5881 Vs 6L6: When To Use Each Type

5881 vs 6l6 tubes

There are a lot of different types of vacuum tubes out there. But the 5881 and 6l6 are two of the most popular that come up a lot. They both come from the same family of tubes and are only different in some minor ways. But when it comes to the 5881 vs 6l6, what … Read more

Guitar Amp Noise Troubleshooting: Buzz, Hum, Pop and Hiss

Guitar Amp Noise Troubleshooting

There is nothing worse than unwanted noise. Especially when it’s being amplified through your electric guitar rig. Whether it’s a hum, buzz, or popping, it can interrupt a great session or practice. Not all noises will require a technician to fix. A good number of them can normally be resolved with simple troubleshooting techniques. This … Read more

Guitar Center Price Match Guarantee

Guitar Center is the largest musical instrument retailer in the United States that is trusted by many musicians for their gear. They focus on the satisfaction of their customers and offer many programs that keep them competitive with their competition. With 294 stores in the nation and a powerful online presence, it’s best to know … Read more