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  • How Many Strings Does A Guitar Have Normally?
    The guitar is an ever-evolving instrument that changes each decade to meet the needs of musicians. Today, guitars come with many string configurations to allow for different playing styles and sounds. But there must be a standard number of … Read more
  • Electric Guitar Pickup Dimensions Guide
    When it comes time to replace your pickups, it’s important to recognize whether your new selection will fit in the body cavity of your guitar. Humbuckers will not fit in the place of a single-coil without proper modifications. In … Read more
  • How To Identify What Pickups Are In Your Guitar
    There are many electric guitar pickups on the market today. This can make it extremely difficult to know what pickups you have in your guitar. But understanding the differences can be very important, as using the wrong type could … Read more
  • Fender vs Epiphone Guitars: Which is Better?
    Fender and Epiphone guitars are classics that have stood the test of time. Both companies created some of the best budget guitars you could ever find, but they greatly differ in music styles, build, and overall design.  Fender guitars … Read more
  • Fender vs PRS Guitars: Which is Better?
    Fender and PRS are two of the most popular guitar brands in the world. Fender has a long history of innovation and quality. PRS hasn’t been around quite as long, but has some great guitar offerings. Ultimately, both have … Read more
  • Fender Vs Gibson: Is One Better Than The Other?
    When it comes to the guitars that have shaped music as we know it, Fender vs Gibson has always been the debate. These are two companies that have provided guitarists with quality instruments for decades, but are very different … Read more



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