Revv Generator 120 MKIII Ultimate Review 2022

Revv Generator 120 MKIII Guitar Amp Review

The Revv Generator 120 MK3 is the most impressive tube amplifier on the market today. This all tube amplifier with onboard Two Notes speaker simulated IRs and all the features is earth shattering! Not only does this amplifier sound amazing on every channel, the versatility is like no other amplifier.

Lets see what it can do!

Revv Generator 120 MK3 Features

First, Lets have a look at some key features of the Generator 120!

  • 4 Channels
  • Amazing Tones From Clean To Mean
  • Intuitive Controls And Functions
  • Stereo XLR Output
  • Headphone Out
  • Serial FX Loop
  • Built In Reactive Load
  • Two Notes Torpedo Cab Simulation Technology – DYN-IR
  • 5 – 12AX7 Preamp Tubes
  • 4 – 6L6GC Power Tubes


  • Build Quality
  • Amazing Tube Tone
  • Cab Sim Capabilities
  • Reactive Load Built In
  • Amazing Amplifier Functionality
  • No Speaker Cab Required


  • Could take a couple weeks to get
Revv Generator MKIII Review

Gen 120 MKIII Channels and Controls

The Generator 120 is a 4 channel amplifier with some amazing controls and features. Each of the 4 channels has its own sound and flavor ranging from clean to high gain.

The channels are changed via the push buttons on the front panel, the included foot controller or MIDI. Each of the 4 channels has its own tone stack and a number of tone altering functions like bright, cut and fat. Some newer features in the MK3 line are “Wide” on the clean channel and new drive levels on the crunch channel.

The amp is also loaded with the Two Notes Torpedo technology which brings some amazing versatility to the table. This version of the torpedo is similar to the Captor X and features a stereo output on the rear of the amp. the Twin Tracker features can be turned on to create a stereo effect which is pretty neat.

The amplifier also features Bluetooth to allow you to alter the Torpedo settings from your Phone or mobile device. This is a great feature when playing live as you can change your sound to best fit the venue.

Even though there is so many features in the amplifier, i found it to be well laid out and intuitive. And the gate on this amp, wow just simply incredible!

Generator Output Power

The Revv Generator 120 is rated for 120 watts and boy does it scream! This is one loud amplifier that continues to sound amazing when cranked up.

The amp also has a 10 watt switch that brings the volume down to allow you to crank it right up without the excessive volume especially if you don’t need it.

Thanks to the built in reactive load, you can also play this amp in your apartment without a speaker cab. The headphone jack and level control is placed nicely on the front panel.

This is an amp that will fit any scenario from live shows to bedroom to studio.

Two Notes Remote Software

The Two Notes Remote software is found on the Two Notes Website and can be installed into your computer to use the functions. There are many things that can be tweaked in the software from EQ, to Twin Tracker to a noise gate.

There is a lot that can be done to your cabs and their presets as well so make sure to take advantage of this software. There is some crazy cool features.

You can also access it all via Bluetooth on your device so there is no excuse to not at least take a look inside.

Built In Reverb

The new 120 MK3 now also features built in Reverb. This is a digital reverb based on a spring type sound. It is one of the best built in reverb that i have tried on a tube head.

The level control is on the back of the amp and can be set to taste. Each channel can then either be set to have reverb or not which is a great feature. It can also be toggled with MIDI.

Effects loop

The effects loop on the Generator MK3 is buffered and very simple to use. The design is a simple plug and play loop that provided a great experience.

We plugged in Reverb, and Delay pedals and the sound was rich and did not suck any tone. The loop on the amp is a serial loop found on the rear of the amp.

Virtual Speaker Cabinets

The Generator 120 MK III comes with some all new presets. 6 new cab presets are loaded into the amplifier that sound absolutely incredible. The 120 has some feature sets that are similar to the G20 that allow you to save cabs to channels and aggression settings..

This is one really neat feature as now you can change channels and have a new cab sound to best fit your sound. Not only that but the cabs can also be saved to the foot controller as well as be saved and accessed via MIDI.The possibilities with this amp are endless as now you really don’t need a real cab at all.

Built In Noise Gate

One of the really cool new features on the amp is the noise gate. This gate is one of the most tight and responsive gates i have ever tried on an amplifier. It has been well designed and the threshold can be set via the rear control.
Each channel can be set to have the gate on or off which was really handy.Once the gate kick in the amp is silent!

Generator 120 Sound

So now to the good bits, the marvelous tone this beast can provide.

Channel one is the clean channel and is a very rich and sparkling channel. The clean sound on this head is just perfect and has a few added features that help shape it to your needs. The wide and bright switches really allow you to alter the sound and even push it to provide some body. Just a really great clean sound!

Channel two is the crunch channel and has been re voiced according to Revv. It is one amazing sounding crunch channel for a multi channel head. I was able to get some amazing vintage sound out of the head that i never expected to get. There are 3 drive settings and a bright switch that gets into old school vintage Marshall sounds quite easily.

Channel 3 is the “purple” channel and is the first of the high gain channels. This channel is very tight and articulate but has this incredible punch ive not experienced before. The bright cut and fat switches allow you to alter the sound to best fit your needs. The Fat switch however adds an incredible low end that takes you from tight to loose depending on what you need.

Channel 4 is the “red” channel and is even more aggressive than purple. It sports the same options and gets into some throaty grinding distortion that is just so much fun. Its almost dual recto like but its a Revv flavor for sure.

The sound of this amp in every channel is just incredible! And the price is right on par!

Revv Generator 120 MKIII Final Verdict

I have played a great number of tube heads in my day and have to say, this is the one that takes first place. I have played the 120 MK2 in the past and really liked it, but this new version caught me off guard!

The sound and features are nothing i have ever played before and can get into pretty much any tone you could ever ask for. The addition of the Two Notes Torpedo and built in Reactive load will provide the modern guitar player some amazing versatility.

The noise gate and reverb are not just a thrown in quick marketing gimmick but are some crazy good features! Plus the Bluetooth capabilities could really be handy at a gig where you could potentially adjust your sound from the sound guys booth.

There are also 2 new amps that are part of the MK III series, the 100P and 100R. These are 3 channel amps with all the same features and killer sounds. If 2 high gain channels are over kill for you then a 3 channel amp might be what you are after!

This is one incredible amp, nice job Revv, you knocked it out of the park! Anyone on the fence with this head should have no fear as this is the amplifier you NEED to own, heck even sell the ones you currently own to buy it!

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