11 Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000 | 2022

For those that have a bit more money in their budget for an acoustic guitar, there are some beautiful instruments now available to you! There are many reasons that we feel these are the best acoustic guitars under $1000!

Rock solid design, great build quality, good hardware and awesome tone, just to name a few. This will improve the over all experience for those that can afford these guitars.

While the guitars in this price range are not deemed high end by everyone, this is still a rather large purchase and is still an upgrade over models in a lower price ranges.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

Best Acoustic Guitars Under $1000

In each of our trips to the NAMM show each year, the acoustic guitars manufacturers continue to get better and the number of instruments available make it very hard to choose just one.

Generally, the manufacturers are truly masters in their craft, but there are a few that will stick out a bit more than the others. These are the ones that we take note of and are obviously pleasantly surprised when we find them.

Best Acoustic Guitars Under 1000: Top Picks

This article will present to you the best acoustic guitars under $1000 that we feel are great value for money! We have only considered the ones that are easy to obtain, so that actually finding one is certainly not difficult.

This has produced a list of acoustic guitars that are made by well known builders for the most part, and will hold their value over the years.

This way you can get them easily and still get your investment back should you want to upgrade down the road.

Let’s take a look at what we feel are the top models!

Ovation Mod TX 2078TX-5

Ovation Mod TX 2078TX-5

Ovation has been making some great acoustic guitars and the 2078TX-5 is no exception. This deep contour style provides a crisp, clear sound with great definition and exceptional play performance.


This particular body style is called a deep contour. It features scalloped bracing and a solid Sitka spruce top which delivers a balanced, crisp sound with good volume projection. The multi-port sound holes not only look beautiful, but they also contribute to the high-performance sound with minimal feedback.

The beautiful black finish is even more wonderful in person, giving the guitar a high-quality look. It is comfortable to hold and features a cut-away, which was helpful when working on the upper frets.


The maple neck on this guitar features a Pau Ferro fretboard and 22 frets. It is very comfortable and easy to play, as it is more like an electric style neck than an acoustic. The action was set just right and the strings were very easy to press on. It was a perfect fit for my hands and easy to play. I really enjoyed the neck profile.


Overall, I was very impressed with the sound of this acoustic. The lower bout makes the sound board a bit larger, this seems to project the sound better, making it feel quite full. The sound is very articulate, clear and dynamic, providing a very enjoyable experience.

When testing out the guitar electronics, I used the Fender Acoustasonic 90 amplifier set somewhat bright with a bit of reverb. The Mod TX sounded very nice through the amp with the built-in pickup. The guitar itself has a built-in EQ and level controls that worked very well and adjusted the sounds as good as the amp could.


  • High Quality Materials
  • Beautiful Sounds
  • Built In Electronics
  • Easy to play neck
  • Comfortable
  • Cut-away


  • A few players have had issues with the electronics

Mod TX 2078TX-5 Final Verdict

This is an excellent option if you are in the market for an acoustic. The comfort and playability is exceptional. The electronics were also wonderful, the pickup system is lush and brilliant. The built-in tuner and EQ were also a very handy option to have. I found the tuner to be very accurate, which was nice for an acoustic guitar at this price point.

The EQ system was also very responsive and had a large range of adjustment. This is great to have right on the guitar so that simple adjustments can be made quickly. You don’t have to walk back to your amp to make them.

This is probably one of the better options in this price range, and we highly recommend this acoustic guitar! Compared to the others we tested, it was comfortable and very versatile.

Taylor 214ce

Taylor 214ce Acoustic

Taylor Guitar Warranty: 2 years

The 214ce acoustic guitar is another amazing product by Taylor! Comfortable, versatile and sounds great! Tons of bang for the buck!

The 214ce acoustic guitar by Taylor has a sitka spruce top and layered koa sides and back that is crafted to deliver a clear and balanced tonal response. The sapele neck features an Ebony fingerboard with a 25.5 inch scale length.

The guitar has a gloss finish, a Venetian cutaway and a built-in ES2 “behind the saddle” electronic system. This is the real deal and is one of the most popular models in this price range, and for very good reason.


This is a popular guitar because of the sound it makes. Taylor is known for great acoustics, and this is no exception. The sound when not amplified is full, loud and rich. Each strum is a rewarding experience as it resonates under your arm.

To test the electronics, I used a Fender Blues Jr. amplifier set clean and chimey, no effects and moderate in volume. I was pleasantly surprised by the sound of the pickups in this guitar. They capture the natural sound of the acoustic very well.


  • Premium grade materials
  • Full, well-balanced sound
  • Easy to play
  • Great sounding electronic system
  • Fantastic set of strings come stock
  • Perfect for many styles of playing


  • Guitar might require a set up right out of the box


This is a wonderful guitar and lives up to the hype. The tone control on the guitar provides a wide range of control and the electronics are great. I do wish that it came with a tuner, as that would have been the only thing I feel it is missing compared to some other guitars on the market.

But overall, it has everything else and was a real treat to be able to test out. The cutaway was nice and allowed access to the upper frets, which was very helpful. Because the guitar sounds and plays so well, it’s nice to be able to use more of the fretboard.

Yamaha A3M

Yamaha A3M

Yamaha Warranty: Limited Lifetime

Next up is the A3M! Yamaha has really knocked it out of the park with this completely solid body guitar with an incredible pickup system! Sounds great!

The Yamaha A3M is a dreadnought style guitar with cutaway made from solid wood throughout. The top is made of solid sitka spruce and the sides and back are made from solid mahogany which produce a full, warm and truly rich tone that needs to be heard and felt to be truly understood.

The A3M has a mahogany neck with a rosewood fingerboard and a 23.65 inch scale that is very easy to play. The acoustic also comes equipped with Yamaha’s own Studio Response Technology (S.R.T.) for electronics that truly captures the amazing sound of this guitar!


For this test, I found the Fender Blues Jr. amplifier was a great combo with the A3M. It was a nice, warm, but articulate sound when dialed in just right. The electronics on the A3M are great! They come with an EQ built in, but also the ability to switch between the pickup and a built-in preamp.

The amount of different sounds from these controls was quite amazing. It also has a feedback reduction control, which is great depending on the type of room you are performing in.

When not plugged in, this acoustic guitar has a bold, strong voice to it that is remarkable for this body style.


  • Premium materials
  • Solid wood throughout
  • Excellent sound projection and beautiful tone
  • Cut away in the body
  • Quality built in electronics


  • Can’t say we found anything, really.


The Yamaha A3M acoustic guitar is quite amazing for this price point. Not only does it sound great, have awesome controls, but it also feels nice. The neck and body style are a great fit and make this guitar very comfortable.

It’s a great deal and should really be considered if you are looking for an acoustic guitar.

Martin GPC-X2E

martin gpc-x2e

The Martin GPC is a popular acoustic electric guitar made from Macassar wood that produces a deep, dark tone with good presence and plenty of volume. It rivals a good deal of great acoustics on the market.


The GPC-X2E comes with a grand performance body shape made with a sapele top and HPL macassar wood for the back and sides. The combination of wood and size produces a tone that is deep, dark and loud but does not create any piercing treble or high frequencies. This is also accomplished with the scalloped X-bracing that Martin uses for their sound boards.

The guitar just looks great with the natural wood grain finished top. The back and sides are also very nice and add to the appeal of the acoustic guitar. The body also features a cutaway to access the upper frets with ease.


The neck on this guitar is called a performing artist series profile and is quite slim, making it easy to play and rest in your hand. The finish on the neck is very smooth and easy to move your hand along. It’s a hand rubbed finish instead of a sticky gloss.

The neck is made from select hardwoods, depending on what is available at the time, but is primarily laminates. It’s truly a great neck to play and very easy, so long jam sessions won’t tire you out. I really liked this neck a lot, as it felt great in my hand.


I’ve played a large range of Martins in my time and have to say I was very impressed with the sound of this guitar. Personally I like deep, balanced and very present acoustic tones and this guitar nailed it for me. Every strum was incredibly musical and had a great natural response across the frequency spectrum.

The guitar is also equipped with the very simple but stunning Fishman MX electronic system. This system is great at amplifying the natural airiness of the guitar’s tone. I enjoyed using it through a PA system that we have in the studio, as it captured the natural tone of the acoustic. This is one of my favorite electric acoustic guitars on this list.


  • Martin Quality
  • Naturally brilliant sound
  • Sapele Top
  • Easy To Play neck
  • Macassar wood
  • Fishman Pickup System


  • Black pickguard instead of the faux tortoise because of supply chain issues.


Martin has been making guitars for longer than most. They are professional acoustic guitar builders that know how to provide great quality even at lower price tiers. This is one of my favorite guitars under a grand, as I find the tone to be so well-balanced.

And to consider that it also comes with built-in electronics from Fishman just sweetens the deal. This might be that new acoustic guitar you are looking for.

Fender Paramount PM-1

Fender Paramount PM-1

Fender has knocked it out of the park with the Paramount PM-1 acoustic guitar. It is an awesome offering with electronics, great sound and quality craftsmanship and materials.


The top on the PM-1 is solid sitka spruce and mahogany back and sides, which give it a very rich and warm sound. However, the top end is still very articulate and pleasing to the ear. This is a dreadnought body shape which projects a good amount of volume and is still comfortable to play.

The checkerboard purfling is a really nice touch around the top of the guitar’s body. It really pops in the right light, giving the guitar a real vintage look, I really like this feature.


The neck is made from mahogany and is a 25.3″ scale length with 20 frets. It is a “C” style neck, and very easy and comfortable to play on this acoustic guitar. The nut is made from bone which is of very good quality, and the inlays are Pearl dot.

It is an easy neck to play, most C style necks are preferred, but this felt great, and the action was perfect, making the strings very easy to press.


The sound from this guitar is very rich, warm and brilliant with a great volume projection. Each strum rewards you with a very pleasing tone. The neck is easy to play and so the feel and sound work so well together to provide a great experience. This is a dream beginner guitar which also includes electronics to make it an even sweeter deal!

The Piezo pickup in this guitar sounds pretty good. I prefer the Ovation MOD TX electronics more than the PM-1 but by no means was it bad. I tested it through the Fender Acoustasonic 90 and was pleased. It does come very close to the MOD TX, but didn’t have as much fullness.


  • Quality guitar
  • Brilliant sound
  • Solid sitka spruce Top
  • Comfortable neck
  • Easy to play
  • Electronics – tuner, tone controls


  • Some finish imperfections, but nothing severe.


Fender isn’t known for acoustic guitars like they are for electric products, but this Paramount PM-1 is a real gem! It’s got a great sound and awesome feel, easy to play and comes with electronics. For the price, it’s really hard to find anything wrong.

The tuner is accurate and easy to use, and the control help dial in a good tone that you are sure to enjoy. I did!

Martin Road Series D-10E

Martin Guitar Road Series D-10E

Martin makes some of the best acoustic guitars in the world. The D-10E is no exception and a wonderful sounding guitar.


The body on the D-10E is made from layered sapele throughout, and it looks beautiful. Not only that, but the dreadnought body style then gives it a rich, warm, open sound with plenty of volume projection. This is a wonderful model and no surprise here as it is a martin guitar after all.


The high performance taper neck is just so easy to play and very comfortable. It has a 25.4″ scale length, 20 frets and features a solid mortise and tenon neck joint for rigid construction. It also features a Richlite fretboard and beautiful pearl inlays.


The thing about Martin guitars is that they are all made to provide superior sound and performance. The D-10E lives up to the high calling. It has a very big, warm yet versatile sound that is incredibly enjoyable with every strum. It also comes with built-in electronics which also sound great, which makes this a very versatile guitar.

The electronics ion this guitar sound very good. They do a wonderful job at picking up the fullness of the acoustic. When run through my Fender Acoustasonic 90 amplifier, I found that it was easy to dial in a great sound. I would suspect that if you have an amp with good controls, you will have an easy time yourself.


  • Dreadnought guitar body
  • Balanced sound
  • Sapele throughout
  • high performance neck
  • Fun to play
  • Electronics included


  • Laminate made throughout, which isn’t necessarily bad

Final Verdict

Dreadnought guitars are a pretty common body style. This acoustic guitar wouldn’t be the same without it, which is why Martin may have chosen this design. The sound and performance makes it one of the best acoustic guitars on the market and worth considering.

If you do decide to purchase this guitar, I do suggest that you keep the environment at the right humidity. This wood type may crack if it gets too dry.

KLOS Carbon Fiber Travel Acoustic

KLOS Carbon Fiber travel Acoustic

This was a fun review to do as the guitar is pretty unique in almost every way, but great sound. The KLOS acoustic is a carbon fiber build with a detachable neck made to take with you while you travel, or just be super convenient to store.


Even though carbon fiber is becoming more popular, it is still not widely accepted. The benefit, however, is that it can withstand most environments without any need for the right humidity. This allows you to take the guitar anywhere during any season!

So not only is it durable, it also sounds great! But one thing to keep in mind is that carbon fiber has its own sound. It is a bit different from wood where it has more of a thud in the lower frequencies, this carbon fiber model is tighter and clear in the bass. The distinction from notes is more defined, which is a wonderful experience in its own way.


The neck is easy to play and has 14 frets before the body. The interesting thing about this guitar is that the neck is removable. It came with a mini screwdriver that allows you to remove the neck by removing 4 screws to make it more compact for travel. Just make sure to keep the capo on the neck to prevent the strings from unraveling when there is no tension on them.

Otherwise, the neck is slim and easy to play, it is great for small hands and pressing on the strings takes literally no effort.


The interesting thing about carbon fiber is its ability to resonate and project lower frequencies. The guitar overall sounds great, but it is not as warm as an acoustic made from wood. The bass is present but is more of a tighter sound, rather than a warm round tone.

In no way is it bad, but is simply different. The projection and crisp sound it produces is quite stunning. Carbon fiber does have a great tone to it, and the shape and build of the guitar also contributes to this. If you are looking for a great travel acoustic, look no further than durability and wonderful tone!


  • High Durability
  • Full, wide sounds
  • Accessories Included
  • Slim neck
  • Very Comfortable
  • Foldable


  • Bass is not as warm as a wooden model

KLOS Final Verdict

There isn’t a better travel acoustic available. This carbon fiber model is quite wonderful both in sound and durability. Not only that, but it also comes with a wide range of accessories like a gig bag, strap, capo and the necessary tools.

Some other models come with electronics, but the one we received did not. So if you need a bit more volume, I would suggest you look into one of the electro-acoustic models.

If you live in a houseboat or a smaller living space, this guitar can fold down to an easy to store package. This makes it incredibly convenient. The hardware on it is great quality, making it a serious contender in this price range.

However, if you don’t do a lot of traveling and just want a big body acoustic for the best sound, I would suggest you look at one of the other acoustic guitars we have here in our list.

Blueridge Guitars BR-43

Blueridge Guitars BR-43

Blueridge guitars are another great company making solid acoustics. The BR-43 is an exceptional instrument and has a broad, well-rounded sound and is very comfortable and easy to play.


The body is a traditional dreadnought shape and features the tone characteristics that you would expect. The top is made from solid sitka spruce with mahogany back and sides. The natural high gloss finish gives it an excellent look, both front and back. The scalloped bracing gives the instrument strength and an articulate tone.


The neck is made from mahogany and is slim, making it very easy to play. It is attached to the body with a dovetail joint, making it incredible rigid but also very resonant. With a nut width of 1.65 inches, the thin neck is a mix between electric and acoustic, which is a treat. The action was set very well and was easy to press strings on.


The solid sitka top and laminated mahogany sides are a wonderful combination which provides a warm, bold and well projected sound. Every strum was rich and present, nothing was missing. And thanks to the dreadnought size body and slim neck, it feels just as good as it sounds!

I have played some Martin guitars that were very impressive in sound, and this BR-43 comes really close to that. I would imagine the sitka spruce top plays a large role in that, but it was surprising to hear when I first began to play it!


  • Quality Materials
  • Wonderful sound
  • Solid Top
  • Slim neck
  • Easy to play
  • Great feel


  • Doesn’t come with a case

Final Verdict

The Blueridge BR-43 is a great guitar with a full, warm sound and an easy to play neck. There are no electronics, and it does not come with a case, but this should not bother anyone as the price is very fair for the quality of the guitar.

If you are a beginner, this is a great guitar to begin learning on, as it is easy to play and sounds wonderful. It is as though you are playing a Martin without having to pay for one!

Best Budget Acoustic Guitars

Yamaha Storia 1

Yamaha Storia

Yamaha has created a great platform for beginners to obtain quality instruments to help them succeed. The Storia is a well-designed guitar that gives players a great sound.


The body is a concert style design with a solid spruce top and mahogany back. This wood configuration is great for a well-balanced warm sound with good brightness. The body is then finished with semigloss for a great but simple look. It is also very comfortable and easy to play.


The Storia comes with a Nato neck material with smooth edges and a comfortable radius. The scale length is around 25 inches and is pretty easy to play. You will find a Urea nut and ivory inlays, which are standard across the Storia line of acoustic guitars.


Overall, the Storia acoustic guitar is a real gem when it comes to sound at this price. The concert style body offers a tight low end and a well-balanced mid-range tone. It shimmers when strummed and is enjoyable to play, but might be a tad bright in some rooms. It is an amazing purchase for a beginner looking for their first acoustic guitar.

There are no electronics, and I would not expect there to be at this price. And so if that is important to you, make sure to find an acoustic that does.


  • Quality Materials
  • Warm balanced sound with strong mid-range.
  • Comfortable and easy to play
  • Great looking guitar
  • Acoustic electric guitar


  • Play ability might be harder than other guitars.

Final Verdict

The Yamaha Storia 1 is a great guitar for someone who is just getting started and wants to try the guitar for the first time. It is decently easy to play and has a balanced tone to it. Yamaha is known for quality guitars, and this is no exception. It is very affordable and is one of the best ways to get started.

A couple of things I did notice is that the strings were a bit higher than a few of the higher priced models. This didn’t really make it hard to play, but it required a bit more effort. I also noticed that in certain rooms, it was more bright than balanced. But this had to do with the room I played it in. And so in rooms with more dampening, it was great.

Best Solid Wood Acoustic Guitars

There are many acoustic guitars on the market that are made from high pressure laminate. This is done to save money and be able to offer quality guitars at great prices. But what if you want a guitar made from solid materials? Do they exist?

Luckily, there are guitars made from solid top woods that are still quite affordable.

Taylor GS Mini Mahogany

Taylor’s GS Mini mahogany is a great choice for anyone on a budget looking for the best acoustic guitar with a solid wood top. Being one of the best brands in the guitar industry, you can count on the quality of a Taylor. It is also one of the best travel guitars because of the size.


The GS Mini mahogany is designed to be a smaller version of the grand symphony body shape. It is made from a solid tropical mahogany, with sapele used for the back and sides. Not only does it look fantastic, but it has a vibrant sound too!

Being a smaller guitar body, the sound is more mid-range focused but warm thanks to the mahogany. It is very easy to play and very comfortable. You may wonder how you ever played a dreadnought guitar once you own this.


The neck is made from sapele with an ebony fretboard. It has a 23.5″ scale length and 20 frets. Because the guitar is smaller, not only does it fit on your lap well, it also has a great neck! It is very easy to play and will fit in even the smallest of hands.


Taylor makes high quality guitars in both craftsmanship and sound. The broad dynamic range of this guitar for the size is quite remarkable. The mahogany is a great choice for a top because it adds the warmth needed because of the smaller size, and it delivers! You can’t go wrong with the sound of this guitar!

Final Verdict

The GS Mini mahogany is a great guitar for those who are seeking a solid wood top. The sound is quite balanced and volume projection is good. There are no onboard electronics, and so any loss of volume from the smaller size cannot be dealt with. However, if you do not gig, then it doesn’t really matter.

It features an impressive build quality and robust sound. It is easy to play and offers a solid wood top. For the price, this is a guitar worth checking out!

Taylor GS Mini Koa

Taylor GS Mini Koa

Taylor Warranty: 2 years

The Taylor GS Mini-e Koa is an excellent guitar in a smaller package. But make no mistake, this acoustic has big tone! When looking for the best acoustic guitar to either learn on or just for the collection, this is a great candidate.

The Mini-e Koa has a solid Hawaiian Koa top and layered Koa body woods that really add a shimmer to the top end frequencies. We loved the GS Mini with the mahogany top in the smaller price bracket, but this guitar is a step up from that and worth the extra money, believe me!

The Mini-e Koa, being smaller, still packs a nice punch and just creates a beautiful tone! One of the nice features with the Mini-e is that it also comes with a pickup/preamp combo which sounds great and also includes a built-in tuner.


  • Build Materials and Hardware
  • Warm, Woody tone with strong middle frequencies and packs a punch
  • Easy to play
  • Looks and feels great
  • Smaller size makes it easy to travel with


  • Because of its size, it doesn’t sound like a full size guitar

Why We Selected These Guitars

There are literally hundreds of, different acoustic guitars on the market for under $1000! With all the great models available, but we wanted to keep our top picks down to a smaller list.

This of course allowed us to spend a greater amount of time playing them, testing them and finding their quirks.

Additionally, we wanted to see what others were saying about our favorites to make sure we did not miss anything that someone else may have experienced. In the end, we were able to come to the conclusion that we did with our top list.

Tone, feel, hardware materials and finishes among many other things were considered.

We also made sure that they could be upgraded should you want to do that sort of thing, however, we do not believe any of the acoustics we have selected would need such a thing.

All of our picks are from manufacturers who have years of experience in this industry, but we also wanted to make sure that the quality was consistent from one guitar to the next.

What Should You Look for When Selecting an Acoustic

If you are a beginner looking for your first acoustic, chances are you don’t really know what you should look for to best fit you. In that case, we have a beginner guide for you here!

There are a lot of things to consider that may make it easier to get use to playing a guitar.

The size of the guitar, the shape of the body, the width of the neck, and of course price are all things to consider when beginning your journey into learning to play.

If the guitar isn’t comfortable, won’t stay in tune, or sound good, chances are you will not be inspired to play and continue learning, so try not to jump at the first model you find.

We would encourage you to dive deep into our pages of the acoustics we have looked at here to learn more about what they have to offer and which one will be right for you.


All the guitars in our list are quality acoustics, and the craftsmanship and experienced design shows. No matter which guitar you decide to choose, you will not be disappointed with the sound or build quality at this price point.

While there are more expensive acoustics available, all worth every penny you pay for them, the under $1000 crowd will still put a smile on your face each and every time you strum them.

While we had to give each guitar a rating and a number on our list, each one of them would be amazing to own as they each had their own strengths and amazing qualities.

But if only one can really be chosen, then it would have to be the Ovation Mod TX 2078TX-5. Why? It’s just got everything you would ever want in an acoustic, just done slightly better than the rest, but enough to take the top spot! Most people who see it at NAMM agree.


What acoustic guitar is easiest to play?

While all the acoustic guitars we have selected are easy to play, some are easier depending on your size. If you are a smaller person, the Taylor GS Mini mahogany will probably be easiest for you to play.

If you are ok with a larger acoustic, then the Fender Paramount PM-1 is a very easy to play acoustic guitar with much to offer and a great sound!

How much is a decent acoustic guitar?

A mid-tier acoustic guitar costs between $500 to $1000. Anything in this price range will normally perform exceptionally well and offer extras like onboard electronics. If you need a guitar that will offer good durability and be easy to play, we suggest you stay to this price point.

Do cheap guitars get better with age?

This depends on the environment that the acoustic guitar is stored in. If the humidity levels are not right, then this can actually damage the acoustic guitar. So if the moisture content in the room is right, and the wood it’s made out of is a good selection, the guitar will get better as it ages.