Are Charvel Guitars Good? Your Questions Answered!

When it comes to guitars, Charvel is a name that is often spoken with reverence. The Charvel brand has a long and successful history in the guitar world. 

Wayne Charvel, the company’s founder, started out as an employee at Fender. All before opening up his own workshop. His was focused on repairing and building guitars from scratch.

Today, Charvel is moving forward with a new generation of luthiers. They are continuing to turn out some of the most highly sought-after guitars on the market.

But the main question on players minds is, Are Charvel guitars good?

Yes, the Charvel is known for making high-quality metal guitars. They sound amazing and provide good value for money. Their guitars are loved by players for their high-performance features and superior quality.

But, what makes Charvel guitars so special among players? Is it the sound, the construction, or something else? Let’s take a closer look at what sets Charvel apart from other guitar brands.

High-Quality In Every Guitar

Charvel guitars are known for their high-quality construction and build. The parts used in these guitars are top of the line.

Ensuring that you receive an instrument that will last through any situation. Even if you play a style of music that is hard on instruments, a Charvel guitar will be able to withstand the abuse.

One of the things that makes Charvel guitars high quality, is the materials used. The company uses only the best materials in their instruments. Some popular woods used include northern ash, poplar, mahogany, maple, and more.

This ensures that each guitar has its own specific sound, making it perfect for any musician.

In addition to using only quality materials, Charvel also employs strict control measures. This ensures that each guitar is up to its high standards. This attention to detail sets Charvel guitars apart from the other brands.

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Unique Neck Design

Charvel Guitar Neck

A guitar’s neck can have a drastic impact on its sound. A thicker neck will give your guitar a fuller, more robust tone. While a thinner neck will produce a brighter, more cutting sound.

Charvel necks are thinner and faster than any other guitar neck on the market today. This makes them an excellent option for metal and shredding styles. They allow you to play with speed and precision and will never get in the way of your performance.

The Charvel guitars are more responsive and easier to play. This allows you to reach notes high up on the neck with ease and perform fast riffs without getting tired.

There are many brands of guitars out there! But none of them can match the quality of the Charvel necks in terms of speed, playability, and ease of use.

Charvel guitars are known for their elevated frets. This makes it easier to bend strings when you play. It also gives your fingers more room to maneuver when you’re playing lead guitar work or riffs.

These jumbo frets help to make playability easier. This is because they feel less of the wood beneath your fingertips as you play. Bending is much simpler than on an average basic-size fret.

Are New Charvel Guitars as Good as Older Models?

The quality of Charvel guitars in the mid-1990s and today is a matter of debate. Some players claim that the quality has only gotten worse in recent years. While others say that the newer models are just as good as the older ones.

There are several possible explanations for this decline in quality. One theory is that Charvel began mass-producing their guitars in the mid-90s.

Just to meet the increasing demand. This might have led to decreased attention to detail and overall quality control.

There was an increasing demand for Charvel guitars during this time period. And, amid new technologies, made it easier for people to create fake models. It became harder to distinguish between an authentic Charvel guitar and a fake one.

The market became saturated with these fake models. Which likely drove down the value of Charvel guitars overall.

In recent years, Charvel made a comeback with their Pro Mod Series. The quality of these guitars is much better than the mass-produced models from the mid-90s.

Some players still argue that newer models lack features. Like the pickup and control configuration options that made the older ones so great.

Nevertheless, Charvel is still one of the most popular guitar brands among hard rock and metal players.

It’s ultimately up to the player to decide whether they prefer the older or newer models of Charvel guitars. Both have pros and cons, so it’s important to test both and see which fits your needs better.

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Are Charvel Guitars Good Value?

There is a wide range of pricing for Charvel guitars, from $899 to $3699. So-Cal Style Pro Mod guitars are some of the best metal models available today, with a price tag of around $999. But are they worth the price tag?

In general, yes. Charvel guitars are good value for money. The investment in a Charvel guitar is definitely worth it. The included features will meet your every need! Especially when shredding and playing metal styles.

Moreover, you probably want a Charvel guitar at a reasonable price. Then the Japanese-made models are a great option. They will have all the durability features that you need.

Popular Charvel Series and Models

Currently, Charvel offers 6 different series of guitars. They are:

  • Pro-Mod.
  • Custom Shop Series.
  • Artist Signature.
  • MJ.
  • USA Select.
  • Limited Edition.

Each series has something unique to offer. They are all priced much differently. But based on the quality of parts used and the location they are manufactured. Below are a few examples of the different series.

Pro-Mod Series

Charvel Pro-Mod Guitar

Pro-Mod guitars are a popular line because they are affordable. But they also come with high-speed necks and are quality instruments. They have beautiful finishes! And they come in many models featuring different pickup configurations.

Artist Signature Series

Charvel Artist Series Guitar

Artist Signature series guitars are the result of collaboration between Charvel and players. They come with many different body styles and pickups selected by the artist. All configured for their musical taste.

USA Select Series

Charvel USA Select Guitar

The USA select series are guitars made right in the California Charvel shop. The parts, materials, and details in construction are of the highest caliber. These are guitars tailored for modern players. They are very close to original spec Charvels.

Famous Artists That Play Charvel Guitars

Charvel guitars have a rich history that spans decades. During this time there have been many famous players who have used their guitars. This includes players like:

  • Eddie Van Halen.
  • Randy Rhodes.
  • Allan Holdsworth.
  • Richie Sambora.
  • Jim Root.
  • Warren Demartini.

Today, this artist roster list continues to grow! More guitarists choose to play Charvel. This alone will prove that Charvel guitars are good. Even famous artists use them for their music.


So, are Charvel guitars good? In our opinion, they sure are. They offer excellent tone and playability for the price point.

And with a little bit of tweaking, you can make them sound really great. Their necks are fast and easy to play, and the jumbo frets make bending strings a breeze.

Moreover, the company has a great reputation for quality. So you can rest assured that you’re getting a well-made guitar. We talked to a lot of guitarists who own Charvels, and they all had great things to say about the brand.

Are you looking for a new guitar and want something that’s affordable and well-made? Then we highly recommend checking out Charvel.


What type of finish is on my Charvel guitar?

Urethane finish is available in Pro-Mod Style 1 and 2, as well as Mod DK24 guitars. On the other hand, the USA Select Artist Series and Custom Shop guitars have a variety of finishes to choose from, such as satin.

Can I order a custom Charvel guitar made to my specifications?

The Charvel Shop in Corona, California, is where some of the world’s most beautiful and custom-made guitars are born.

If you’re interested in owning one of these instruments, you need to start by downloading the Charvel custom select order form. This form will help you choose all the specifications for your custom dream guitar.

But keep in mind that you can’t order your guitar directly through the Charvel Custom shop. You’ll need to find Charvel Authorized Custom Shop Dealers in or near your area. These dealers will help you through the process of ordering and building your guitar.

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