6 Best Amps For Fender Stratocaster Guitars 

The Fender Stratocaster is a guitar used by musicians for decades and can be heard on some iconic records. But their sound must be paired with the right amp to get the desired tone. Not all amplifiers are created equal, some are better with a Stratocaster than others. Each player will also have a different … Read more

Marshall vs Blackstar Amps: Which One Should You Choose?

Marshall amplifiers are among the most recognizable in the whole world. Beginning as a small builder chasing tone, to becoming a major manufacturer of equipment used by many famous musicians. Blackstar is another British guitar amp maker creating a good reputation in the industry. They are a newcomer when compared to brands like Marshall, but … Read more

Are Vox Amps Good?

Vox is one of the most recognizable brands in guitar amps. Their amps have been used by some of the most legendary artists and bands in history. And even though that is the case, the question still remains, are Vox amps good? The answer is yes! Vox has produced some of the most famous amplifiers … Read more