Guitar Neck Relief: All You Need To Know

Guitar neck relief

Chances are you are either experiencing an issue with your guitar or looking to learn how to maintain it. You have probably heard the term guitar neck relief, but don’t know what it refers to. Guitar neck relief is the amount of bow that sets the space between the strings and the fretboard. This bow … Read more

How To Set Tremolo Spring Tension: All You Need To Know

Tremolo Spring Tension

If you play an electric guitar with a tremolo bridge, you know how difficult it can be to stay in tune at times. Using the whammy bar just makes the experience even worse. This is something that is uninspiring, demotivating, and even disastrous. Especially when you are playing before a live audience.  It would seem … Read more

Can Guitar Strings Be Recycled?

Can guitar strings be recycled

Changing your guitar strings is a normal part of playing the instrument. For some players, your strings might last for a long time, and for others, not so much. Many players try different gauges, so the old strings become trash. But can guitar strings be recycled? Yes, there are ways to have your guitar strings … Read more