KHG: Killer High Gain Distortion Pedal

When nothing but the most ferocious tone will do, the KHG answers the call.

At Killer Rig, we scoured the landscape for the ultimate distortion pedal. We played them all – from the boutique titans to the underground legends. Each encounter left us chasing a sound just out of reach… until now.

The KHG isn’t just another distortion pedal. It’s the answer to our restless search for the perfect high-gain beast. A tube amp like tone and feel not found in other pedals!

Killer Rig KHG Pedal

$149.99 USD

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Sound Clips

These sound clips were obtained by running the KHG pedal into the clean channel of a tube amplifier.

Note: If you get an error with the clips, refresh the page.

Mid-Gain: Scooped/Tight

  • Saturation Setting: Set at noon.
  • Mids: Scooped (3)
  • Gain Setting: Set at noon.
KHG Scooped Settings
Pedal Setting

High-Gain: Scooped/Full

  • Saturation Setting: Three Quarters.
  • Mids: Scooped (3)
  • Gain Setting: Three Quarters.
KHG Scooped High Gain Settings
Pedal Setting

High-Gain: Mid-Range/Tight

  • Saturation Setting: 2 o’clock.
  • Mids: Thick (7)
  • Gain Setting: 2 o’clock.
KHG Mid-range setting High Gain
Pedal Setting

High-Gain: Thick Tone

  • Saturation Setting: 10 o’clock.
  • Mids: Set High (8)
  • Gain Setting: High.
KHG Thick High Gain tone settings
Pedal Setting

Pedal Features

  • Highest quality materials chosen for superior sound, feel, and reliability.
  • Three Band EQ.
  • Saturate control knob for distortion intensity.
  • Yes, it chugs.
  • True bypass switching.
  • 9vDC center-pin negative external adapter/power supply only (not included).
  • Power draw: 15mA @9vDC.
  • Pedal Dimensions: W: 4.8”, D: 2.6”, H: 2.5” (122mm x 66mm x 63.5mm).
  • Top Mounted Jacks.
  • Analog Circuitry.
  • Includes 1-year warranty.

Engineered for the Warriors of Shred

The KHG – Killer High Gain – is the first masterpiece from Killer Rig, crafted not just to meet expectations, but to create legends.

This is a pedal that doesn’t just push the envelope – it shreds it to pieces with a bone-crushing gain that breathes fire into every chord and solo. And it’s done without that nasty angry bee solid state clipping sound that is found in most other pedals.

Refined Raw Power

We know that true high gain isn’t just about raw power – it’s about control, clarity, feel, and character. That’s why the KHG is engineered with precision, allowing for a spectrum of distortion that ranges from a growl to a scream.

It’s versatile enough for the bluesy guitarist looking to add a bit of edge, yet powerful enough for the metalhead seeking the ultimate tube amp like distortion.

With a twist of the Saturate control knob, the character of the distortion radically changes to meet you where you’re at.

Killer Rig High Gain Pedal Controls

Your Tone, Turbocharged

The KHG’s intuitive design ensures that you harness the monstrous tone within. Dial in your sound with ease using the responsive controls for gain, level, and tone. From warm, rich lows to searing highs, your search for the best high-gain tone ends here.

The mid-range control is also very powerful. Scoop your mids and find classic tones with ease. Turn the knob the other way and cut through any mix.

Built to Endure

Every KHG pedal is constructed with the rigors of the road in mind. Housed in a robust chassis, this is a pedal that not only withstands the rigors of touring, but thrives under pressure. True bypass ensures that when it’s off, your tone remains pure and uncolored.

Plus, top mounted jacks reduce the footprint of the KHG pedal on your board. Allowing you to mount it in a way that keeps your pedal board clean and efficient!

Killer Rig KHG Top Mounted Jacks

Join the High Gain Revolution

The KHG by Killer Rig is more than just a pedal. It’s a statement. A manifesto for guitarists who dare to stand out, who demand more, who play every note with conviction. If you’re ready to elevate your sound with unparalleled high gain, the KHG is waiting for you.

Experience the unleashed power of the KHG. Are you ready to be heard?