PRS SE Custom 24-08 Review

Custom 24-08 Overview

The SE Custom 24-08 is a new spin on an already stellar guitar. With some major changes to the electronics and some new finishes, PRS has taken the SE line and made it more versatile. There are now 8 pick up combinations thanks to the addition of a couple new toggle switches and layout. But it doesn’t stop there, PRS was truly listening to their audience for this one!

PRS SE Custom 24-08 Features

Lets take a look at some of the key features.



SE Custom 24-08

SE Custom 24-08 Tone Wood

PRS has made some changes to this guitar but the body is not one of them. They kept the mahogany body knowing full well that it is part of the magic. The way this body resonates with the neck is part of the great playing experience.

The design remains true to the Shallow Violin Carve just like the last model with a beautiful maple veneer top. The top is a bit thin which really is not any different then before, but at this price point its no surprise. If i had to find an issue with the guitar at all that would be it really. And even that is not an issue at all!

The guitar still has that great mid range that i have come to love about it and a sustain to die for thanks to the construction.

The finish on the guitar is still rock solid and really screams quality. Its very durable and will last a very long time.

Great Finishes

The PRS SE Custom 24-08 comes in 2 awesome looking colors:

  • Eriza Verde
  • Vintage Sunburst

These are some amazing looking finishes that make this guitar seem like it is worth far more. These are things players were hoping to see. Nice work PRS!

Comfort And Balance

The 24-08 is still just as light and well balance as other SE customs. Because the body itself really has not changed outside of finishes, you can still expect the same comfort and ergonomics.

This is great news too because this was one of the things i loved about the guitar.

SE Custom 24-08 Wide Thin Neck

Another nice thing to see make it over to this revision is the neck shape. The Wide Thin neck is one of the things that players rave about with this guitar and rightfully so.

The comfort and speed possible from this rigid piece of maple makes it easy to do pretty much anything on it. The 24 frets are all still very easy to get to in a fluid kind of way.

Lets face it, the extra 2 frets are really only a benefit if you can access them, and that is no issue with the 24-08!

Neck Overview

  • 24 frets
  • 25″ Scale
  • Wide Thin Neck
  • Fingerboard: Rose Wood
  • Old School Birds Inlays
  • Maple Tone Wood

Set Neck

The construction of the guitar still included a set neck for a great resonance and rigidity. The SE 24-08 is also pretty rock solid when it comes to holding tune.
While the tuners play a role here, so does the set neck! And the way the guitar projects acoustically still speaks volumes about the construction!

24-08 Hardware

Most of the changes on the 24-08 are in the hardware. In fact the electronic hardware is pretty much completely different. This version has a pick up style called TCI "S" as found in the PRS SE Paul's guitar. They are a large upgrade for sure!

The clarity and tighter low end that these pick ups have in all modes is quite surprising. Players who have used them have pretty much agreed that they are very good.

The 24-08 also has a couple of new mini toggle switches and a 3 way like the Paul's guitar. These switches allow you to run the new 8 pick up combinations and are intuitively laid out. The push pull on the last revision was not well received from most players.

The addition of the new switching scheme really makes this feel like a better instrument and it works really well. Simply use the 3 way like you would any other guitar but coil tap with the mini switches should you desire.

TCI “S” Pick Ups

The TCI stands for “Tuned Capacitance and Inductance.These pick ups are well balanced and are being added to most of the core PRS guitars. According to Paul himself, these are some of the best pickups they have made to date.

  • Pickup Resistance: 11K

These pickups have landed in US made PRS guitars, and to see them in the SE 24-08 is great value for sure.

Hardware Specs

  • 500K Alpha Pots
  • .022 uF Capacitor
  • Custom PRS Trem system
  • PRS Tuners
  • Synthetic Nut

PRS SE Custom 24-08 Sound

So im sure you have realized by now that the 08 in the name is there due to the fact the we now have 8 pick up combinations. This is where this guitar has now become amazingly versatile in tone.

There is so much available here from split coil to full humbucker and bridge and neck positions its incredible. And each position sounds great! The upgraded pick ups are well balanced and lush. There is no muddy low end from the humbuckers and the top end is silk.

The new choice of pickups have taken the sound of the guitar to a new level. The neck pick up position is great for lead tones, then with the mini toggle, your into single coil mode if you desire. Just some really cool sounds that are bright and spanky.

High gain tones are great, the bridge pick up in the humbucker setting is perfect. Real tight with an incredible mid tone bark. Rhythm sounds are right on point. Here again the mini toggle coil split is a great feature and provides a great clean tone as well.

Absolutely wonderful sounds out of the new pick up and electronic layout.

PRS Custom 24-08 Feel

I am a big fan of the Wide Thin neck on these guitars. They are just so easy to play and get around on really quickly. They fit my hand well and is very comfortable. The set neck is also a real treat as the guitar resonates so well it transfers to the feel and overall play experience of the instrument.
When you really dig in, the touch sensitivity and resonation are an inspiring combination. Its also really well set up and this helps a great deal to the way it feels when you play.

Over all Opinion

I have enjoyed the SE Custom 24 for a while now even with the older style pickups and push pull knob for coil tap. But this new revision takes the guitar and experience to another level.

Its great to see that PRS continues to listen to their fans and audience, always striving to give more from their instruments.

Overall this is a great guitar and for the money just cannot be beat. If you are a fan of PRS guitars, this one may knock your socks off.

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