gear to buy more to review. So we try and recoup some cost by recommending the products on the Amazon or Guitar Center Marketplaces. These are called affiliate links.

When our audience clicks an affiliate link to Amazon or another store found on our website. And then buys the gear we recommend, we get a small commission as a way to say thanks. This doesn’t mean the price of the gear is higher for you. No, it’s the same price. It just means we got a small part, and this helps us to break even and buy more gear.

It’s a win-win for both you who benefited from the review, and for us as well, as we were able to provide the review! And we didn’t go broke trying to provide it! So, we want to thank you for your support. We will continue to bring the best reviews and information we can!

If you like, you can read about our affiliate disclosure here.

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