Martin SC-13E Expert Guitar Review 2022

Martin SC-13E Acoustic Review

The Martin SC-13E is a very ergonomic guitar that is built with new techniques to make playing longer possible. Martin has introduced one amazing guitar here that features their Sure Align neck, a deep scoop cutaway and great tone.

This guitar is made for the working musician who depends on a solid, quality instrument that is not only comfortable but sounds great. The heel-less velocity neck and asymmetrical profile make the entire fret board accessible and easy to play.

Martin SC-13E Review

Martin SC-13E Features

Let’s take a look at some of the key features and specifications of the SC-13E guitar.

  • Khaya Core Body
  • Sitka spruce top with koa veneer back and sides
  • Ebony fingerboard with high performance taper
  • Sure Align Neck Joint
  • Asymmetrical Bracing With Partial Scalloping
  • 25.4″ Scale With 20 Frets
  • Fishman MX-T Electronics With Onboard Tuner
  • Grover Tuning Heads


  • Wood Selection and Design
  • Dynamic Well Balanced Sound
  • Ergonomic and Super Comfortable Neck
  • Sure Align Neck Joint
  • Built In Electronics and Tuner
  • Very High Quality Guitar
  • Looks Are Above Standard


  • Bass Isn’t as Boomy Because of the Smaller Body

Who is the Martin SC-13E for?

The Martin SC-13E is an acoustic guitar designed for players who need a versatile and durable guitar that can handle any playing style. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro, the SC-13E is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality acoustic guitar.

The sleek neck, comfortable body shape and built in electronics are only a few of the exceptional features that are found on the acoustic guitar.

Martin SC-13E Rear

Martin SC-13E Body

The SC-13E is a well-thought-out design, which is not surprising at all. Martin has been known for their quality instruments for years!

The body has an interior core made from Khaya. This tropical hardwood is very hard and is perfect for structures within the guitar.

The top is made from solid Sitka spruce and the back and sides Hawaiian Koa. This combination of woods used strategically in this fashion makes for one gorgeous sounding and durable guitar.

This guitar has an “S” shape to it with its larger lower bout, but is not overly big and may have been inspired by the small jumbo type acoustic body.

Through the sound hole, the X bracing can be seen, which seems to have been re-designed by Martin. I can only imagine that it adds something to the well-balanced and rich sound of this guitar.

Martin SC-13E Neck

SC-13E Neck

The neck on the SC-13E is a rather big deal! This neck is called the “velocity” profile by Martin, and it was designed to essentially twist with your hand in all playing positions.

It’s basically making it easier for you to play by following your lead, not making you work to play the guitar itself. And I have to admit, I was skeptical at first, but the guitar really doesn’t require much effort to play!

Another really cool feature is the lack of a heel where the neck meets the body. This together with the body cut away makes it so easy to play higher up the neck. This is almost unheard of on an acoustic guitar.

The neck itself has a high performance taper. This description essentially means it’s not designed like an average acoustic neck. The taper seems to be more like an electric neck, with an action that feels more like an acoustic.

Its a great design and super smooth and easy to play.

Martin SC-13E Body

SC-13E Hardware

The Hardware is very high quality and well-thought-out. The guitar has a tuner built in, and the display is built into the sound hole. It’s part of the Fishman system and the audio is muted when you want to tune, which is great!

The sound of the Fishman system is great. This is a well-known company and is used for pickups and electronics in many guitars for a reason. This system is again another winner and works well in this guitar.

The tuners on the guitar are open gear Grover tuners of great quality. This guitar is built for working musicians, and so tuning issues do not exist here.

Another thing I like to see is a TUSQ nut, and that is indeed what we find on the SC-13E. Martin quality lives in this guitar!

Martin SC-13E Front

Martin SC-13E Sound

This guitar was released for 2020 and so Martin has given us players something for the new decade. It’s a great sounding guitar and I did enjoy playing it.

The sound is well-balanced and responded very clearly. It’s very punchy and dynamic, with a good volume projection. It’s a very modern Martin sound but, thanks to their years of acoustic building experience, still holds true to its roots.

I found the guitar was great for finger picking, but really came to life when strumming with a pick.

Plugged in, the acoustic was just as large and clear sounding thanks to the Fishman electronic system. It truly is an acoustic guitar worth having in your arsenal if you like great big Martin tone.

Martin SC-13E Feel

This guitar is unique in the way it feels. Because of the body shape, the guitar rests on you a bit different, which actually contributed to the feel. The neck design is also very comfortable and felt as though it was taking the lead. My hand was able to move up and down the neck with absolute ease.

The body cut away was also a nice feature, as it made accessing the upper frets effortless. This combined made for a very enjoyable playing experience!

Martin SC-13E

Conclusion And Final Thoughts

Martin really nailed this guitar. They have already carved themselves a great reputation in the industry, but now they have made their guitars even easier to play! High quality manufacturers are always pushing the envelope and improving on the design of the guitar and giving players more.

Overall, the SC-13E is a dream guitar at an excellent price. If you’re looking for a great acoustic that is easy to play, ergonomic and has a great sound, this is the one for you. And just like Martin, they stand behind their product with a limited lifetime warranty. And it will hold its value for years to come.

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