16 Best Ukulele Brands: Trusted Buyer’s Guide

Ever heard of a jumping flea? You might be surprised to learn that’s what ‘ukulele’ means in Hawaiian. Quite apt, considering its perky sound. We can trace its roots back to the 19th century, arriving with Portuguese newcomers on Hawaii’s vibrant shores.

Since then, it’s deeply entwined with Hawaiian customs, blooming into a global sensation.

But with a boom in manufacturers, how do you pick your ukulele brand? You don’t want a shoddy ukulele that breaks down or hits the wrong notes, right?

This Killer Rig guide aims to tour the best ukulele brands. It’ll guide you to high-quality, fairly priced options for all experience levels.

Best Ukulele Brands

Picking your ukulele involves several considerations. Naturally, quality comes first! You want a durable instrument made of good stuff. Price matters too, but remember, cheap isn’t always cheerful.

Below are some of ther worlds most popular brands and a bit abut them.

On wrapping up the brands, you might fancy checking different ukulele types here.


Kamaka ukulele.

Kamaka , a big fish in the ukulele world. They’ve been crafting these charming instruments since 1916, earning a reputation for top-notch work and eye-catching designs.

Their instruments are adored by pros and hobbyists alike, with each piece crafted from mahogany, promising a sturdy ukulele. For a premium pick, Kamaka’s worth a shot.


Koaloha ukulele.

Did you know that Koaloha translates to ‘your love’ in Hawaiian? Fitting for a brand that crafts ukuleles known for their radiant, uplifting sound.

Some big names, like Daniel Ho and Herb Ohta Jr., have played Koaloha ukuleles.

Founder Alvin Okami started the company in 1995, and they’ve been handcrafting ukuleles on Oahu Island since then. Crafted with top-tier wood and materials, these instruments reflect a labor of love.


Ohana ukulele.

When it comes to ukuleles, Ohana is a name that gets folks buzzing. What makes them so cool is their high-quality construction, vibrant sound, and prices that don’t hurt your wallet.

Their catalog isn’t short of choices either. Think of any color, style, or player’s level, Ohana’s got something for everyone.

This great brand comes right from the heart of Long Beach, California. So, whatever you need in a ukulele, Ohana’s ready to match it!


Kala ukulele.

Kala surfaced in 2005 with a mission: making ukuleles available to all. Now, they’re a global leader, serving players of all abilities.

Every Kala ukulele showcases skilled craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, promising a memorable playing experience, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned player.


Lanikai ukulele.

Ukuleles have global fans, and Lanikai is among the top creators. Their unique, handcrafted instruments, designed to produce a warm, mellow tone, can fit any music genre. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran, a Lanikai ukulele is a sound choice.


Donner ukulele.

Donner’s been a key player in the ukulele field for over ten years. Their well-built, melodious instruments cater to all, from novices to pros.

Plus, they won’t break the bank! So, if you want a high-quality instrument without a hefty price tag, Don’t overlook Donner.

Find out about all the different ukulele sizes here!


Martin ukulele.

Since the early 1900s, the name “Martin” has echoed through the corridors of music. It’s a name known for crafting guitars and ukuleles of top-notch quality.

A venture of C.F. Martin & Company, these creations didn’t take long to get noticed for their excellent making and the rich sounds they make.

Now, well into our current era, Martin holds its spot at the top. People from all corners of the world recognize its commitment to superior instruments.

Looking for a musical partner to accompany you through the years? You can’t go wrong with a ukulele from Martin.


Lohanu ukulele.

Lohanu might be a fresh face in the world of ukuleles, but it’s swiftly carving out a reputation for creating excellent instruments. They’re choosing solid mahogany for the body and neck of their ukuleles.

Mahogany, it’s more than just a type of wood. It’s the secret to Lohanu’s rich sound that makes strumming chords or plucking melodies an absolute delight.

Their ukuleles are finely crafted, displaying beautiful lines of wood grain, and neat, smooth edges. If you’re building a collection, a Lohanu uke makes for a fantastic pick.


ANueNue might not be the first name that springs to mind when you think of ukuleles, but don’t underestimate this brand.

Originating from Taiwan, ANueNue specializes in crafting instruments that combine traditional ukulele design with modern innovation.

Their ukuleles vary from beginner-friendly models to premium ones, all boasting a warm, balanced tone. If you’re seeking an instrument with specific character, ANueNue could be your perfect match.


Enya, another brand gaining traction in the ukulele community, is committed to making quality instruments accessible. They offer an impressive array of ukuleles.

From their popular Nova U carbon fiber series to their solid wood ukuleles, ensuring a match for every player.

Beyond their affordability, Enya ukuleles are known for durability, innovative designs, and, most importantly, vibrant sound. Give Enya a whirl; you might find your new favorite instrument.


Based in Slovenia, Flight takes your ukulele journey to new heights. This brand excels in crafting beginner and mid-level ukuleles that sound and feel like high-end ones.

Their lineup includes traditional wooden and travel ukuleles, featuring plastic bodies for rugged use. With Flight, you’ll get an instrument that’s not only an excellent performer, but also withstands the rigors of travel.


Brought to you by the creators of Ko’olau, Pono is a brand synonymous with professional-quality ukuleles. Designed in Hawaii and crafted in Java, Pono ukuleles focus on using solid woods for the best sound possible.

Each Pono ukulele undergoes a meticulous inspection process, ensuring you receive an instrument that meets the highest standards. If you’re prepared to invest in your ukulele journey, Pono is a brand worth exploring.


Don’t let the name fool you! Rebel doesn’t rebel against quality or sound. Instead, this brand is rebelling against the notion that great ukuleles have to cost an arm and a leg.

Based in Thailand, Rebel produces ukuleles that exhibit not only exceptional workmanship but also unique aesthetics.

Their ukuleles boast a lively sound and stunning visuals, making them stand out in a crowd. If you’re looking to make a statement with your instrument, Rebel is the way to go.

Oscar Schmidt

Oscar Schmidt ukulele.

With roots back in 1871, Oscar Schmidt has an impressive pedigree. It’s one of those names you don’t forget, respected and trusted in the world of ukuleles.

It’s all about quality and Craftsmanship. They produce instruments that have a personality, from those perfect for beginners to high-end ones that experienced players covet.

So, whether you’re strumming your first notes or have been creating ukulele tunes for years, there’s an Oscar Schmidt waiting for you. A perfect fit to bring your music to life.


Luna ukulele.

The Luna Ukulele strikes the right chord with beginners and experts alike. Their bodies are crafted from exotic wood, lending a warm, rich sound. The neck is usually maple or mahogany, and the fingerboard is typically rosewood or walnut.

Available in four sizes (soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone), Luna Ukulele even offers 6-string and bass ukuleles.

Magic Fluke

Magic fluke ukulele.

Did you know Magic Fluke makes ukuleles that are loved by everyone, beginners to pros alike? They feel as good as they look. Each one has a glossy, smooth finish. It’s a joy to hold, and even more fun to play.

Some of these beauties even come with a secret weapon. Hidden inside them is a special system, a built-in pickup that fills the room when you hook it up to an amp.

Next time you’re hunting for a ukulele that won’t empty your wallet but still performs like a dream, make sure Magic Fluke is on your list.


With a variety of ukulele brands available, each boasting excellent features and benefits, choosing one can be challenging. Consider your budget, playing style, and desired instrument traits.

Beginners might wish to start with a less expensive ukulele, while seasoned players might prefer to spend more money on a better instrument. Whatever route you take, the ideal ukulele is just waiting for you.


How do you know if a ukulele is good quality?

Quality indicators include solid wood construction for the body and neck. Steer clear of laminates or plywood, which compromise the sound quality.

Additionally, the ukulele’s overall construction should be solid, with smooth edges and an even finish. Avoid plastic parts, they’re typically a sign of low quality.

What is the most popular ukulele size?

The soprano ukulele, small and portable, is the top choice, especially for beginners. The concert and tenor sizes, offering a fuller sound than the soprano, are also popular. For a deep, rich sound, consider a baritone, the largest ukulele size.

Which is the best ukulele for beginners?

The best ukulele for beginners tends to be one that balances affordability with quality. The Kala KA-15S Soprano Ukulele is a strong contender due to its solid craftsmanship and reasonable price point.

It has a mahogany body and neck, which provide a warm and well-rounded tone, ideal for beginners. Moreover, its quality strings and tuners ensure a stable tune, which is crucial for beginners trying to train their ears.

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