15 Bands With Numbers In The Name: Groups and Artists

Bands have a knack for sticking numbers in their names, and this has always caught my attention. Bands of all types have done this, all the way from the upbeat tunes of the Jackson 5 to the gritty guitar jams of Avenged Sevenfold. So I have made a list of the 25 top bands with numbers in the name.

Why the numbers, though? Truth be told, the reasons are as unique as the bands themselves. Some might use numbers to signify the amount of people in the band. Others might use them to mark a special date or event. And then, of course, some just think a certain number sounds cool or looks good. It’s a fun and interesting twist that gives these bands a bit more personality.

How about we take a trip through this number-filled musical world? Let’s uncover the stories behind these number-loving bands. In this Killer Rig article, we’ll dig into their past and explore their music. It will be fun to see how they’ve made waves in the music scene.

Jackson 5

Jackson 5

Ah, the Jackson 5. That’s a name that echoes, right? This legendary American pop band, born in the vibrant 60s, is as common in conversation as the weather.

The line-up? The Jackson siblings: Jackie, Tito, Jermaine, Marlon, and the one and only, Michael Jackson. Their catchy tunes and harmonious blends struck a chord with everyone who heard them.

They were more than just a music group. They were a tidal wave that came seemingly out of nowhere. Making their mark, carving their niche, and changing the face of the music world forever. Their songs, a creative fusion of soul, pop, and R&B, were revolutionary.

And their live shows? Pure electricity. Then there was Michael Jackson. Young, gifted, and filled with a charisma that caught and held worldwide attention.

And, oh, that ‘5’ in their name? It wasn’t an afterthought. It stood for the original band members, a symbol of unity and family bond. A clear, strong message, speaking of their togetherness, both as a family and as a music group.

30 Seconds to Mars

Next, the fascinating band, 30 Seconds to Mars. They’re a rock band from the United States, specifically Los Angeles, and they’ve made a distinct place for themselves in the music world.

The band started in 1998 with two brothers, Jared and Shannon Leto. They’ve constantly stretched the limits of alternative rock with their wide-ranging music and deep lyrics.

The ’30’ in their name isn’t random. It shows they always think ahead and look for fresh ideas. It’s like a tip of the hat to the future they envision—broad and full of mystery, just like Mars. It’s a sign of their dreams, their drive, and their chase after what’s yet to be discovered.

The music of 30 Seconds to Mars mixes rock, electronic, and advanced sounds to make a unique style. Their songs often touch on life’s big questions and inner thoughts, striking a chord with listeners. They offer a special mix of self-reflection and emotional release.


U2 Playing Live

Now, we shift focus to a well-known music group that hardly requires an introduction: U2. Emerging from Ireland in 1976, this rock band has etched its name in the annals of music history.

U2, comprised of members Bono, the Edge, Adam Clayton, and Larry Mullen Jr., has impressively adapted their sound across the decades, mingling styles from post-punk and rock to pop and electronica.

The band’s title, ‘U2’, on the surface, seems quite simple, bordering on minimalistic. But under the surface, it’s a treasure chest of meaning. It’s a clever twist on the phrase ‘you too’, hinting at unity, inclusivity, and our shared human journey. This name reflects their firm belief in music’s capacity to unite, to restore, and to kindle hope.

U2’s tunes are marked by their heartfelt, rousing nature, with lyrics that delve into both personal experiences and larger sociopolitical issues.

Whether it’s the fervent intensity of “Sunday Bloody Sunday” or the thoughtful, introspective allure of “With or Without You,” their music has managed to resonate with audiences globally, stirring countless hearts.

Blink 182

Ready to journey into pop-punk’s past? Think Blink-182. These guys shook up the music world with songs that stick in your head, words that hit home, and shows bursting with power.

Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Scott Raynor started it. But later, in came Travis Barker, and the group hit a whole new gear.

Ever wonder about the ‘182’ tacked onto Blink? The band’s kept that secret under wraps. That cryptic number just adds an extra splash of intrigue to their name.

And that perfectly sums up their style, never dull, always surprising. Their music carries that same spark of fun and unpredictability.

When you talk about the sound of Blink-182, you’re talking core pop-punk. Speedy beats, irresistible hooks, and words that scream of the rush and rumbles of being young.

Their major break? The album “Enema of the State.” Tracks like “All The Small Things” and “What’s My Age Again?” weren’t just hits – they became the heartbeat of a generation.

Avenged Sevenfold

Our musical expedition brings us next to the heavy metal realm of Avenged Sevenfold, often stylized as A7X. This American band, formed in 1999, has made a significant impact on the metal scene with their intense sound, intricate compositions, and powerful performances.

The band’s lineup includes M. Shadows, Synyster Gates, Zacky Vengeance, Johnny Christ, and Brooks Wackerman, each member contributing to the unique sound and style of Avenged Sevenfold.

The word ‘Sevenfold’ in their name is a nod to a biblical phrase, standing for revenge ‘multiplied by seven’. This echoes their daring, no-regrets attitude towards their craft, a quality mirrored in their intense, vigorous tunes.

Avenged Sevenfold’s music is a fusion of hard-hitting metal, classic rock, and edgy punk. This blend results in a sound that’s not just varied, but also unmistakably their own.

Maroon 5

Maroon 5 playing live

Up next on our list is Maroon 5, an American pop-rock band that has become a staple on the charts since their formation. The ‘5’ in their name represents the original five members of the band: Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, Ryan Dusick, and James Valentine.

Maroon 5’s music is a catchy blend of pop, rock, and R&B. Their debut album “Songs About Jane” launched them into stardom, and they’ve continued to produce hit after hit, characterized by Levine’s distinctive vocals and their knack for crafting infectious hooks.

Three Days Grace

Moving forward, we encounter Three Days Grace, a Canadian rock band known for their post-grunge and alternative rock sound. The band’s name reflects a sense of urgency, with the ‘Three Days’ signifying a do-or-die timeframe to change one’s life for the better.

They have a devoted following and a respected position in the rock music world because of their dynamic live performances and genuine sound.

Their music resonates with listeners who find comfort and strength in it because many of their songs deal with themes of grief, struggle, and resiliency.


Let’s turn our gaze toward the B-52’s, a standout group hailing from America’s new wave scene. You might ask why the name? Oddly enough, it’s an homage to a peculiar beehive hairdo, a style that echoes the nose of a B-52 bomber aircraft. Funny, isn’t it?

Their music, a tantalizing blend of new wave, punk, and dance-rock, is anything but ordinary. Their song delivery, too, stands out, an explosion of charismatic vocals and whimsical wordsmithing, all pulsating with an invigorating zest.

Together, these elements give the B-52’s an unparalleled flair, one that sears their memory into the timeline of new wave music.

Think about their chart-busting melodies, for instance, “Rock Lobster” and “Love Shack”. These tunes, despite the passage of time, remain the life of many a party. Proof, indeed, that the allure of the B-52’s is far from waning. It’s this timeless charm that continues to fascinate, a testament to their unique musical craft.



Now let’s shift our focus to OneRepublic. A band hailing from the United States that has stirred up the rhythm of the music world with their catchy tunes and profound wordings.

The term ‘One’ in their name is a symbol of unity, a shout-out to their belief that music is a force that binds us all together.

OneRepublic’s sound is a colorful blend, a mixtape of pop, rock, and alternative styles. What sets them apart? The robust voice of Ryan Tedder and their magic for weaving hooks that stick.

They’ve gifted us chartbusters like “Apologize” and “Counting Stars,” songs that have made a home in hearts across the globe, underlining their ability to craft tunes that find a chord with diverse listeners.

With a sound that pulls you in, and lyrics that make you think, OneRepublic keeps carving out their space in the musical cosmos, one song at a time.

3 Doors Down

Our next spotlight shines on 3 Doors Down, a famed rock band from America celebrated for their unique blend of post-grunge and alternative rock vibes. An intriguing road sign marked “Doors Down” and a numeral ‘3’, hinting at distance, inspired their catchy name.

3 Doors Down serves up a powerful auditory experience, mixing rock with hints of pop and country. Their music is defined by potent tunes and reflective lyrics.

Their rise to stardom was kick-started by their first single, “Kryptonite,” which took the music world by storm. The genuine sound and lyrics that strike a chord with everyday life help 3 Doors Down maintain their appeal to a global audience.

Twenty One Pilots

Twenty One Pilots

Alright, let’s embark on an exploration of Twenty One Pilots, a pair of American musicians celebrated for their distinct and diverse tunes. The band’s curious name traces its roots to a theatrical piece titled “All My Sons” penned by Arthur Miller.

In the play, the tragic fate of twenty-one pilots is sealed due to defective parts. A somber nod to themes of guilt and the weight of ethical choices.

When it comes to their music, Twenty One Pilots is a vibrant fusion of pop, rock, hip hop, and electronica. It’s a delightful cocktail that eludes simple labels. Their words delve into the realm of the reflective and the profound, striking a chord with fans seeking depth and significance in their melodies.

This dynamic duo’s groundbreaking tunes paired with deep-dive lyrics consistently challenge and redefine musical norms. They’re not just making music. They’re making waves in the sonic world.


The American rock group 311 is up next. After an early band member was detained for streaking in Omaha, Nebraska, the band’s name was taken from the police abbreviation for indecent exposure.

311’s music is characterized by its genre-blending sound, energetic performances, and positive, uplifting lyrics.

Their hit songs like “Down” and “All Mixed Up” showcase their ability to create music that’s both catchy and meaningful. With their distinctive style and diverse musical influences, 311 has carved out a unique niche in the rock music scene.

Sum 41

Moving forward, we encounter Sum 41, a Canadian rock band known for their punk rock and pop punk sound. The band’s name comes from the fact that they formed 41 days into their summer vacation, hence ‘Sum 41’.

Sum 41’s music is characterized by its fast-paced rhythms, catchy hooks, and lyrics that capture the angst and energy of youth.

Their hit songs like “Fat Lip” and “In Too Deep” have become anthems for a generation, showcasing their knack for creating music that’s both energetic and relatable. With their authentic sound and high-energy performances, Sum 41 continues to be a powerful force in the rock music scene.

One Direction

One Direction

Next up, we’re talking about One Direction! That sensational band of guys from Britain and Ireland who captured hearts across the globe with their enchanting, pop-filled tunes and synchronized singing.

Their name ‘One’ echoes their togetherness, painting a picture of their tight bond and collective musical adventure.

One Direction’s music strikes the ideal balance between pop, rock, and youthful melodies. It’s characterized by catchy hooks and sentimental lyrics.

Their hit songs like “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Story of My Life” have topped charts worldwide, making them one of the most successful boy bands in music history.


Our adventure takes us next to the heart of Sevendust, a rock group hailing from the United States with a defining touch of heavy and alternative metal in their melody.

The moniker ‘Sevendust’ wasn’t pulled from thin air. One of the band members spotted a product named “Sevin Dust,” and the team, seeking a distinctive identity, altered the spelling.

The essence of Sevendust’s tunes? It’s steeped in robust guitar sequences, potent vocal performances, and the fiery passion that each band member pours into their craft. Each song is a narrative, often encompassing trials and tribulations, personal encounters, and the undying spirit of perseverance.

Fans find a deep connection to this, reveling in the raw, unfiltered honesty of their music. Sevendust has carved out a niche for themselves, staying true to their musical ethos. They stand as an enduring pillar in the realm of rock and metal, commanding respect and admiration.

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