24 Bands With Red In The Name: Groups and Artists

Red, the fiery hue of passion, has always been more than just a color. It’s an emotion, a statement, and for many bands, an inspiration. This vibrant shade has painted the music scene in its passionate tones.

In this Killer Rig article, we’ll explore 24 bands with red in the name. In the vast spectrum of colors, red stands out as the emblem of fervor, intensity, and love. So, strap in and let’s paint the town red!


A band that’s as straightforward as its name, Red delivers hard-hitting rock tunes infused with deep emotions. Their music, much like the color red, is intense, passionate, and impossible to ignore. With each track, they paint a vivid picture, capturing the raw essence of human experiences.

Simply Red

Ah, the British pop and soul sensation! The name Simply Red wasn’t just plucked from the ether. It’s a nod to the fiery red hair of lead singer Mick Hucknall.

Known to friends as “Red” because of his vibrant locks, Hucknall felt the name needed a little extra oomph. So, he tacked on “Simply”, and the rest, as they say, is music history.

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Turn up the heat! These guys are as spicy as their name suggests. With a mix of rock, funk, and a sprinkle of punk, the Red Hot Chili Peppers have been setting the music world ablaze for decades. Their name? A sizzling testament to their fiery tracks and electric performances.

Blonde Redhead

A delightful fusion of colors and sounds. Blonde Redhead offers a musical palette that’s both eclectic and enchanting. Their name, a blend of light and passion, perfectly captures the essence of their tunes.

Red Sun Rising

Rising from the ashes like a phoenix, Red Sun Rising brings a new dawn to rock music. Their name, evoking images of a crimson sunrise, symbolizes hope, rebirth, and the fiery passion they bring to every track.

Red Fang

With a bite as fierce as their music, Red Fang has carved a niche for themselves in the heavy metal scene. Their name, reminiscent of a beast’s crimson fang, captures the raw energy and aggression of their sound.

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Don’t be fooled by the quirky name; Red Jumpsuit Apparatus packs a punch with their post-hardcore tunes. The “red” in their name adds a dash of intensity, reflecting the deep emotions and themes explored in their music.

Red Rider

Cruising through the rock scene with style, Red Rider has been a force to reckon with. Their name, evoking images of a fearless rider in a blazing red cloak, embodies their adventurous spirit and relentless pursuit of musical excellence.

Red House Painters

Painting the town red with their indie rock melodies, Red House Painters have a unique sound that’s both haunting and beautiful. Their name, a blend of art and music, reflects their craft of creating sonic masterpieces that linger in the mind long after the last note.

Red Vox

An indie rock band that’s been making waves with their eclectic mix of sounds. Red Vox, as the name suggests, brings forth a voice that’s as powerful and passionate as the color itself.

Red Sparowes

Diving deep into the realms of post-rock, Red Sparowes paints a sonic landscape that’s both haunting and beautiful. Their name, reminiscent of a delicate yet fiery bird, captures the essence of their expansive and atmospheric sound.

Red Wanting Blue

A band that perfectly encapsulates the feeling of yearning and desire. Red Wanting Blue, with their heartfelt lyrics and melodies, taps into the raw emotions that come with love, loss, and everything in between.

Red City Radio

Tuning into the punk rock frequencies, Red City Radio brings forth a sound that’s energetic, rebellious, and undeniably catchy. Their name, a nod to the bustling vibes of a city painted in red, reflects their urban and gritty sound.

Red Snapper

Blending elements of electronic, jazz, and funk, Red Snapper offers a musical experience that’s both unique and exhilarating. Their name, inspired by the vibrant fish, hints at their ability to dive deep and explore uncharted musical waters.

August Burns Red

August Burns Red

Metalcore at its finest! August Burns Red brings a fiery intensity to the scene. Their name evokes images of a scorching summer month, symbolizing the burning passion and energy they pour into their music.

With intricate guitar riffs and powerful vocals, they’ve set the stage ablaze time and time again.

Blood Red Shoes

Lacing up their shoes and stepping into the indie rock scene, Blood Red Shoes has left a trail of memorable tunes. Their name, hinting at a tale of intensity and perhaps a dance of danger, perfectly captures the duo’s dynamic sound and energy.

The Red Chord

Striking a chord in the hearts of death metal fans, The Red Chord delivers a sound that’s both brutal and captivating. Their name, a play on musical terminology and the intense color red, reflects the band’s ability to weave intricate melodies with raw power.

The Red Krayola

The Red Krayola

A psychedelic trip down memory lane, The Red Krayola has been coloring the music scene with their avant-garde tunes since the ’60s. Their name, reminiscent of vibrant crayons, symbolizes their eclectic sound palette and their knack for pushing musical boundaries.

Redlight King

Merging rock with hip-hop, Redlight King illuminates the music scene with their unique sound. Their name, reminiscent of the city’s glowing red traffic lights, captures the essence of urban life and the crossroads of musical genres they represent.


A blast from the past, Redbone brings forth a fusion of rock, pop, and Cajun soul. Best known for their hit “Come and Get Your Love,” their name exudes a warmth and richness, much like the color red, reflecting their deep-rooted musical heritage.

Red House

Bluesy and soulful, Red House offers a sound that’s both classic and contemporary. Their name, evoking images of a cozy red-bricked abode, symbolizes the comfort and familiarity of their tunes, making listeners feel right at home.

Red Flag

Waving their flag high in the synth-pop scene, Red Flag is all about catchy melodies and electronic beats. Their name, a symbol of alert and attention, mirrors their ability to capture the listener’s interest and keep them hooked from start to finish.

Red Box

Synth-pop enthusiasts, rejoice! Red Box crafts melodies that are both dreamy and dance-worthy. Their name, simple yet intriguing, encapsulates the band’s approach to music, packaging a myriad of sounds and emotions within each song.

Red Canyon

Echoing the vastness and beauty of nature, Red Canyon delivers a sound that’s as expansive and deep as the landscapes they’re named after.

Their music, much like the majestic red rock canyons, is a blend of mystery, beauty, and raw power, taking listeners on a sonic journey through uncharted territories.

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