Epiphone Les Paul Standard Guitar Review 2022

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Guitar Review

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Guitar was built to 100 percent Gibson specs and authorized by Les Paul Himself! For those who recognize the iconic body shape and always wanted to own a Les Paul look no further.

This is your opportunity to get into one with this underrated guitar!

Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Features

Lets take a look at some of the key features of the Epiphone Les Paul Standard guitar.

  • Body is Mahogany
  • Maple Veneer Top Material
  • Mahogany Set Neck
  • Pau Ferro FingerBoard
  • Les Paul Body Shape
  • 24.75 inch scale with 22 frets
  • Alnico Classic Humbuckers
  • Slim Taper D Neck Profile


  • Materials and Design
  • Warm Les Paul Sound
  • Feels Great To Play
  • Quality Pick-ups and Hardware
  • Different Colors to Choose From


  • A set up may be required out of the box
  • Some have reported quality issues
Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard Body

The mahogany wood body on the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Guitar is an exact match to the iconic Gibson Les Paul. A few different colors are available to get players the color that works with their look and want.

The body has a Venetian cut away allowing easy access to the upper frets of the neck. While the mahogany body provides some killer sustain when you need it!

The white binding really gives the body a great look and definition.

They even got the weight of the guitar bang on to what a Gibson Les Paul feels like hanging from your shoulder!

Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Epiphone Les Paul Standard Neck

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard electric guitar neck is set in the body, which is also part of the reason the sustain is so good on this guitar.

Not only that, but because they used mahogany to make the neck, the resonance of this guitar is on another level. This really adds some crazy versatility to this guitar.

The finger board has a 24.75 inch scale, 22 Medium Jumbo frets and is made from Pau Ferro. It is a very comfortable slim D profile with a easy to play nut width of 1.68 inches.

The Les Paul look is then completed with the Pearloid Trapezoid finger board inlays up and down the neck, as well as the plastic truss rod cover and headstock.

Les Paul Standard Hardware

The Les Paul Standard comes with Alnico Classic humbuckers that add to the incredible tone. Great sounding pickups are part of the magic that is the LP Standard.

The guitar has a standard Les Paul control scheme which includes 2 of each volume and tone knobs and a pickup selector switch.

The range of sounds available from this guitar as a result of the electronics is incredibly versatile.

Grover tuners are standard on this guitar and feel pretty smooth. A non-rotating output jack prevents broken wires and is proprietary to Epiphone.

The Tune-o-matic bridge and a stopbar fully adjustable tailpiece complete the list of great hardware provided by Epiphone.

Epiphone Les Paul Standard

Les Paul Standard Sound

If you have every played a Gibson USA made Les Paul, you will recognize that its “almost” there.

The Epiphone Les Paul is a great sounding guitar with plenty of tone, sustain and versatility. This is why its made our number 1 spot in our under $500 list.

The dynamics of the body construction and the Alnico Classic pick-ups does give you that warm Les Paul sound and its awesome.

We recommend the Epiphone Les Paul Standard if you don’t have the money to get into a Gibson LP as it will get you there.

But if your expecting a $4000 Gibson tone from it you might be disappointed.


Epiphone Les Paul Standard Feel

The guitar has amazing sustain and resonates through you as you play which is part of the magic behind this design. This is part of the reason this style of guitar is so popular.

It is an amazing experience to play it. Being a set neck design is very noticeable as the guitar is sturdy and has its own vibe.

The toggle switch and control take some getting use to if you are new to Les Paul style guitars. But the controls are not in the way and the guitar is a joy to play.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

There are many different guitar brands that use this body style. It is an iconic guitar style because of its sound, versatility and feel and players have loved it for many years!  It is nice to see another affordable version of a classic like this become available on the market for players to get into. 

For so little money, i was impressed with the level of quality this guitar offers all around. It sounds great and gets the job done in most genres and play styles.

No matter who you are and what level you are at, this guitar will basically do it all for you. Well worth the money and will hold its value for many years.

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