Schecter Omen Elite 6 Ultimate Review 2023

Schecter Omen Elite 6 Review

The Schecter Omen series guitars have been a favorite to many guitar players for a long time. As guitar manufacturers keep innovating their instruments, the quality just keeps getting better!

The Omen Elite lineup is exactly that, with some great guitar construction. Also, rock solid hardware and articulate yet mean-sounding pick-ups. On top of all that, the look of this guitar is a showstopper. A sure fire way to get other players curious to know more about it.


Let’s take a look at some of the key specs!

  • Body Is Mahogany
  • Gloss Finish
  • Thin C Maple Neck
  • Rosewood Finger Board
  • 24 Nickel Silver Jumbo Frets
  • Schecter Heretic 6 Pickups
  • All Black, Quality Hardware
  • Poplar Figured Burl Top


  • Great Body Shape and Construction
  • Versatile Electronics
  • Easy to Play Neck
  • High Quality Hardware
  • Different Colors Available
  • Great Sounding Guitar


  • None for this price!
Schecter Omen Elite 6 Review

Schecter Omen Elite 6 Body

The body on the Omen Elite 6 is made of solid mahogany with a beautiful burl top. The guitar looks great with the see-through gloss finish on an arched top. It’s a very comfortable guitar body and sits on the lap quite well.

The cut-away design is perfect with the type of neck mounted to the body. It is very easy to play all the way up the neck without the body interfering.

The strings are mounted through the body and if you flip it over you will find the mounting holes. The back of the guitar is also quite beautiful and has perfect contouring. You will also find a cover on the back of the guitar to access the control electronics.

Schecter Omen Elite 6 body

Available Colors

The Omen Elite 6 comes in 3 different colors:

  • See Through Blue Burst
  • Charcoal
  • Black Cherry Burst

Each of the available colors is incredibly good-looking for this price range. And they each have their own appeal, so pick the one that best suits you. You can’t go wrong with any of them!

Weight of The Omen Elite 6

The Omen Elite is a pretty standard weight at roughly 7.5 lbs. With a solid mahogany body, you can expect this, but by no means is this a heavy guitar.

It is well balanced and quite comfortable in either lap or hanging from a strap.

Omen elite tuners

Schecter Omen Elite 6 Neck

The neck on the Omen Elite 6 is a Thin C shape that is very comfortable in the hand and really easy to get around. This neck has been designed to be very versatile. All while still supporting shredding solos fluidly.

The 24 jumbo frets are all easy to access thanks to the cut-away body design. This neck is a 25.5 scale and offers players a ton of possibility.

The action is well-set thanks to proper neck relief, making it easy to fret strings without any buzz. While the neck is a bolt-on design, it is set with 5 screws and is very rigid. It’s a well-crafted neck!

Neck Specifications

  • Number of frets: 24
  • Scale: 25.5″
  • Neck shape: Thin “C”
  • Rosewood fretboard
  • Pearliod Lines
  • Maple neck
  • 2 way truss-rod

Benefits Of A Bolt On Neck

A bolt-on neck usually helps to keep costs low on guitars because they are easier to manufacture. The wood is typically denser and also provides a snappier tone. The bolt-on neck also provides a certain feel that you only get with this construction type. Denser wood material will also mean less warp and twist.

Omen Elite Pick ups

Schecter Omen Elite 6 Hardware

The guitar while quite simple sports a lot of great hardware. The Schecter Diamond Heretic pickups are used in the Omen Elite and are good sounding! These pick-ups are open coil. Very aggressive-sounding units that are great for harder styles.

The 5-way selector switch allows you to select what pickup configuration you want. The tone control and volume control will then let you tailor the signal to taste.

The Omen Elite has a custom Schecter hardtail bridge with a string-through-body setup. There is also a version of this guitar that provides a Tremolo bridge with a locking nut should you prefer it.

The tuners are custom Schecter as well. They are of great quality that did not let up under the heavy playing we put them through. The nut is a Graph Tech XL Black Tusq which is standard for this price point and is great!

Schecter Diamond Heretic Pickups

The Omen Elite comes with the new Heretic pick-ups, which are a variation of their Apocalypse pups. These are equipped with 2 Ceramic-8 magnets that surround an Alnico V magnet in each pickup.

The sound is high output and aggressive, but is sonically well-balanced and articulate. Low frequencies were still tight and not overbearing or bass-heavy. Also, love how the black smoke bobbins allow you to see the coils inside!


5 Way Switch Settings:

  1. Bridge humbucker
  2. Single coil bridge/neck
  3. Full humbucker bridge/neck
  4. Neck parallel humbucker
  5. Neck series humbucker
Schecter Omen Elite 6 Guitar

The Sound

This axe has been made for high gain! For a guitar in this price range, I must say it is one heck of a great-sounding instrument. The output from these pick-ups is high, so metal tones are very easy to come by.

The Rhythm sounds into a Revv Generator MK3 amplifier are simply stellar! The articulate chugs and tight low end are crazy good. Lead tones are fluid, full, and crisp. Thanks to the great neck, it’s a shred machine and has the tone to keep up.

Clean tones were great as well with the guitar, especially when using the 5-way switch. There are a ton of different sounds that will pretty much cover all bases here.

When used on the crunch channel of the amplifier, I was able to still get some low-gain sounds that were quite good.


The feel is spot on for a guitar of this construction and metal focus. The bolt-on neck is tight to the body, so it resonates when you dig in for a high-gain rhythm. Feels great. Love the neck, it’s very easy to play and get around real quick.

No sharp edges or anything that gets in the way, and the action is set well. It’s a very easy neck to play with, and the feel is here. I was inspired by the guitar in how it responded to my playing style.

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

I am nothing but impressed with some guitars being released right now, and this one sits high in my books. If you are primarily a metal player, you’re going to want to look into this guitar. It is a really sleek unit that is easy to play and sounds excellent with these new pickups.

The selector switch re-configures the pups in all the right ways to get some great sounds. For this price point, you really can’t go wrong. And it looks fantastic! The guitar does look like it is worth more than what they are asking, and it almost entices you to play it.

I almost like this guitar more than a few more expensive instruments I have played. Crazy to even consider this, but it’s true. Check it out if you can get your hands on one.

And if your preference is a tremolo bridge, they offer this guitar with that too!