Revv G20 Review: Ultimate Amplifier

The Revv G20 is a 20-watt, all-tube amplifier with built-in digital cab simulation. These are professional cab impulse responses by Two Notes. The G20 features 2 channels with great functions and tons of versatility!

This amplifier is changing the game with its ability to be used without a speaker cab and its small size. Let’s take a look at what it can do!


First, let’s have a look at some key features of the G20!

  • 2 channels.
  • Great all tube sound.
  • Intuitive controls and functions.
  • Output power control.
  • Headphone out.
  • FX loop.
  • Built In reactive load.
  • Two Notes Torpedo cab simulation technology.
  • 12AX7 preamp tubes.
  • 6V6GT power tubes.
Revv G20 Front.
Revv G20 Front.

Who Is This Amplifier For?

The Revv G20 is an amazing little lunch box amp. It’s designed for players who need great cleans and searing high gain. Plus the ability to use it without a real speaker cabinet. The versatility of this little tube amplifier is unreal. At 9 pounds, this is one heck of a gigging amp.

It has built-in Two Notes DYN IR’s. Allowing you to switch between so many different speaker types. The range of sounds is endless.

Revv G20 Score
  • Build Quality
  • Sound
  • Features
  • Versatility

Sound Performance

The Revv G20 is an amazing little amplifier! I was blown away at just how good this little amplifier sounds. There were a few times I had to remind myself that it was the tiny little box making this super huge sound!

The clean sounds are fantastic! It’s very chimey and crystal clean. The use of the wide switch adds some expansion to the sound in a very pleasing way. Revv is known for great cleans from their Generator line of amps, this one is no different.

The high-gain channel is top shelf! I’m not sure that I have ever played a lunch box head with this type of smooth high gain tone. The aggression settings each add their own flavor to the sound. They can serve so many different situations.

The gain tone is very well-balanced yet would cut through a mix perfectly. The wide switch also works on the gain channel and seems to fill out the low end when engaged. It’s some extra thump and a looser tone.

Overall, this little amp is one fantastic-sounding piece of gear. You can’t go wrong here, whatsoever! The video below will help you understand, with the sound clips it offers of this amp!


  • Solid build quality.
  • Great sounds throughout.
  • Cab simulation capabilities.
  • Reactive load.
  • Small and light.
  • No speaker cab required.


  • The foot control is not included.
Revv G20 Rear.
G20 rear.


The Revv G20 is a super compact lunch box tube amplifier, weighing only 9 pounds! This small lunchbox is 7.5″ in height, 12.3″ wide, and 6.3″ deep. It’s constructed in a beautifully painted aluminum chassis and lid.

Revv went the extra mile with the labels on this amp. They are laser engraved into the amplifier itself, which makes for some durable print. The stylish light-up logo makes the amp pop. Especially with the fact that the logo changes color when you change channels.

This amplifier has a built-in reactive load. This feature allows the amplifier to be used without a speaker cab. The great thing about this is that the amp can be an amazing travel and gig companion. Relying strictly on the Two Notes cab simulations as its output.

The unit is built very sturdily with some great hardware and components. The chrome handle on top of the amplifier folds up and down, which is a cool feature, putting it out of the way when not in use.

I also appreciated the illuminated push buttons and intuitive layout. For an amplifier as small as it is, there are a ton of great features, all well laid out. Hardware-wise, this little amp is built tough.

Revv G20 Controls.
G20 Control Panel.

Channels and Controls

The Revv G20 features 2 channels, clean and high gain. The clean channel is a very chimey, yet crisp, clean tone from this all-tube head. It features a wide switch that, when pushed, seems to expand on the clean channel. It makes it a bit louder and fuller sounding.

Channel two on the G20 is Revv’s purple channel from its Generator series of amplifiers. It’s fire-breathing! The aggression button adds 2 extra settings to the high gain channel. This seems to act as a boost, increasing gain but lower frequencies at the same time.

Both channels share a 3-band EQ, the volume control, and are blended very well when it comes to equal loudness. The clean channel is a bit louder than the high-gain channel, which is what we would expect. Especially from shared controls. The use of the wide switch could boost the clean volume is desired.

The Two Notes virtual cabs are selected using the virtual cabinet rotary switch on the front of the amp. Or with the amp’s MIDI capabilities.

You get 6 cabs on the front, or 128 with MIDI. The headphone and XLR output levels are adjusted using the small trimmer control on the front of the amp.

Utilizing the Pre-Post switch allows you to bypass the amp’s own power amplifier. You can then use one of the Two Notes digital power amps.

They have many different tube emulations like EL-34, KT-88, 6L6, and more! This is incredible as it opens up so many more possibilities. You will find everything you could ever want.

Overall, the controls are very intuitive and easy to use and have some good range and abilities.

MIDI and Switching

The G20 can be controlled via MIDI or the available foot controller (Sold Separately). When using MIDI, you can recall program patches or use CC commands to toggle the functions.

The amp responds great and works with all MIDI controllers. If you are looking for the foot switch, however, you can get that from Revv directly here.

Two Notes Remote Software

The Two Notes Remote software comes with the G20. It allows you to configure the cab simulation, as well as many other features. Once the amp is connected to your computer, you are introduced to an interface. All within the Two Notes Remote software,

Power amp and cab simulations. Reverb and EQ settings are a few of the tone-shaping possibilities. It is great software and responds perfectly to the amplifier. Once you’re happy with your settings, simply save them into the amp, and you can enjoy the tones!

G20 Effects loop

The effects loop on the Revv G20 is great! It is a buffered loop and took pedals wonderfully. There was no signal loss or funny overloading. Just a no-fuss, straight-to-the-point professional loop!

The loop is inserted between the preamp and the power amp. Just as with most other tube amplifiers, as we would expect.

Virtual Speaker Cabinets

The G20 comes with 6 Revv virtual cabs installed. Each of these can be selected via the virtual cabinet switch on the front. This allows for on-the-fly cab changes. Or the introduction of effects if your settings are configured that way. 

The cab settings can also be saved to each channel or aggression setting. This provides ultimate versatility!

So every time you change channels or aggression levels, your cab choice can also be changed with it! I enjoyed this feature because of the tone shaping that’s possible. Both for rhythm and lead sounds.

Even the clean channel can sport its own speaker type apart from the gain channel. Really gotta give it to Revv, the functions are a guitar player’s dream!

G20 Vacuum Tubes

The amplifier comes with good quality tubes from Tube Amp Doctor. To access them, all you need to do is remove the 2 screws on either side of the lid and pull it off. There you will find the tube configuration of:

  • Three 12AX7 preamp tubes.
  • Two 6V6GT power tubes.

Easy to get at and change when it’s time to replace them!

Output Power

The Revv G20 is 20 watts at its max output and 4 watts when set accordingly. It is actually quite loud when turned up and almost seemed like it was pushing closer to 30 watts to my ear. It is an all-tube power section, so it does seem to push more output.

Yet, it might struggle a bit if you have a hard-hitting drummer in your band. But that’s where the Two Notes cabs can save the day.

Connecting the amp to your PA or front of the house would solve any volume issues you might experience.

Is It Reliable?

We took a look inside the amp to see how well it was designed and constructed, so you don’t have to. We found the amp to be built with PCBs and a very clean layout of components.

I do not recommend you open it up as your warranty may be at stake, but fear not, this unit is well-designed and clean inside! Another testament to Revv’s quality standards and for a great price!

Revv G20 tube amplifier.
Revv G20.

Revv G20 Final Verdict

I am truly impressed with this amplifier and what it is capable of in terms of sound and functions. There is nothing that I have played that was able to sound this good from such a small package and offer what it does. A tube amp nonetheless!

Technology has been moving forward in the tube amp realm, and it’s very exciting. With the introduction of load boxes and cab simulation technology. We are now able to really shed some weight from our rigs and still sound great!

The Revv G20 should be on your purchase list. It’s capable of filling the role of so many products, yet it’s all in one small package.

Make sure to also check out the Generator 120 MK3, where the G20 concept came from! The Revv G Series pedals are great too. The G3 is a must for your pedal board!


Where is the Revv G20 made?

The Revv products, including the G20, are all made in Canada. The Revv crew do an outstanding job of making high quality products. Dan Trudeau, the designer, creates some amazing products!

What is the Revv G20 based on?

The G20 is a smaller version of the Revv Generator 120 amplifier. The G20 tones are that of channel 3 from their flagship head. But at 20 watts, it’s still quite loud and aggressive!

What does the Pre-Post button do?

The pre-post button allows you to select between the real power section or an emulation made by Two notes.

When the switch is set to pre, you only get the signal from the preamp. When it’s set to post, you get the sound of the real power amp. This allows for incredible versatility!