Sound Like Megadeth: Amp Settings and Gear Guide

Megadeth is a very popular metal band with a history that involves some of today’s most famous artists. Dave Mustaine has taken the group to become one of the “big 4” metal bands in the world, alongside others like Metallica and Anthrax. To get a sound like this, you will need the right amp settings … Read more

Sound Like Slayer: Amp Settings and Gear Guide

Slayer is a very well-known metal band that has earned a position in the big 4 alongside Metallica, Megadeth, and Anthrax. Kerry King has a unique playing style that is all his own. To get the same type of sound, you need the right gear and amp settings. In this article, we will be discussing … Read more

Sound Like The Strokes: Amp Settings and Gear

The Strokes are what some would say, the return of a British invasion, but from an all-American angle. Their sound is a garage-rock/post-punk revival that has been lovingly dubbed “The New Rock Revolution”. Their sound is not overly complicated, but still requires the right gear and amplifier settings. In this guide, we’ll show you how … Read more

Sound Like Rammstein: Amp Settings and Gear Guide

Rammstein is an aggressive Industrial Metal band that has one unique sound that has caught the attention of music lovers worldwide. Their guitar tone is biting and thick, but smooth at the same time. As guitarists who like heavier music, this tone is appealing and sought after by many players. In this guide, we will … Read more