Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners 2022 Guide

Best Acoustic Guitars For Beginners

The decision to learn how to play guitar is usually sparked by a few different things. Its either watching someone play amazing licks, a need for a new hobby, and even sometimes just a parent suggesting a child learn an instrument.

In most cases, the first instrument you consider might be really cheap and far from the best acoustic guitars for beginners!

The fear is usually that you may not go very far with it and quit! In this case you don’t want to then be stuck with an expensive guitar, right? While logically this makes sense, the reality is, the cheaper and beat up it is, the less inspiring it will be to pick up and keep trying to learn on.

Seagull S6 Review - Acoustic Guitar

If the tone is lifeless, the action way too high and the body simply uncomfortable, why would you want to keep learning to play? I mean at this point in your mind, playing guitar is kind of boring, maybe rather painful and just sounds bad. Why would anyone want to do that?

Lets look at things from another angle and get started on the right foot!

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Is Budget the Only Factor In Selecting a Guitar?

Luckily in this day and age, we have a rather large selection of entry-level acoustics made by some of the worlds top manufacturers that solves this dilemma. I would suggest that when it comes to selecting your first acoustic, you keep the budget closer to the bottom of the list. If you are seriously thinking of learning how to play the guitar of course.

Obviously budget is a deciding factor, just don’t make it the main one. Otherwise your chances of really getting started might be squashed before you even really get going! In this article, we have put together some information that we hope brings you value and makes selecting a guitar a bit easier. There are many acoustic guitars on the market that are absolutely incredible for the money.

Acoustics that will offer you a great experience in tone, feel, and play ability. They will provide you an opportunity to get you to the next level as you learn to play. And all while being inspired to do so! So don’t jump at the first cheap acoustic you see. Spend some time doing some research and choose a guitar that you feel will fit you well.

On that note, lets explore the concept of beginning to play the guitar, there are a few things you should probably consider first.

Is Acoustic or Electric Guitar Better for Beginners?

This is a question that comes up quite a bit, and one that deserves some attention as we get started. There is a rather big difference between learning to play on an electric guitar versus an acoustic. You see, either of the two can get you started. Its where you end up that could be the deciding factor between continuing and calling it quits!

best electric guitars under $500

Acoustic Vs Electric Guitar

An electric guitar, while being an excellent option, comes with a few extra bells and whistles which is great! I mean who wouldn’t want to start with some huge amplified over driven tone with some great effects and play amazing solos into the night? Well, for one, maybe your neighbors, or parents, or anyone else that might be living in the same building as you are.

The electric guitar is an amazing tool for those who are perhaps intermediate to advanced. But when your just getting started, there is a lot of extra stuff that you will need to figure out. I mean, the guitar itself will need an amp because its a bit too quiet on its own to keep you inspired to play.

Now you will need to find the right amp that isn’t too loud. Imagine what it will sound like being a beginner, and now amplifying that? Yikes!

And that’s not even considering the other variables that come into play. You also have to deal with tone controls, selector switches and the list goes on.
At this point, i think you know what i’m trying to get across to you. Being overwhelmed before you even get started is usually what happens to most people when learning to play on an electric guitar.

Now this isn’t to say that it is impossible to learn on. But its simply something to consider. Many teachers will tell you this as they have first hand experience here. In time, moving to an electric is a given, but if you want to stay motivated to learn, you may want to consider starting on an acoustic!

Yamaha A3M Side KR

Acoustic Guitar

An acoustic guitar, while also being an excellent option, has a few draw backs of its own. For example, the string tension might not be as easy to play as an electric. The strings also might be farther apart. The action on the guitar might also be higher then on an electric and the body a bit bigger.

And while this is all true, i would like to let you know, that it all comes down to the selection of the right guitar for you! And when your a beginner its even more difficult to just jump into any acoustic and get playing!

There are many models on the market today that are all different in so many ways. Body shape, neck size and taper, string gauge and materials and so much more! But the good news is, there is an acoustic guitar that is made for you out there! Now you just need to find it!

And when i say acoustic, i mean a steel string, which you will find in the instruments we recommend later on! Learning how to play on a steel string will take out the overwhelming choices that an electric would present when starting. It really needs to be about keeping it simple, and an acoustic model will offer you this.

All of the best acoustic guitars for beginners will give you an amazing sound. They also provide a body size that best fits you, an easy to play and comfortable neck and the right string action and spacing. These are key elements in keeping you inspired to play for the long haul! Because learning the guitar takes time.

What’s The Best Sounding Acoustic Guitar?

So this one is a bit harder to answer. But this is why we have created a list and guide. You see, each acoustic has something of its own to offer a player. And so there are a lot of variables to consider!

Ultimately, you are the only one who knows this best! And so all we can really do is help you understand. So lets take a look at those instruments so that you can see what they each have to offer. These are some of the best acoustic guitars under 500. Perfect for beginners!

Seagull S6

Seagull S6

This acoustic is an incredible value for a beginner. It has an amazing sound and a very comfortable neck and body. It is our number 1 choice for anyone getting started because it is an incredible purchase. The quality, play ability and performance you will get from this guitar will keep you inspired to practice. The Seagull S6 is truly an exceptional guitar!

Yamaha FG850

Acoustic Guitars Under $500

The Yamaha FG850 is described as being full, warm and balanced and is another popular well made choice. The dreadnought body is slightly bigger than the S6 but has a great neck! This is another great buy for a beginner because of its great play ability and performance. The lively sound is big bold and fun!

Epiphone Hummingbird Pro

Epiphone Hummingbird pro Acoustic Guitar Review

The Epiphone Hummingbird is another great beginner guitar that also comes loaded with electronics for great bang for the buck! Its sound and build quality and great for the price. Because this acoustic comes with a spick up system, the versatility just can’t be beat!

Taylor GS Mini

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany

The Taylor GS Mini is a smaller body guitar that still retains a bold mid frequency character. The instrument really shines and is made by Taylor. They know how to make amazing acoustic guitars and for the entry price is a great buy for any beginners!

Are Steel or Nylon String Acoustic Guitars Best For Beginners?

For a new comer, the steel and nylon string or classical guitar, sort of get lumped into the same category as simply an acoustic. But there are some rather large differences between the two that should be considered. This choice can also have an impact on your motivation to stay focused on learning and enjoying the process.

Lets look at some of the similarities and differences.

Best Acoustic Guitars for beginners

Classical Nylon String Acoustic Guitar

It is quite possible to learn on a nylon string or classical guitar and some people might prefer it. The sound of a plucked nylon string is very pleasant and warm and for certain types of music. There are many people who have started on a classical and are very talented players as a result. And while you may choose to start on a classical guitar, the purpose of this guide isn’t to tell you not to.

It is to introduce you to the instrument and then allow you to decide if its a good fit for you to get started. The nylon string when plucked, has a large vibration amplitude. As a result of this, more area on the neck is required to prevent one string from hitting another. This means that the width of the neck on a nylon string guitar must be larger.

This extra width will then require the player to extend their reach to accommodate the thicker neck and thus change the technique. For some people this may be fine, especially if smaller hands is not an issue for you. But for others, this extra reach could be the deal breaker.

The classical guitar is a great sounding instrument and should be something that every beginner works their way into with time. The technique required can take you to a whole different level as a player. But as a beginner there is a good chance that starting here will increase the difficulty by 25% and won’t quite fit all genres of music.

And a word of advice, never try and adapt steel strings onto a classical guitar. The tension is much greater and the classical body is not made to handle the extra force.

Best acoustic guitars for beginners

Steel String Acoustic Guitar

The steel string acoustic has some differences from its cousin the nylon.

Some of those differences are a thinner neck and the head stock being a different shape. The steel strings don’t need a larger barrel to wrap around like nylon, and the bridge is different as well. The steel strings are normally mounted to the bridge with pins inserted, where as the nylon are wrapped around and tied. And then of course the obvious difference, steel strings are more metallic sounding versus the warm sound of nylon.

The steel string acoustic with its thinner neck will allow you to lessen your reach. This will also add more comfort and control to make it easier to adapt your motor skills to the requirement of playing the strings. Steel strings will also fit more genres of music allowing you to start with and enjoy learning songs from blues to rock! But again, just make sure to select the right acoustic that will fit you properly!

Best Acoustic Guitars For Music Style

We have explored some of the pros and cons of guitar types for beginners and for us here at Killer Rig. We believe that the steel string acoustic is the best place to start for a beginner.

We believe this because the steel string acoustic covers more music genres than a classical. We are firm believers that you must select a guitar based on the music you like to listen to. If you select a model other than that, you may not stay inspired to continue practicing. This is a primary reason why some people quit playing a few weeks or month after they start.

We want to see you succeed and so make sure to pick the guitar that best matches your favorite music type. If you enjoy classical music, then the nylon strings will be easier on your finger. but you will be getting the sound you love and have a better chance at becoming a great player!

Which brand of acoustic guitar is best?

There are many great companies producing quality units! Our list of top acoustic guitars for beginners are from great brands that you can rely on!

There are obviously many more but lets look at the ones that produce the guitars we recommend for beginners!

Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

Seagull guitars are a sub-brand of Godin. They are producing some amazing models in both quality and sound. You can rely on these guitars for great sound, build quality and just over all experience.

Yamaha produces many different instruments. They are a house hold name when it comes to quality instruments and people have come to recognize them for this.

You can rest assured that if you have chosen a Yamaha acoustic guitar, you have chosen quality!

Epiphone is a brand name that carries some weight. The guitars produced by Epiphone are some of the most well known and appreciated in the world!

There are many large artists that stand behind their Epiphone instruments, and you will too!

Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners

Taylor, another house hold name when it comes to guitars! Taylor instruments are considered to be some of the best in the world!

Players from all around aspire to own a Taylor because of their tone and build quality. No best of list would be complete without a Taylor guitar on it! Thankfully, you can get into one even as a beginner!

The Taylor GS Mini is an excellent instrument in a smaller package. But make no mistake, this acoustic has big tone and is one of the best guitars for beginners!

Does Brand Matter?

We believe that brands gain great experience as they continue to design over the years. There are some brands that stand out from the rest because of their quality. And so yes brand matter when selecting a guitar as a beginner. We have found some brands that just aren’t able to produce quality units for cheap. It seems the cheaper they get in price, the worse the quality and components become.

And so it is very important to stick with brands that have proven time and again that they know how to make guitars that last. Not only that, they do it for such a great price, they just can’t be beat!

How Much Should I Pay for a Beginner Guitar?

 What should a good acoustic cost? For a good instrument that is going to give you the best experience when learning to play, the amount you should pay for your first guitar really comes down to what you can afford. Maybe you have 1000 dollars to spend on an acoustic?

Anyone who can afford an acoustic worth $1000 should go and buy that instrument to begin!

No really!

The message we are trying to send is that the quality of your instrument is a key element in learning to play! The better the quality, the greater your experience. 

However, you do not need to spend $1000 on an acoustic to get that experience. If you are only able to spend a few hundred bucks then select a good quality guitar in that price range because they do exist and are plenty! Especially if you are buying online.

Even the DR-100 by Epiphone, a great acoustic for pretty cheap, can give you a great experience for a beginner looking to start.

The list we have compiled consists of acoustic guitars in a price range we feel most players are going to appreciate! While the list keeps things affordable it also provides a quality that will provide a great experience.

One thing we would suggest, is that no matter who you buy your guitar from, make sure that you are also offered great support!

It is very important that the guitar is set up correctly, you want to make sure you are beginning with the instrument at its best right from the start.

And should something go wrong, you will have a tech available to repair it quickly!

Where Should I Buy An Acoustic Guitar?

There are a number of great places to find quality acoustic guitars. Whether you are planning to buy online or in store, there are plenty of options. If you are planning to buy online, we recommend buying instruments from these retailer.

  • Amazon
  • Sweetwater
  • Guitar Center
  • Reverb

We recommend these online retailers because they have great customer service and even better shipping. Its important to find a retailer that will stand behind the product, just in case something goes wrong. This is why we love using Amazon, they will always make it right! Guitar Center and Reverb can be quite handy as they also sell used gear. And so sometimes you can find a great deal in a gently used guitar!

Acoustic Guitar Sizes

In our list of top acoustic guitars, we have a few different body sizes available that may fit you better then any of the others. The most common body shape found today in an acoustic is a dreadnought. This shape has dimensions of 20 inches long, 4.75 inches deep and 15 inches lower body width.

It is a standard because of the tonal characteristics it offers but also because this guitar body fits a majority of people including some children. Then there are others like the Seagull S6 that is designed to be a bit different then a regular size dreadnought. The S6 comes in at 19.8 inches long, 4.9 inches deep and a 15.8 lower body. The S6 might fit a person a bit differently but still offers the same great tonal characteristics to compensate for the smaller length.

While 2 inches doesn’t seem like much, once you have tried each model under your arm, it might feel like a lot! Our recommended guitar body shapes for most players would be the dreadnought.

This body shape will fit most players even young adults and some older children. While for younger children, the GS Mini guitar by Taylor might be a better option.

This guitar has a body shape modeled after their Grand Symphony style. It is a smaller package coming in at 17.6 inches in length, 14.4 in width and 4.45 in depth.

This instrument, while being great for travel, is also perfect for small children.

For another great guide on this, please see our article where we really dig in to acoustic guitar sizes here!

Should I Teach Myself to Play the Guitar?

One of the things about the internet is that knowledge is as easy as right at our fingertips, and it is wonderful! There are many websites that offer information that can help get people started.

And while it is possible to learn to play on your own, it is also very beneficial to get the help of a good instructor.

While a lot of the information you find online can give you a rough idea of where to start, it leaves the potential to miss key techniques that can be very helpful to learn in the early stages.

There are many guitar players who have taught themselves to play, perhaps because they were not sure if lessons are worth it?. But one of the many things we hear from players who did, is that they missed out on things that would have helped them in later years.

Experienced instructors and well built programs have the ability to give you new challenges as you progress. They are fabricated in an order that is designed to keep you learning key techniques that are very beneficial later on.

Guitar Teacher For Beginners

If your really only interested in learning a few chords and playing some of your favorite songs, then you can normally get going with a few good blog posts or videos online.

But if your interested in learning how to play, then a good instructor or well built program is really the best way to get going. This will deliver you more value as you begin your journey with big results down the road.

Every town or city normally has plenty of music schools that can provide an exceptional instructor. This will not only give you great information and training, but also a feel for the music that rubs off on the student.

We suggest you search your area for an instructor and at least give it a try if you budget allows it.

Guitar Program Online For Beginners

If you can’t find a good music school in your area or just can’t get out to meet with a teacher, there are also great online programs. A lot of them can allow you to learn at home, or even on the road if you travel frequently for business. This can offer you more flexibility to learn on your time as it permits.

In this case we have used a few programs ourselves that we feel are incredibly well built that can give you this comfort of learning from home.

Thousands of other players who have used these programs sing high praises towards the quality of the instruction.

And for the cost of some of these programs, its normally not worth the hassle and difficulty of trying to piece it together yourself.

Final Thoughts on Our Best Acoustic Guitars for Beginners Guide

Learning to play the guitar is difficult when you begin, there are many things that can be overwhelming at the start for sure!

But we encourage you to keep going, as it is one of the most rewarding experiences and a hobby that will bring you much joy. Playing music is also a great way to have fun, unwind, de-stress and so much more.

It also comes with some great opportunities to connect with fellow players, form bands, even sometimes great careers and so much more! It will enrich your life with a challenge that is also really good for the brain!

And so we hope you were able to find some value and encouragement from our guide that will help you to kick start your journey into learning to play the guitar!

We will continue to add more information on our site to help you along the way. So be sure to bookmark or follow us on social media.