5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 2022

Top 5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

For those that have a bit more money in the budget for steel string, there are some beautiful instruments now available to you! There is a reason that we feel these are the best acoustic guitars under $1000!

Rock solid design, build quality, hardware and tone, just to name a few, will improve the over all experience for those that can afford them.

While the guitars in this price range are not deemed high end by everyone, this is still a rather large purchase and is still an upgrade over models in a lower price range.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

The extra money, especially for a player with a bit more experience, will add value that you normally wont find in cheaper acoustic guitars, especially when it comes to electronics and over all sound.

In each of our trips to the NAMM show each year, the acoustic guitars available continue to get better and the amount available make it very hard to choose just one.

Generally the manufacturers are truly masters in their craft, but there are a few that will stick out a bit more than the others. These are the ones that we take note of and are obviously pleasantly surprised when we find them.

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5 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 Top Picks

This article will present to you the top 5 best acoustic guitars under $1000 that we feel are the best value for your hard earned dollars! We have only considered the ones that are also easy to obtain so that actually finding one is certainly not difficult.

This has produced a list of acoustic guitars that are made by well known builders for the most part, and will hold their value over the years.

This way you can get them easily and still get your investment back should you want to upgrade down the road.

Lets take a look at what we feel are the top 5 models!

If $1000 is a bit too expensive, please also see our review of the top 5 acoustic guitars for under $500.

Taylor 214ce

Taylor 214ce Acoustic

Taylor Warranty: 2 years

The Taylor 214ce acoustic guitar is another amazing product by Taylor! Comfortable, versatile and sounds great! Tons of bang for the buck!

The 214ce acoustic guitar by Taylor has a sitka spruce top and layered koa sides and back that is crafted to deliver a clear and balanced tonal response. The sapele neck features an Ebony fingerboard with a 25.5 inch scale length.

The guitar has a gloss finish, a Venetian cutaway and a built in ES2 “behind the saddle” electronic system.This is the real deal and is one of the most popular models in this price range and for very good reason. Its full bodied sound, solid feel and comfort put this instrument in our top spot!


  • Premium grade materials
  • Full, well balanced sound
  • Easy to play
  • Great sounding electronic system
  • Fantastic set of strings come stock
  • Perfect for many styles of playing


  • Guitar might require a set up right out of the box

Martin DX1AE

Martin Warranty: Limited Lifetime

You read that right! A Martin for under a grand can be yours in the DX1AE dreadnought acoustic with Fishman pickup! Sweet sounding guitar!

Martin’s DX1AE is a dreadnought body style acoustic with a solid sitka spruce top that produces a rich, dynamic sound that Martin is known for.

To make this acoustic obtainable in the under $1000 dollar price range, Martin has produced the guitar with their mahogany grained high pressure laminate (HPL) back and sides.

The guitar comes with Fishman electronics and a non-cutaway body.You will truly be amazed at the tone this acoustic model can create!


  • Build quality and hardware
  • HPL material makes the guitar lighter
  • Tone is very close to solid wood Martin acoustics
  • High Quality Fishman electronics
  • Designed by an experienced and well known brand


  • Some may not appreciate the HPL material over solid wood
  • The action may come slightly higher out of the box and will need a set up

Yamaha A3M

Yamaha A3M Side KR

Yamaha Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Yamaha has really knocked it out of the park with this completely solid body guitar with an incredible pick up system! Sounds great!

The Yamaha A3M is a dreadnought style guitar with cutaway made from solid wood throughout. The top is made of solid sitka spruce and the sides and back are made from solid mahogany which produce full, warm and truly rich tone that needs to be heard and felt to be truly understood.

The A3M has a mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard and a 23.65 inch scale that is very easy to play.The acoustic also comes equipped with Yamaha’s own Studio Response Technology (S.R.T.) for electronics that truly captures the amazing sound of this guitar!


  • Premium materials
  • Solid wood throughout
  • Excellent sound projection and beautiful tone
  • Cut away in the body
  • Quality built in electronics


  • Can’t say we found anything really…

Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500MCE

Epiphone masterbilt Acoustic

Epiphone Warranty: Limited Lifetime

The Epiphone Masterbilt DR-500-MCE is another acoustic built completely with solid wood and is one solid choice!

The Epiphone Masterbilt DR500-MCE has a solid sitka spruce top as well as solid mahogany sides and back that produces a tone that will impress even the more experienced players.

This solid wood guitar features a mahogany neck with a 25.5 inch scale length and a bone nut and saddle.The Masterbilt DR-500MCE comes with a built in pick up system that includes adjustable controls via the upper boat.The cutting edge electronics are very good and are very easy to use.


  • Premium materials
  • Amazing sound quality
  • Solid wood throughout
  • Great neck, easy to play


  • Some have needed to have the guitar set up out of the box

Taylor GS Mini -e Koa

Taylor GS Mini Koa

Taylor Warranty: 2 years

The Taylor GS Mini-e Koa is an excellent guitar in a smaller package. But make no mistake, this acoustic has big tone!

The Mini-e Koa has a Hawaiian Koa top and layered Koa body woods that really add a shimmer to the top end frequencies. We loved the GS Mini with the mahogany top in the smaller price bracket but this guitar is a step up from that and worth the extra money believe me!

The Mini-e Koa, being smaller in size still packs a nice punch and just creates beautiful tone!One of the really nice features with the Mini-e is that it also comes with a pickup/preamp combo which sounds great and also includes a built in tuner.


  • Build Materials and Hardware
  • Warm, Woody tone with strong middle frequencies and packs a punch
  • Easy to play
  • Looks and feels great
  • Smaller size makes it easy to travel with


  • Because of its size, it doesnt sound like a full size guitar

Our Acoustic Selection Process

There are literally hundreds of different acoustic guitars on the market for under $1000! Not to mention the ones we reviewed in our under $500 article! With all the great models available, but we wanted to keep our top picks down to a smaller list because its difficult enough with just 5.

This of course allowed us to spend a greater amount of time playing them, testing them and finding their quirks.

Additionally we wanted to see what others were saying about our favorites to make sure we did not miss anything that someone else may have experienced. In the end, we were able to come to the conclusion that we did with out top 5.

Tone, feel, hardware materials and finishes among many other things were considered.

We also made sure that they could be upgraded should you want to do that sort of thing, however, we do not believe any of the acoustics we have selected would need such a thing.

All of our picks are from manufacturers who have years of experience in this industry, but we also wanted to make sure that the quality was consistent from one guitar to the next.

What Should You Look for When Selecting an Acoustic

If you are a beginner looking for your first acoustic, chances are you don’t really know what you should look for to best fit you. In that case, we have a guide for you here!

There are a lot of things to consider that may make it easier to get use to playing a guitar.

The size of the guitar, the shape of the body, the width of the neck and of course price are all things to consider when beginning your journey into learning to play.

If the guitar isn’t comfortable, won’t stay in tune or sound good, chances are you will not be inspired to play and continue learning, so try not to jump at the first model you find.

We would encourage you to dive deep into our full reviews of the acoustics we have reviewed here to really learn more about what they have to offer and which one will be right for you.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 Final Thoughts

All of the guitars in our list are quality acoustics and the craftsmanship and experienced design shows. No matter which guitar you decide to choose, you will not be disappointed with the sound or build quality at this price point.

While there are more expensive acoustics available all worth every penny you pay for them, the under $1000 crowd will still put a smile on your face each and every time you strum them.

While we had to give each guitar a rating and a number on our list, each one of them would be amazing to own as they each had their own strengths and amazing qualities.

But if only one can really be chosen, then it would have to be the Taylor 214ce. Why? Its just got everything you would ever want in an acoustic just done slightly better than the rest, but enough to take the top spot!

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