Learn Guitar Online for Free: Resources For All Skill Levels

Are you searching for reliable, free guitar lessons online? You’re eager to strike the first chord, yet uncertain of the first step. Tight budget? Well, breathe easy! A multitude of possibilities await you.

It’s true that not all free guitar lessons are created equal! But there are a number of reliable sources that will give your musical endeavors a good, solid start.

As a beginner, it’s especially important to learn proper techniques. Doing so initially will help to avoid developing bad habits.

In this Killer Rig article, I’ll introduce you to the best places to learn guitar online for free. This way, you can get to playing immediately.

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Can You Learn Guitar Online For Free?

Absolutely yes! Learning guitar on the internet presents a ton of choices. You’ll find everything from methodically planned lessons to free-spirited tools.

Think guides for chords and step-by-step video classes. Regardless of how you best learn or what your current guitar-playing level might be, there’s something tailor-made for you out there.

One of the major benefits of learning guitar online is the sheer convenience it brings to your doorstep, literally. It lends you the freedom to learn at your rhythm, fitting into your schedule like a glove. Imagine cozying up on your couch, guitar in hand, ready to strum away.

Plus, you’ll stumble upon a wealth of resources that don’t cost a penny. This makes e-learning guitar a priceless choice for folks keeping a close eye on their finances.

Best Free Guitar Lessons

I’ve compiled a list of the top free learning resources available online, as promised. You can turn this into a checklist to locate classes that are above average.


Are you looking to learn but don’t have the funds? Then free online guitar lesson websites can be a great resource. Research is essential when hunting for online guitar lessons that you can get without charge.

You want something that is suitable for your level and goals. These five websites are all reputable sources and have been used by millions of players combined. They are a great place to start your musical journey.

Justin Guitar

The Justin Guitar website has a huge selection of totally free lessons. Beginner and song instructions, plus playing skills for many types of music, are all included here.

Guitar Tricks

Their extensive library is available for a 14-day free trial. It includes over 11,000 lessons for both acoustic and electric guitar.

Guitar World

Guitar World published a section dedicated to lessons at no cost. Many different styles and strategies are covered in these tutorials.

Ultimate Guitar

Ultimate Guitar has a large collection of tutorials. There are both complimentary and paid subscription options. Access to even more sessions and resources is available for a fee


The Fender Play website offers a free trial of their lessons. It includes a variety of acoustic and electric guitar styles and techniques.

Fender play on mobile and PC devices.

YouTube Videos

YouTube, that vast ocean of videos, teems with free lessons on countless topics. A treasure chest of knowledge awaits your search, waiting to be opened.

You might want to saunter through various channels, tasting the flavor of each before deciding. You’re hunting for the perfect one, the one that fits you like a glove.

Now, let’s cast light on five prominent channels. Each stands as a pillar in the YouTube community, loved and lauded by their audience. They cater to everyone, from fresh beginners, wet behind the ears, to the seasoned pros who’ve been around the block a time or two.

Marty Music

Marty Music is a gifted guitarist and teacher! For more than ten years, he has shared his experiences on his YouTube channel. All levels of guitarists can benefit from his classes. They also cover a broad spectrum of genres and artistic styles.

Guitar Jamz

This channel is run by instructor Marty Friedman. He offers a range of sessions for blues, rock, and even acoustic guitar.

Guitar Lessons 365

As the name suggests, guitar lessons 365 offers a new lesson every day! And it covers a wide range of styles and techniques.

Justin Sandercoe

Numerous players have learned to play the guitar thanks to Justin Sandercoe’s tutorials. He is one of the first lesson channels on YouTube for this instrument. His instruction is suitable for players of all levels and cover a range of styles.

Acoustic Trench

This channel is run by instructor Ryan Collins. He focuses on acoustic guitar, with lessons covering a range of styles and techniques. 


Could this be what you’re searching for? A multitude of choices exist, ready for both iOS and Android users. Consider these five widely-used apps, each providing an array of complimentary tutorials suited to any guitar enthusiast:

  1. Yousician – A free trial of this app’s in-depth guitar lessons is available. It covers a wide range of styles and techniques. You may study with the aid of interactive exercises and games on the app. It also offers playing-related feedback.
  2. Guitar Tricks – This app provides a fourteen-day free trial of their library. It’s based on a well-known website of the same name. Both acoustic and electric guitar tutorials total more than 11,000 in the app.
  3. Guitar Bots – For players of all skill levels! This app offers a variety of interactive lessons. Gamification is used in classes to aid learning and keep track of your progress. Not to mention a bit of fun! The app also offers playing-related feedback.

These five apps are all popular options. They provide a variety of instructions for players of diverse skill levels.

Sample Guitar Tablature.

Local Workshops and Music Stores

Don’t forget to browse music stores for workshops when hunting for free lessons. There are probably some in your area that you can benefit from. Many of them offer complimentary workshops as a way to attract new customers or promote their services.

To find opportunities, check the websites and social media of local guitar stores. Ask about free lessons or workshops when you visit. Stores like Guitar Center or Sam Ash are great for putting on artist clinics.

By taking advantage of these resources, you can find lessons that are convenient. Some might even be tailored to your specific needs and experience.

Don’t be scared to research your choices and ask around. You simply can’t predict what opportunities might be present in your neighborhood.

E-Books and PDFs

Downloading e-books or PDFs is another way to obtain free guitar lessons. These online learning resources are typically offered for nothing or for a little fee. They offer a fantastic means of learning at your own pace.

Here are a few ways to find these resources:

  • You can search online.
  • Check out online libraries.
  • Explore open-source options.
  • Consider purchasing an e-book or PDF.

By taking advantage of these digital resources, you can find free lessons for this wonderful instrument. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned veteran, they’re made to be simple as pie.

Finding the right one might take some time, you know, like finding a needle in a haystack. So, best prepare yourself by rolling up your sleeves.

Other Free Guitar Learning Resources

There are numerous other free internet resources for learning the guitar. Even in addition to the ones already mentioned above. Here are some options to think about:

  • Free tab and chord charts: Many websites offer tabs and chords for popular songs. This is a great way to learn new material and practice your skills. Sites like Ultimate Guitar and Songsterr are popular and offer free material.
  • Online forums: There are tons of forums dedicated to guitar playing and music in general. These are great places to locate free resources and connect with other players. You can ask questions and learn from more experienced players.
  • Social media groups: Many social media platforms have groups and communities dedicated to guitar playing. These are fantastic places to find free materials and meet other musicians.

Jump at these opportunities, along with other freebies. They’ll layer on extra learning, leading you down exciting paths to boost your skills.

No need to shy away from digging into these fresh resources. Who knows? You might stumble upon a hidden gem!

Which Lessons Are Right For You?

When it comes to finding the best free guitar lessons, you need to consider your needs and goals. Everyone learns differently and may prefer different approaches. Here are a few things to consider when deciding which informational sessions are best for you.

Skill Level

For many different skill levels, there are a variety of lessons. It’s crucial to pick courses that are appropriate for your playing ability right now.

While more seasoned players might desire to look into advanced options. Beginners should opt for instruction that is tailored for new players.

Your Learning Style

Everyone learns in different ways. It’s important to choose sessions that are tailored to your style. Are you a visual learner?

Then you will want lessons that include video demonstrations or diagrams. Perhaps you prefer being more hands-on? Then you will benefit from instructions that include interactive exercises or games.

Set Goals

What do you hope to accomplish through playing the guitar? It’s crucial to pick lessons that are targeted toward your specific goals.

Whether you want to learn particular songs, develop a certain playing style, or simply improve your general skills. Figure out your goals and then select free lessons that fit them best!


Is it possible to learn guitar self-taught?

Absolutely, there’s no doubt that teaching yourself the guitar is within reach. Numerous famed guitar maestros have been self-taught, mastering the chords without formal instruction.

Today’s digital landscape is overflowing with resources tailored for self-learners! From entry level tutorials to comprehensive guides, all at your fingertips. Yet, remember, embarking on this journey demands discipline, a well of patience, and unswerving practice.

Is it OK to learn guitar online?

Indeed, it is! Opting for online lessons to learn guitar chords can be an incredibly efficient and flexible approach. You get to decide your learning rhythm and set your own schedule.

The beauty of online lessons is their adaptability, replay them if you’re stuck, and advance when you’re confident.

Additionally, you gain exposure to various teaching methods and techniques that might be hard to find locally. Nonetheless, ensure you’re using a reliable platform or following trustworthy YouTube creators for the finest quality instruction.

Does Guitar Tricks work?

Absolutely, Guitar Tricks is an impactful online platform for those yearning to learn the instrument. It extends a broad curriculum, catering to everyone from curious beginners to proficient guitarists.

The platform delivers lessons in a clear, step-by-step format, maintains an expansive song library for learners to explore, and hosts diverse videos teaching assorted styles and techniques.

But remember, like any educational tool, the effectiveness of Guitar Tricks will hinge on your level of dedication and routine practice.

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