Do You Need a Pick to Play Ukulele in 2023?

Do you need a pick to play ukulele?

A common question that beginners will often ask is, do you need a pick to play ukulele? Most people don’t use one. If you watch videos of people playing the ukulele, they are most often not using a pick. The answer to this question is no, you do not need a pick to play the … Read more

Can You Play Any Song on The Ukulele? Should You Try?

Can Ukulele Play Any Song?

Can you play any song on the ukulele? This is a pretty typical question from folks who are thinking about learning an instrument. The answer is not simple. First, you must consider how close to the original the sound needs to be. Because the ukulele only has 4 strings, it can be more challenging to … Read more

9 Ukulele Sizes: How To Choose The Right One

Ukulele Sizes.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a ukulele. The size of the instrument is one factor, as they each offer unique tones and playing experiences. There are also various types of ukuleles available on the market. All from Sopranissimo to the much larger contrabass. Not every player will be comfortable with some … Read more

10 Types of Ukuleles: Your Guide to Different Sounds

Types of ukuleles.

The ukulele is a small stringed instrument. It has recently gained more popularity than ever before. Four types of ukuleles that are well known are the soprano, concert, tenor, and baritone. Each type has its unique sound and size. But there are many more types of ukuleles that have yet to be discovered by most … Read more

11 Best Ukulele Brands in 2023

Best ukulele brands.

Ukulele means jumping flea in Hawaiian. A fitting name for an instrument that is known for its cheerful sound. The Ukulele first arrived in Hawaii with Portuguese immigrants in the late 1800s. They have since become an integral part of Hawaiian culture. Today they are even more popular all over the world as they are … Read more