Where are Taylor Guitars Made?

There is something about a Taylor guitar that just makes you want to pick it up and play. From the moment you touch one, you can feel the class and workmanship that has been put into making each one. So where are Taylor guitars made?

Taylor has long been known as one of America’s finest guitar makers. You might also be surprised to learn that they don’t manufacture any guitars in Asia.

There is a common misconception, many people assume that Taylor guitars are made in Asia. But the truth is, the company has never had a single production facility set up there.

There are two different factories where Taylor guitars are made. One is in El Cajon, California, USA. The other is in Tecate, Mexico. The distance between them is approximately 40 miles each way.

El Cajon, California, USA Factory

Nestled in the hills of southern California. The El Cajon factory is where some of the world’s finest acoustic guitars are made.

These guitars are made with great care and attention to detail. From the selection of wood to the final varnish.

The factory takes great care in choosing the right materials for each guitar. It’s important that each one is perfect for the customer.

The tour of the factory is worth taking. Just to see the state-of-the-art research and development department. This is where new ideas are constantly being explored.

Tecate, Mexico Factory

Bob Taylor and Kurt Listug founded their company in 1985. With the intention of keeping all operations under one roof to increase efficiency.

But as their ability to design and make guitars increased, a second factory was necessary.

In order to keep costs down, Taylor guitars opened a factory in Tecate. This location allows for lower labor and material prices. While still producing models that can be more affordable than ever before.

These affordable guitars have a solid wood top, layered back and sides, and feature ES2 electronics.

Models Manufactured in USA Factory

Taylor 562ce

The Taylor 562ce is a 12-string guitar that will allow you to experiment with new sounds. This guitar’s top and back are made of solid mahogany.

This gives it a perfect balance of midrange response and natural compression.

Whether you’re playing loudly or softly, this guitar produces a clear, rich tone. It has a V-Class bracing system throughout the body. This guitar produces more volume and sustain while maintaining its natural tonal qualities.

The Grand Concert body provides optimal support and stability. Making it perfect for both sitting and standing positions. The dusky finish of the 562ce guitar is offset by its elegant Medium Brown stain. This creates a unique and detailed look.

Taylor Builder’s Edition 324ce

Taylor 324ce Acoustic Guitar

The new 324ce guitar from Taylor is the perfect mix of playability and comfort. With a rich tone that can only be found in these fine instruments.

The Urban Ash body of the Taylor Builder’s Edition 324ce provides an amazing sound. This can only be achieved with these instruments. The wood originates from Shamel ash trees that need to be removed for public safety.

The Silent Satin finish reduces noise from hitting the surface during the performance. The beveled armrests on the 324ce make it more comfortable for players. Made specifically to access the higher frets.

Taylor Acoustic 712e 12-Fret

Without any worry of cutting away parts or compromising tone! The easy-going feel of this guitar is perfect for any player to enjoy their music.

It gives a classic look. While the 12-fret design brings your hands closer together for ultimate comfort. If you play fingerstyle and like low action, this Taylor guitar will be an excellent choice for you.

The back side of the guitar features Indian rosewood. The front is made of Lutz spruce, giving the instrument its springy tone. You’ll be able to deliver articulate sounds with rich low-end resonance. All due to the combination of these two kinds of wood.

Looking for an acoustic guitar that has shimmering treble? This model is a perfect addition to your collection.

Its V-class bracing is a new innovation that Taylor Guitars has come out with. It offers players more power and sustain when playing. The shifted bridge position on this guitar also helps add some extra midrange. This makes the sound come alive down the neck.

Models Manufactured in Mexico Factory

Taylor Academy 12e-N

The 12e-N has an excellent tonality that makes it a great choice for beginners. Particularly those looking to get started with the classics. It’s also effortless to play! This is another reason why it’s suitable for newcomers in the guitar industry.

It lies under the Academy Series. They are designed to give new players the best possible first experience with the guitar.

Not only that, but it features a grand concert body shape with nylon strings. This makes it easy on the fingers. An ideal choice for those looking to switch from steel-string acoustic guitars.

These Taylor guitars have an ES-B digital chromatic tuner. It’s helpful in keeping the instrument in tune with a low end that can’t be tamed.

GS Mini-e Koa

Taylor GS Mini Koa Guitar

The Taylor GS Mini-e Koa guitar’s vibrant color scheme is sure to make you stand out in any crowd. With its reduced scale model, this guitar brings the sounds and looks of koa to life.

The Mini’s rich and bold sound is perfect for musicians. Those who want to take their music with them and play it wherever they go.

When compared to other guitars on the market today, this model will have you sounding like an expert before long. It has an ES-B pickup, which comprises an electronics system with a digital tuner. It’s easy to read on an LED screen and comes with an amplified tone.

USA Vs Mexican Made Taylor Guitars

Taylor goes above and beyond to make sure that all of their guitars are quality instruments! There are some differences between the US and Mexican-made models available.


Both factories use the same high-quality tonewoods. The USA-made models use solid wood throughout. While the Mexican guitars have laminated or layered back and sides. This results in a better sound with solid wood, which also ages over time.

Laminated wood is also good, but doesn’t have the same sound as a guitar made with solid tonewoods.

Construction and Design

Another difference between the guitars made by each factory is some design and construction options.

The USA factory offers a few body shapes that are exclusive to the models made here. These are the Grand Symphony and Pacific models. They are redesigned and part of the Taylor USA vision of guitars.

Another benefit to the USA models is the use of V-class bracing. It provides a more focused and tunable system. This allows Taylor to properly tune their guitars based on the wood choices. But also the body shapes of each model.

Here is a video that goes into more detail about their V-class bracing.

Hardware and Finishes

Another difference between the US and Mexican-made guitars is the hardware and finishes. The USA-made guitars feature nicer finishes. But also better hardware like tuners and guitar nut material. As well as inlays and aesthetic details.

Now, that is not to say that the Mexican-made Taylor’s are lacking in these areas! It just means the USA guitars are simply that much better. The difference however is in the price of the instrument. So better quality parts and finishes are a requirement.

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So, where are Taylor guitars made? Taylor’s guitars are made in the United States of America and Mexico. The El Cajon, California factory is where their high-end acoustics are made.

The Tecate, Mexico factory makes less expensive guitars for beginner and intermediate players. The company employs around 1,200 people. But also produces hundreds of guitars per day at their U.S. and Mexican facilities.

In the end, both factories produce high-quality guitars. They are beloved by professionals and amateurs alike.

There may be some difference in tone based on location. But the fact remains that Taylor guitars are synonymous with quality and craftsmanship.

If you’re exploring a guitar that will last a lifetime, a Taylor is definitely a worthy brand to consider.


Which Taylor Guitars are American made?

American-made Taylor guitars have an upward range of series from the 300s.

Where is Taylor 214ce made?

The 214ce Plus is made at Taylor’s Tecate, Mexico factory. It’s produced alongside 200 series models.

What type of wood are Taylor guitars made from?

Taylor guitars are made from a variety of woods. This includes layered Sapele, rosewood, walnut, and koa.

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