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  • 2 Vs 6 Point Tremolo Bridges: Is One Better?
    Welcome to the fascinating world of guitar construction! If you’re an enthusiast like me, you’ve likely come across the terms “2-point” and “6-point” tremolo bridges. These terms can seem a bit technical, and you might be wondering what they … Read more
  • Fender American Vs Mexican Stratocaster: The Real Differences
    In the realm of electric guitars, few names are as iconic as the Fender Stratocaster. Since its inception in 1954, the Sratocaster has been at the forefront of the musical world, crafting soundscapes in countless genres from rock ‘n’ … Read more
  • The Essential Guide to Guitar Straps: A Must-Have Accessory
    Hello there, fellow guitar enthusiasts! If you’re here, it’s likely because you’re on the hunt for the perfect guitar strap. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting out, the importance of a good guitar strap cannot be overstated.  … Read more
  • Why Does My Guitar Sound Bad?
    We’ve all been there, right? Strumming away at our favorite piece, lost in the melody, only for our instrument to sound, well, less than stellar. Or maybe you’re just starting your musical journey, and your guitar seems to be … Read more
  • Why Guitars Sound Better As They Age
    Strumming the strings of an acoustic guitar, feeling its vibration under your fingertips, and experiencing the resonating, mellow hum it produces. It’s an experience, a connection that’s as magical for the novice as it is for the seasoned musician. … Read more
  • What Is An Archtop Guitar? A Unique Construction and Sound
    Have you ever wondered about the beautiful, curvy guitars that you see jazz and blues musicians playing on stage? Those are called archtop guitars. They have a unique history and sound that sets them apart. But what is an … Read more


We have many great guides that can help you better understand the guitar. They focus on specific parts and accessories. They can be a great way of improving your knowledge, one part at a time!


Our Ukulele guides will help you find the right instrument. There are many ukuleles that produce different sounds. Finding and learning how to use them is very important.


When you have a favorite artist or band, obtaining their sound can be a lot of fun. But there is a lot to know about an amplifier and how it works. Our guides will help you understand and find the right settings.


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