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  • 23 Beginner Guitar Mistakes Commonly Made When Starting
    I’m a guitar player and enthusiast. Therefore, I understand the value of starting out by avoiding frequently made beginner guitar mistakes. The purpose of this tutorial is to first make you aware of them. Then, give you comprehensive instructions … Read more
  • Storing A Guitar: How To Properly Protect Your Instruments
    When it comes to storing a guitar, it’s important to take certain precautions. This will ensure its longevity and maintain optimal sound quality. The last thing you want is a damaged instrument due to improper storage. Especially when it’s … Read more
  • Thick vs Thin Guitar Neck: Does It Matter?
    Playing the guitar is an incredibly fulfilling hobby or profession! But choosing the right guitar can be daunting. Especially when it comes to the neck. The neck of a guitar plays a crucial role in how the instrument feels. … Read more
  • ESP Serial Number Decoding: LTD Guitars Included
    ESP is a popular guitar brand. They are known for making some amazing metal guitars. Because of their quality, players collect them, as each one has unique features. But how can you tell where they are made or even … Read more
  • Can Guitar Pickups be Painted?
    Guitar pickups play a crucial role in determining the sound of an instrument. But they can also contribute to its appearance and look. Painting guitar pickups can add a touch of customization and style. This will make it stand … Read more
  • What Is A Guitar Riff and Lick? Complete Technique Guide
    Guitar riffs and licks are foundational elements of modern music. They are a crucial part of any guitar player’s vocabulary. From death metal to modern pop! They have been used to create some of the most memorable tunes in … Read more



We have many great guides that can help you better understand the guitar. They focus on specific parts and accessories. They can be a great way of improving your knowledge, one part at a time!


Our Ukulele guides will help you find the right instrument. There are many ukuleles that produce different sounds. Finding and learning how to use them is very important.


When you have a favorite artist or band, obtaining their sound can be a lot of fun. But there is a lot to know about an amplifier and how it works. Our guides will help you understand and find the right settings.


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