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  • Are Relic Guitars Stupid? | Would You Own One?
    Vintage guitars are sought after by many players and collectors because of the age and rustic look. A worn out looking instrument has an appeal to it that players in certain genres really like. Then there are others who … Read more
  • 6-String vs 12-String Guitars | Difficulty and Differences
    Chances are you are interested to learn more about a 12-string model because of the brilliant sound they produce. The first time a player tries one, it is love at first strum. I remember the first time I tried … Read more
  • Can You Put Bass Strings On a Guitar?
    This is a question that has been asked more as players experiment with different sounds. Can you put bass strings on a guitar? There is more than one reason a person would want to perform this type of modification. … Read more
  • What is a Chromatic Tuner?
    Guitar tuners today have become very efficient and accurate. There was a time when they were kind of clunky and not very easy to use. But with the new technology used today  equipped with the ability to tune to … Read more
  • Can You Put Nylon Strings On a Steel-String Guitar?
    There are many reasons why one would want to put nylon strings on a steel-string guitar. Perhaps you like the sound of nylon but don’t want a classical guitar. Maybe you just have a guitar lying around that you … Read more
  • Guitar Neck Shrinkage | Prevention and Repair
    Keeping a guitar in a well conditioned environment is very important. Humidity, temperature and cleanliness need to be maintained in order to keep a guitar in optimal condition. When any of these things are overlooked, the guitar will then … Read more