Vox vs Orange Amps: Which One Is Better?

Vox vs Orange Amps

When it comes to Vox vs Orange amps, which one is on top? You might’ve heard of both brands and are trying to figure out which one is better. Both companies have been a round for a very long time, so we know they make great products. Well, I’m here to help! This Killer Rig … Read more

Fender Vs Orange Amps: Big Tone Shootout

Fender vs Orange Amps

In the world of guitar amplification, there are many brands that make excellent products. They normally focus on certain sounds and functionality to stand out from the rest. But in this Killer Rig article, I will be comparing Fender Vs Orange amps to see how they differ. One will be a better fit for you … Read more

7 Best Amps For Les Paul Guitars

Best amps for Les Paul Guitars

Looking for an amp to go with your Les Paul guitar? You’re in luck and are in the right place! The Les Paul guitar is an icon, known for its rich tones and versatility. But to truly unlock its potential, you need the right amplifier. This Killer Rig article will help you choose the best … Read more