Seagull S6 Incredible Guitar Review 2022

Seagull S6 Acoustic Review

Robert Godin produced the first Seagull guitar in 1982 in Canada with some serious motivation on quality! Consequently, this S6 review will certainly prove that! The beginners market is always ready for a budget investment of excellent quality!

As a general rule, better sonic performance comes with more delicate construction. Conversely, heavier construction, such as tops that are too thick and bracing that is too robust, stifles the sound.

Not only was he focused on build quality, he was also focused on sustainably sourcing all the wood right from their backyard in Canada. And on top of all this, providing a Limited Lifetime Warranty on any model made in Canada!

The Seagull brand of acoustic guitars truly raises the bar in terms of quality of sound and construction, among other things. This is why the S6 steel string has made our Best list.


Seagull S6 Review

The S6 is Seagull’s flagship model and is an award-winning acoustic guitar! With its solid wood, quality construction and North American craftsmanship, this guitar is sure to impress you.

It comes in 9 different versions, each with different looks, electronics and more. The tone and feel of this guitar is certainly pushing premium status, but for a price that is comparatively lower by a lot! It is also one of the more popular choices among entry level acoustics.

So let’s check out the Seagull S6 original and see why it deserves to be at the top of our list!

Features And Specifications

Let’s take a look at some key features of the Seagull S6 Acoustic guitar.

  • Pressure Treated Solid Cedar Top
  • Laminated Wild Cherry Back and Sides
  • Silver Leaf Maple Neck
  • Rosewood Finger Board
  • Well Known Body Shape
  • 25.5 inch scale with 21 frets
  • Great Build Quality


  • Materials and Design
  • Well Balanced Sound
  • Easy to Play
  • North American Made
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty


  • A Set-up may be required out of the box
  • Generic Tuners
  • Finish might be easy to scratch

Who Is This Guitar For?

The build quality of this guitar is so good, we suggest that it is great for most people looking for an acoustic guitar. For the price point, it’s best suited for beginners, students and intermediate players, but this is a unique situation where a company has developed a guitar that even seasoned guitarists have come to love. They also last decades as the quality is above average!

Seagull S6 Body

Seagull S6 Guitar Body

The S6 body has a pressure treated solid cedar top to ensure its highest level of rigidity and stiffness. Consequently, this also allows for maximum harmonic vibration.

This will benefit players with a better experience. Projection and overall tone will be enhanced. It will also increase the lifespan of the instrument.

The cedar top will also produce a warm tone, and because it is solid, it will vibrate more than a laminated version. Comparatively, this results in better dynamic range, a richer sound and just larger tone.

Another benefit to a cedar top is that it will age faster. As it does, it will begin to sound better as it is played!

Their laminated wild cherry back and sides look very nice and just add to the level of quality in Seagull’s craftsmanship.

Cherry laminate also adds a crisp mid-range in the sound. The body is then finished with a natural semi gloss and red pick guard to add to the brilliant look of this acoustic guitar!

Seagull S6 Neck

Neck and Head stock

The S6 neck is made with silver leaf maple, features a rose wood fret board, 21 frets and a 25.5 inch scale length. The neck feels great and is very easy to play. It also has a nut width of 1.8 inches and a nice matte finish for comfortable playing.

The head stock itself is tapered to provide straight string pull. This minimizes any neck twist effects and insures that your guitar will be easy to tune and keep it that way!

The neck on the S6 has been engineered to include 3 key ingredients: comfort, sound and stability.

Seagull S6 Hardware

Seagull S6 Guitar Hardware

Thirdly, the S6 comes with a Tusq nut, saddle and bridge pins made by Graphtech. Tusq, according to Graphtec, will help create a better frequency response from the body.

The mid and upper harmonics will be way more lively as a result of using Tusq.

And with how beautifully rich and balanced the guitar sounds, we tend to think this may hold true.

The compensated saddle on the S6 is designed to keep the acoustic in tune at every fret of the finger board. We know guitarists will like this!

It is actually quite impressive at the price point of this guitar. The tuning machine heads are of good quality and keep tune very well.

The S6 does not come with any electronics. There are electronics in higher priced Seagull S6 versions and so if you have a few extra dollars to invest you will find them in another model.

Seagull S6 Sound Hole

Seagull S6 Sound

So, now that you know a bit about the guitar, the question is, how does it sound? Well, let’s get right into it! The tone of the S6 just can not be compared to other acoustic guitars in this price range.

Seagull has truly flexed their engineering muscle here and provided a guitar that has a warm timbre with a rich shimmer. The cedar top projects sound very well and as you play it, the tone just continues to get better as it ages.

It has a present bass response, but not overbearing. It’s bright but nor harsh, mid-frequencies are strong, and the sustain is perfect. Likewise, it’s the kind of sound that one would naturally think came from a more expensive acoustic!

I was most impressed with how deep and warm it sounded, but once you strum more aggressively, it produced different overtones. It is a unique acoustic guitar that sounds so good it competes with more expensive models.

Seagull S6 Feel

Before even comparing it to any others, just picking it up and playing it, there is a natural feel to this acoustic that sort of begins to inspire immediately. The neck is not super thick, which makes it easy to move around with amazing playability.

Consequently, the resonance and vibrant shimmer with each strum plays like a more expensive guitar. It was comfortable and resonated through the neck with each strum. It even feels unique somehow, which was most impressive.

Classic Black A/E

S6 Classic Black A/E

Seagull has introduced a new addition to the S6 line up called the S6 Classic Black A/E. This guitar is simply stunning! Just like the rest of the S6 guitars in the series, the play ability and sound from the Classic Black is amazing!

The cedar top on the Classic Black A/E has a semi gloss finish that is breathtaking with the white pick guard. The wild cherry sides and back are black washed with a superb wood finish that will really catch your eye.

This guitar features a Fishman Sonitone preamp system, and so the price will be slightly larger than the S6 Original. But it is worth mentioning this guitar as it is simply amazing. And for a few bucks more, it is worth considering if you can make it work. Electric options can benefit many guitarists, making this gig ready.

With this model, I tested the electronics using a Fender Acoustasonic guitar amp and was pleasantly surprised. It’s chimey and full, just like you would expect after hearing it unplugged. The electronics pick up the sound wonderfully, making this one special acoustic guitar!

Seagull Guitars At The NAMM Show

Seagull guitars can be found at the NAMM show each year. Being part of the Godin brand, they are nothing short of amazing. It is always a real treat to visit their booth and see what they have on display. Finding an S6 is no problem as it is a very popular guitar!

Seagull S6 at NAMM

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

There are great acoustics in the under 500 price range available these days that play and sound amazing, it’s true. The Seagull S6, while still an entry level guitar, has all the qualities of a higher end instrument but is so affordable.

From the design, build quality and tone to the way it feels and the comfort it offers, we are truly a fan of this guitar! So as for what it can offer a beginner, or even an experienced player, this guitar is worth having in your collection. We highly recommend it!


Is The Seagull S6 good for finger picking?

Yes, the Seagull S6 models are perfect for finger picking as well as using a plectrum. It is easy to hold and when in the right position can be a very good guitar for this technique. Not only that, but the fullness of the sound is also a finger pickers dream, making this one versatile guitar!

Are Seagull guitars good quality?

Seagull guitars offer incredible quality and play ability. The materials they are made from are above average and the quality control is of great importance to the manufacturer. Robert Godin’s dedication to a quality product also gives the Seagull models a limited lifetime warranty. It’s hard to beat!

Is a seagull guitar worth it?

The Seagull S6 has impressed guitarists worldwide with their above average quality and sound. What they have to offer at the price they are sold is quite remarkable. Their sound is that of which you would only find at higher priced guitars.

Many players have sold more expensive models, because the Seagull guitars are of such good value and quality.

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  1. I own a Gibson g45studio $1000 Taylor American Dream 22e $1700 and a Seagull classic back $500, the Seagull plays and sounds as good as the Taylor or Gibson


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