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Fender Champion 100 Review

The Fender Champion 100 is a DSP based modeling amplifier that is easy to use and will get you vacuum tube like tone. The amplifier is a 2 speaker combo with built in effects and 2 channels that can be changed with the included foot switch.

Its designed with a vintage Fender layout and is intuitive and easy to use.

Fender Champion 100

Fender Champion 100 Features

Lets take a look at some of the key features.

  • 2 Channel Modeling Amp
  • Combo With 2-12″ Speakers
  • Many Different Amp Voicings
  • Many Different Built In Effects
  • Auxiliary Input And Headphone Out
  • Built In Effects Loop
  • 100 Watt Output Power
  • Foot Switch Included


  • Build and Design
  • Good Build/Materials
  • Good sound for price point
  • Great Clean Channel
  • Built In Effects Loop
  • 100 Watt Output


  • Some Patches louder than others

Fender Champion 100 External Hardware

The champion 100 is a 40 pound combo amplifier measuring in at 26″ wide, 19″ high and 10.25″ deep. It is equipped with 2 – 12″ Fender special design speakers in a sturdy wooden 3/4″ MDF enclosure finished with black tolex and silver corners.

All controls are front facing with foot switch and effects loop jacks located on the front of the amp for easy access. The control knobs are vintage style skirted for that old school Fender look.

The included foot switch mounts easily into the rear of the amplifier keeping the unit and its accessories together. A robust handle is used and is more than strong enough to support the weight of the amp and is easy to hold.

Its classic silver face Fender grill cloth gives the amplifier a great look. Overall the amplifier is quite robust and well made, it can definitely handle the road if you are to use it for gigs or travel.

Fender Champion 100

Fender Champion 100 Channels and Controls

The Fender Champion is a 2 Channel modeling amplifier with a standard layout that most players are familiar with. Channel one gives you classic Fender cleans based on amplifiers like the Twin Reverb and allows you to select effects to your liking.

Channel two expands to allow you to now select your amp voicing with the voice knob and then fine tune to taste with the gain control and effects. The voice control is the more powerful feature here as you can then use it to select your favorite tube like distortion. The treble, mid and bass controls can then fine tune your sound even further.

Voicing options include: blackface, British, metal, jazz and tweed which sound great for the value here.

Both channels feature their own EQ and effects that are independent of the other channel for incredible versatility in tone!

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Built In Effects

Being a DSP based amplifier, the Fender Champion 100 has some great built in effects that sound good!The intuitive effects rotary control on either channel will allow you to select from a combination of 16 different configurations. Once they are selected, turning them on and off is as simple as pressing the right foot switch button.  And adding the amount of effect is as simple as setting the FX Level knob. The single effects built into the amplifier include:

  • Reverb (room,hall or spring)
  • Delay
  • Flanger
  • Chorus
  • Tremolo
  • Vibratone
  • Auto-Wah

The rotary switch also has a few settings to make effect combinations possible as well! You can stack:

  • Reverb and Delay
  • Chorus and Delay
  • Chorus and Reverb

If you desire anymore effects than this, the FX Loop can be used to then insert your favorite effect or distortion pedals

Tap Tempo Switch

Next to the FX control you will find the tap tempo button. This is a great feature that will allow you to set your modulation rate or delay time to the speed of your playing. Simply press the switch a few times until it is synced with the tempo you desire.

Each channel can be set to a different tap tempo speed which is a great feature and we would expect no less.

Champion 100 Inputs And Outputs

The amplifier has a single instrument input and foot switch input on the front for easy access, plus an effects loop.

The effects loop is labelled as PRE OUT (Send) and PWR IN (Return) which is a bit different than what you will normally see on an amplifier but makes sense!

There is also a 1/8″ auxiliary input that will allow you to connect a media player to the amp and play music. This is a great feature for practice when you want an additional source of audio.

Another 1/8″ output for headphones is located on the amplifier to allow for silent playing. Another powerful feature for late night jamming or recording!

The features on the amp will provide some amazing versatility from practice to gigging its got you covered!

Output Power

The Fender Champion is rated at 100 watts output power and it is in fact loud!

In a band setting, the amplifier was able to provide enough power to keep up with a drummer with more volume on tap.

Your band might even complain that you are too loud with the amount of power on tap and clean headroom is no problem!

Included Speakers

The amplifier comes with two 12 inch speakers that are labeled “Musical Instrument Loudspeaker”. These drivers are specially designed for Fender potentially made by Eminence.

They are a 16 ohm speaker with a magnet adequate for the DSP models created in the Champion 100.

They are a good sounding speaker and seem to be of good quality. Upgrading the speakers is possible, just make sure that the impedance is correct if you do so.

Effects loop Performance

The effects loop on the Fender Champion 100 is very good and takes pedals well.

So if you have some pedals that you prefer to use instead of the onboard effects, you will find that the effects loop on this amp is great!

The effects loop is inserted into the signal after the modeling and before the power amplifier.

Foot Switch

As I mentioned earlier, the amplifier comes with a 2 button foot switch that will allow you to switch channels and turn the effects on and off.The foot switch will not allow you to alter the effects or tap tempo and is a basic device. But once your amp is set the way you like, its a set and forget kind of thing anyway.The foot switch connects to the amp via the 1/4″ jack and cable.

Fender Champion 100

Fender Champion 100 Sound

When you first plug into the Champion 100 you will most likely start with channel one, the clean channel. If you have any experience with Fender cleans you know they are legendary and sought after.

The Champion does a real good model of the pristine cleans that players have come to know and love.

If you have ever played a Fender tube amp, you will come to find that the Champion 100 does not quite live up to the legendary cleans but darn do they come close!

Channel two is where the voicing control comes into play where there are some great models of Fender amps as well as others. Depending on what you play, you are covered in the selections that they has included in this amp.

From jazz to metal there is a setting for all and a gain control to fine tune to taste and they sound pretty good. The EQ on each of the channels is quite responsive and offers enough range to dial in a good tone with any of the voicings.

The amplifier doesn’t quite break up in the power section like a tube amp does, so if you crank it, the sound can be a bit solid state sounding.

Other Fender Champion Models

Fender has made different models of the Champion series amplifiers to provide players what they need. Some have lower wattage while some have improved functions.

Fender Champion 100XL

The 100 XL is an upgraded version of the 100 base version that we reviewed in this article. It features a few upgrades with a slightly higher price tag. Some of the upgrades include:

  • Celestion Midnight 60 Speakers
  • Black Grill Cloth
  • Blackface Style knobs
  • Modified Amp Models
  • Added effects

Fender Champion 40

If 100 watts is too loud there is always a 40 watt version as well. This version is not only lower in volume but in also functions. The Champion 40 features similar sounds to the 100 but offers one speaker less controls. Still a very viable option!

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Conclusion And Final Thoughts

There are many great electric guitar amplifiers on the market for under $500 and the Fender Champion 100 is one of the better amplifiers you can get. It is very easy to get a great sound as soon as you plug in which makes it a better choice than others at this price point.

If you are coming from an amplifier at a higher price point, you may be disappointed in some of the sounds possible with the amp. It’s great for beginners for sure, but it does lack the feeling and response of a tube amp that some may have come to know and love.

However if you are looking for a practice or home amplifier, you will enjoy this one.

The cleans on the Champion 100 are very good and are worth the price alone.

So if you are going for cleans and mid gain sounds this is the one! The metal and higher gain sounds are not bad for the price but are limited in where they will take you.

If you are a high gain metal guy, this amp will get 75% of the way there, it’s not bad but it’s not a 5150 nor is it meant to be as is evident by the amps look.

So is it worth the investment? Heck yes! Fender did a real good job with this amplifier for the price. It has some great features and sounds and the output power is on point. It can serve many purposes from practice to gigging and more.

Many people use this amplifier and swear by it which makes it worth your time to look into. So if your interested, it’s worth taking the plunge as the price really can’t be beat!

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