What Is a Bass Guitar? A Comprehensive Introduction

What is a bass guitar?

Have you ever found yourself tapping your foot or nodding your head along to the beat of a song? That infectious rhythm you can’t help but move to is often driven by the unsung hero of the musical world, the bass guitar.  This versatile instrument not only provides the foundation for many popular music genres, … Read more

How to Properly Store Your Guitar: Tips for Acoustic, Electric, and Bass.

Storing a Guitar.

When it comes to storing a guitar, it’s important to take certain precautions. This will ensure its longevity and maintain optimal sound quality. The last thing you want is a damaged instrument due to improper storage. Especially when it’s so easy to learn how to store a guitar! Hard and soft guitar cases, stands and … Read more

Schecter Serial Number and Factory Code Lookup

Schecter serial numbers.

Schecter guitars are known for their high-quality craftsmanship and unique designs. But sometimes it’s also possible to get a forgery. To prevent this, knowing the serial number and what it means can be valuable! This is one great way to determine the age and authenticity of a Schecter guitar. You can verify many things about … Read more