What is a Chromatic Tuner?

Guitar tuners today have become very efficient and accurate. There was a time when they were kind of clunky and not very easy to use. But with the new technology used today  equipped with the ability to tune to even vibrations, it has become very handy and is a must for beginners. But what is … Read more

Can You Put Nylon Strings On a Steel-String Guitar?

There are many reasons why one would want to put nylon strings on a steel-string guitar. Perhaps you like the sound of nylon but don’t want a classical guitar. Maybe you just have a guitar lying around that you want to repurpose. Whatever your reason, we have some answers, tips and suggestions to help you … Read more

How To Remove Sharp Edges From Guitar Frets | 2022

There is nothing more frustrating than having your instrument develop issues. In some cases, there are some issues that just make it downright uncomfortable to play. Sharp guitar frets are one of those things that can’t be ignored because they basically prevent you from playing it altogether. And until you learn how to remove sharp … Read more